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Test taking alternatives to the GMAT

The ESA MBA program has permitted the exam is free of charge and will be held online through an online platform called TestWe.

Similar to the GMAT, the exam will evaluate your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

While the GMAT test include 4 different sections, TestWe will be testing you on two of them, which are the following:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning (Math Section)

This section will mainly tackle questions of Problem Solving, and Data Sufficiency type. We would advise you to review some mathematical concepts and tools.

For the EAS entrance exam, only the below chapters are included:

  • Chapter 1: Arithmetic Properties of integers, Fractions, Decimals, Real numbers, Ratio Proportion, Percents,Powers and Roots, Sets, Descriptive Statistics, Counting methods, discrete probability.

  • Chapter 2: Algebra Simplifying algebraic expressions, equations, Solving linear equations with one variable, two variables and exponents.

These samples can also be found in any GMAT preparation book.

  1. Verbal Reasoning (English Section)

This section will tackle questions of Reading Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning type. The Sentence Correction type of questions that are usually part of the GMAT will not be included in the EAS entrance test.

The exam is a multiple-choice exam of 2 hours. Scientific calculators (non-programmable) will be authorized for the exam. Scratch papers are also provided. 

The TestWe platform is now acceptable by many programs in European schools.

Alternative test options to the GMAT


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