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MBA in NYU Stern

NYU Stern MBA Program Overview

  • Duration: 2 Years

  • Location: New York City

  • University : New York University (Private University)

  • Format: Full Time

  • Credits: 60

  • 20+ Specialization Options

  • 200+ Electives

When is the NYU Stern MBA Application Deadlines ?

NYU Stern MBA Application Deadlines 2024:

  • Round 1: September 18, 2023

  • Round 2: October 18, 2023

  • Round 3: January 18, 2024

  • Round 4: April 18 2024

MBA in NYU Stern

About the Program and application Requirements

1.) Online Application

2.) University Transcripts

3.) Resume

4.)GMAT or GRE Score Report

5.) Essays

  • 2 Required MBA Essays

  • Optional Essays and Supplemental Information

6.) Two Professional Letter of Recommendation

7.) Interview

8.) Application Fee: $200

9.) TOEFL/IELTS (If Applicable)

NYU Stern MBA Essays 2024: 

Short Answer Question: What are your short-term career goals?

MBA Essay 1:

Change: Dare It. Dream It. Drive It. In today’s global business environment, the only constant is change. Using NYU Stern’s brand call to action, we want to know how you view change. Change: _____ it. Fill in the blank with a word of your choice. Why does this word resonate with you? How will you embrace your own personal tagline while at Stern? Examples:

  • Change: Dare it.

  • Change: Dream it.

  • Change: Drive it.

  • Change: Empower it.

  • Change: Manifest it.

  • Change: [Any word of your choice] it.


MBA Essay 2:

Introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee and to your future classmates using six images and corresponding captions.

Test Scores Reporting Codes

  • GMAT Institution Code: N2VPT47

  • GRE Institution Code: 0574

  • TOEFL Institution Code: 4833

  • TOEFL Department Code: 02

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NYU Stern MBA Ranking

What is the FT rank of the MBA in NYU Stern ?

The NYU Stern MBA FT rank on various parameters is as follows.

FT MBA Ranking -Rank in 2023: 19

The below data is for the Ranking year 2022

School Name: New York University - Stern

Salary percentage increase: 135

FT research rank: 13

Rank in 2021: 13

Rank in 2020: 22

Three-year average rank: 16

Location, by primary campus: US

Salary today (US$): 192,953

Careers service rank: 14

Employed at three months (%): 95 (95)

Female faculty (%): 31

Female students (%): 41

International course experience rank: 50

Extra languages: 0

Environmental, social and governance rank: 51

Overall Satisfaction: 9.36

Weighted salary (US$): 192,188

Value for money rank: 81

Aims achieved (%): 91

Alumni recommend rank: 18

Women on board (%): 23

International faculty (%): 47

International students (%): 32

International board (%): 40

International mobility rank: 65

Faculty with doctorates (%): 87

Career progress rank: 48

NYU Stern MBA Class Profile

Class of 2024

The NYU Stern MBA class profile is as follows

  • Applications: 3553

  • Admits: 962

  • Admission Rate: 27%

  • Number Enrolled: 324

  • Class Demographics

  • Women: 45%

  • Age Range: 23-42 Years

  • Countries Represented: 41

  • Students with International Citizenship: 44%

  • LGBTQ+: 9%

  • US Military Veterans/Active Duty: 11%

  • Minorities: 47%

  • Underrepresented Minorities: 21%

  • Professional Experience

  • Students with Work Ex: 98%

  • Average Years of Work Experience: 5.0

  • Work experience range: 0-14 Years

  • Prior Industries

  • Financial Services: 24%

  • Consulting: 12%

  • Consumer Products, Retail: 8%

  • Military, Government: 8%

  • Technology: 7%

  • Non Profit, Arts, Education: 6%

  • Entertainment, Media: 5%

  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical: 4%

  • Real Estate: 4%

  • Advertising: 4%

  • Law: 3%

  • Manufacturing: 3%

  • Energy: 2%

  • Engineering: 1%

  • Other: 9%

  • Academics

  • GPA Statistics

  • Average GPA: 3.62

  • GPA Range 80%: 3.34-3.89

  • GPA Range 100%: 3.03-4.00

  • GMAT Statistics

  • Average GMAT: 733

  • GMAT Range 80%: 700-760

  • GMAT Range 100%: 640-800

  • GRE Statistics

  • Average GRE Quant: 163

  • GRE Quant Range 80%: 158-169

  • GRE Quant Range 100%: 153-170

  • Average GRE Verbal: 162

  • GRE Verbal Range 80%: 157-167

  • GRE Verbal Range 100%: 150-170

  • Undergraduate Majors

  • Business: 27%

  • Engineering, Math, Science: 25%

  • Social Science: 21%

  • Economics: 15%

  • Humanities, Arts: 12%

  • Standardized Test Type

  • GMAT: 49.4%

  • GRE: 21.3%

  • EA: 9.2%

  • NYU Stern Waiver: 5.9%

  • MCAT/LSAT/DAT: 3.7%

  • Test Waiver: 10.5%

MBA in NYU Stern
Tuition and Scholarships

About tuition fee and scholarships

Tuition Fees: $82,326

Orientation Fee (LAUNCH): $1,678


Living Expenses

Room & Board: $28,242

Books & Supplies: $1,500

Transportation: $1,154

Miscellaneous: $8,137

Loan Fees: $216

Total: $123,253

NYU Stern MBA Placements

Class of 2022

Class of 2022

Female Students: 43%

Minority Students: 32%

Underrepresented Minority Students: 12%

Students with International Citizenship: 32%

Undergraduate GPA Range (80%): 3.30-3.88

GMAT Score Range (80%): 690-760

Average Work Experience: 5.2 Years

Work Experience Range: 0-14 Years


Employment Profile

Seeking Employment: 238

Not Seeking Employment

Company Sponsored: 8

Continuing Education: 9

Postponing Job Search: 3

Starting New Business: 1

Not Seeking - Other: 1

Total Not Seeking: 22

No Information Available: 12

Total Graduates: 272


Timing of Job Offers

By Graduation:

Received Offers: 87.40%

Accepted Offers: 86.60%


By 3 Months of Post-Graduation

Received Offers: 94.10%

Accepted Offers: 94.10%


Compensation Overview


Total MBA Graduates ($)

Average Base Salary: 161,475

Average Signing Bonus: 40,936


US Citizen/ Permanent Resident ($)

Average Base Salary: 162,042

Average Signing Bonus: 40,900


International ($)

Average Base Salary: 159,287

Average Signing Bonus: 41,067


Sources of Accepted Job Offers


School Facilitated: 82.80%

Students Facilitated: 17.20%


Compensation by Geographical Location


North American Regions – Average Compensation ($)

Mid-Atlantic: 156,714

Midwest: 150,833

Northeast: 164,808

Southwest: 178,000

West: 142,115


World Regions – Average Compensation ($)

Asia & Middle East: 124,344

Europe: -

Latin America & the Caribbean: -

North America: 162,535


Compensation by Industry


Average Compensation ($)

Consulting: 173,176

Consumer Packaged Goods: 119,643

Entertainment/Media/Sports: 137,500

Financial Services: 168,475

Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech: 128,808

Technology/Telecommunications: 141,058


Law: 199,643


Compensation by Function


Average Compensation ($)

Consulting: 168,270

Finance/Accounting: 165,280

Information Technology/Data Analytics: 175,500

Management: 134,000

Marketing/Sales: 134,795

Operations: 145,333

Law: 199,643


Employment by Industry

Consulting: 31.20%

Consumer Packaged Goods: 3.60%

Entertainment/Media/Sports: 4.00%

Financial Services: 34.40%

Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech: 3.60%

Real Estate :0.40%

Retail :0.40%

Technology/Telecommunications: 17.00%


Energy/Power: 1.30%

Law: 3.10%

Manufacturing: 0.40%

Transportation & Logistics: 0.40%


Employment by Function

Consulting: 37.80%

Finance/Accounting: 36.00%

Information Technology/Data Analytics: 1.40%

Management: 5.90%

Marketing/Sales: 14.00%

Operations: 1.40%


Human Resources: 0.50%

Law: 3.20%


Is it hard to get into NYU Stern MBA?

Is NYU good for MBA?

Admission to the MBA program at NYU Stern School of Business is competitive, and the admissions committee looks for candidates who are well-rounded and have the potential to make a significant contribution to the business world.

You must have a high academic record, a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, and a strong GPA to be considered for the NYU Stern MBA program. You will also need to have several years of professional work experience, as well as demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

In addition to your academic and professional qualifications, you will also need to submit an application that includes transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal statement. The application procedure may also include an admissions interview.

 Overall, the admissions process for the MBA program at NYU Stern is competitive, and the school looks for candidates who are well-rounded and have the potential to make a significant contribution to the business world. If you are considering applying to the program, it is important to carefully review the admissions requirements and to put together the strongest possible application.

NYU Stern School of Business is a highly respected business school that is known for its rigorous academic programs and experiential learning opportunities. The school's MBA program is considered to be of high quality, and graduates of the program have gone on to successful careers in a wide range of industries and sectors.

A few of the elements that affect how well the MBA program at NYU Stern is done are as follows:

  • Strong faculty: The faculty at NYU Stern includes leading scholars and practitioners in a range of business disciplines, and the school is known for its strong research and teaching capabilities.

  • Diverse student body: The MBA program at NYU Stern attracts students from a wide range of industries, backgrounds, and cultures, and the diverse student body enhances the classroom experience and provides valuable networking opportunities.

  • Experiential learning opportunities: The MBA program at NYU Stern includes a range of experiential learning opportunities, such as consulting projects, internships, and global immersions, which provide students with hands-on experience and help to prepare them for leadership roles in the business world.

If you are considering applying to the MBA program at NYU Stern, it is important to carefully review the admissions requirements and to put together the strongest possible application.

The admissions committee at NYU Stern School of Business looks at a range of factors when evaluating applicants for the MBA program, including academic achievement, professional work experience, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world. While the school does not have a specific GPA requirement for the MBA program, it is generally expected that applicants will have a strong academic background and a good GPA.

According to the NYU Stern website, the admissions committee looks for candidates who have demonstrated their ability to excel academically and who have a strong foundation in business principles and analytical skills. In addition to your GPA, the admissions committee will also consider your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statement, as well as your GMAT or GRE scores.

Overall, the MBA program at NYU Stern is a challenging and intensive program that is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the global business world. If you are considering applying to the program, it is important to carefully review the admissions requirements and to put together the strongest possible application.

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