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3 Important Things About A Letter of Recommendation for Your ISB PGP Application

Updated: Mar 21

The recommendation letter is a very important component of the ISB PGP application. It gives the ISB PGP admissions committee a third party point of view about the candidate. Here are some perspectives about recommendation letters that one sometimes realises a bit too late.

1. A letter of recommendation has the power to make or break your ISB PGP application. Most applicants do not realise the reasons how recommendations contribute to their application being successful. To some extent this happens because the candidates do not have control over this part of the application. Recommendation letters are in a way a window into your management potential for the ISB PGP application.

The ISB PGP admissions team values a third party perspective into an applicant's leadership capabilities. Additionally, there is a limit to how much we can harp about ourselves and why we are the best. So if a recommender pitches in to fill in some glowing comments about the applicant, it's an opportunity worth the while. Know more about the application process of IIMs and ISB.

2. Start early. Usually the application preparation process is largely skewed towards GMAT/ GRE preparation, then we wake up to the essays, and last comes the recommendation. This is a very good reason why quite a lot of applicants fail. Considering that an effective letter of recommendation is an important add on to the ISB PGP application, you must start well ahead in time to review your recommender pool and filling them in with the details.

3. Choose Your Recommender Carefully. For MBA schools that require only a single recommendation letter as a part of the MBA application packet like the ISB PGP the quality and the duration of the applicant's association shall add greatest value to the recommendation. In some cases it is mandatory to get a recommendation from the immediate supervisor. There are some special conditions where a previous supervisor can also be chosen as a recommender. For more interaction or queries on the process write to us.

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