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Nailing the ISB MBA with GOALisB

Meet our client, a brilliant academic with an impressive track record. His professional journey spanned 4.5 years, where they wore the hats of a Senior Engineer at technology companies. His tech expertise encompassed 4G, 5G, and Blockchain. Beyond his work, he was a District cricket player, a college cricket captain, and a corporate cricket enthusiast. His volunteering spirit shone as they dedicated time to the NGO. He was also a vocalist in his college cultural society, gracing open mic events, and ventured into the world of customized T-shirt creation during their school days.

However, as he embarked on their MBA journey, he faced daunting challenges—clarity in essay goals, application procedures, and a sense of under-confidence stemming from being part of the over-represented Engineer category.

His quest for guidance led them to ISB admission consultants at GOALisB. He found us through Google, explored our website, and connected with us on LinkedIn. After a careful evaluation, he chose to work with us, with his sights set on only one target college for Round 1.

His journey with GOALisB was defined by a highly personalized experience, led by our ISB admission expert. He appreciated Shruti's straight-shooting, no-nonsense approach, which differed from other consultants who often praised profiles without highlighting weak points.

Shruti's guidance was a game-changer. She provided honest feedback and clarity throughout the application process. With her support, our client discovered their true self, a genuine portrayal of their strengths and achievements. He realized the essence of MBA applications—authenticity over standing out.

The path to success wasn't without its challenges, including concerns about consultation fees. However, our client's resounding success and newfound confidence made it all worthwhile.

In the end, our client not only secured their coveted admit but also gained clarity on their professional goals and career decisions. He now view Shruti as a mentor for his ongoing professional journey.

Our client's success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of Goalisb's guidance and expertise in the MBA application game.

Ready to embark on your own journey from doubt to admit? Join hands with Goalisb and let your MBA dreams take flight!

Client Profile:

  • Academic Excellence: Stellar academic record

  • Work Experience: 4.5 years as a Senior Engineer, specializing in 4G, 5G, and Blockchain

  • Extracurriculars: Sports, volunteering, music, entrepreneurship

  • Challenges Faced: Clarity in essay goals, under-confidence as an Engineer

  • Highlights of Working with Goalisb: Personalized guidance, honest feedback, career clarity

  • Recommendations: Highly positive, a game-changer for MBA applications

If you aspire for an MBA education, the first step is to Contact GOALisB for a profile evaluation.


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