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HEC Paris MBA Essays

The HEC Paris MBA Essays represent a critical component of the application process, offering candidates the opportunity to articulate their aspirations, experiences, and suitability for this prestigious program. Compelling MBA essays requires thoughtful reflection and effective communication as candidates share their career objectives, personal achievements, and unique perspectives. These essays serve as a lens through which the Admissions Committee gains insight into an applicant's character and potential contributions to the HEC Paris MBA community. Understanding the nuances of MBA essay writing, drawing inspiration from MBA essay examples, and seeking guidance from a trusted MBA essay writing service in India or an MBA essay review service can be invaluable in pursuing a successful application.

Essay 1: Career Goals MBA Essay

Essay Analysis

  • The essay is a part of an MBA application, highlighting the applicant's aspirations and reasons for pursuing an MBA.

  • The applicant expresses a strong desire to transition from the finance industry to the technology sector, emphasising the dynamic nature of technology.

  • They highlight their finance and business background as assets for success in the technology industry.

  • The applicant mentions HEC's MBA program, emphasizing its experiential learning and case-based instruction, as well as its extensive network and partnerships.

  • The essay showcases confidence in the HEC MBA program's ability to provide the necessary tools and support for a successful career transition.

  • Overall, the essay effectively conveys the applicant's career goals, alignment with HEC's program, and confidence in its potential to facilitate their career aspirations in the technology sector.

This type of essay is essential in MBA applications, showcasing an applicant's motivations and how a specific program aligns with their career objectives. It's a critical component of the evaluation process, demonstrating the applicant's fit for the program and their potential contributions. Applicants often seek guidance from MBA essay writing services in India and rely on MBA essay examples to craft compelling narratives. GoalisB is the best solution to craft your MBA essays better. Get in touch with us.

Essay 2: MBA Essays on Most Significant Life Achievements

Essay Analysis

  • The essay recounts a significant life achievement: completing an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.

  • It highlights the challenges, emphasizing hard work, determination, and personal sacrifices.

  • The essay underscores the belief in achieving goals through grit and persistence.

  • The narrative portrays the accomplishment as a source of self-assurance and a foundation for career success.

  • This essay effectively communicates a personal achievement story, showcasing determination and its transformative impact.

Essay 3: MBA Essays on a Completely different lifestyle from the current one

Essay Analysis

  • This essay explores the author's alternate life choice as a professional musician.

  • The essay vividly portrays the author's deep passion for music from an early age.

  • It envisions a life filled with global tours and performances at renowned venues.

  • This alternate life is described as a dream offering profound fulfilment and positive impact opportunities.

  • While not a traditional MBA essay, it highlights the author's creativity and commitment to meaningful pursuits.

  • Overall, it showcases the author's unique perspective and aspirations.

Essay 4: Choose Either One

  1. Visiting a monument:

Essay Analysis

  • The essay recommends visiting the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona as a top choice for first-time visitors to the United States.

  • It highlights the Grand Canyon's breathtaking natural beauty, emphasizing its vastness and stunning vistas.

  • The essay underscores the variety of activities available at the Grand Canyon, such as hiking, scenic lookouts, and adventurous river rafting, catering to diverse interests.

  • The essay effectively promotes the Grand Canyon as a must-visit destination for its natural splendour and engaging activities, making it an appealing choice for tourists.

2. Books, movies or plays having an international success that you believe undeserved. Choose an example and analyse it.

Essay Analysis

  • The essay critically analyses "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James.

  • The author believes that the novel received more attention than it deserves.

  • The analysis highlights concerns about the quality of writing and the shallowness of characters in the book.

  • It also mentions the controversy surrounding the portrayal of relationships in the novel, arguing that it glamorises abusive behavior and perpetuates damaging stereotypes.

  • The essay acknowledges the book's popularity but concludes that its success is unjustified due to its perceived poor quality and potentially harmful content.

3. What figure do you most admire and why? You may choose from any field (arts, literature, politics, business, etc.).

Essay Analysis

  • The essay explores a discussion on Mahatma Gandhi as the author's most inspirational figure.

  • The MBA essay praises his leadership, commitment to peace, and role in India's struggle for independence.

  • The essay highlights Gandhi's mastery of nonviolent resistance and his use of peaceful strategies.

  • Gandhi's spiritual essence and belief in the inherent goodness of people are mentioned.

  • The essay emphasises his messages of love, compassion, and their global impact.

  • The author admires Gandhi's inspiring ability and unwavering commitment to peace and justice.

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HEC Paris MBA Essay Samples

Sample MBA Essay on Professional Objective

I'm drawn to the HEC MBA program as the next significant step in my career journey. In recent years, I've dedicated myself to the finance industry, diligently amassing a reservoir of knowledge and hands-on experience. My career ambition revolves around attaining a leadership position in the ever-dynamic domain of the technology industry. The rapid evolution and ever-changing nature of this sector have always captivated me. My finance and business background will be a valuable asset in this vibrant environment.

HEC's MBA program, emphasising experiential learning and case-based instruction, promises to be pivotal in my pursuit of this goal. Furthermore, the program's extensive network of accomplished alumni and strategic partnerships with industry leaders will open doors to valuable connections, potential employers, and hands-on experience.

The HEC MBA program will provide me with the requisite tools and unwavering support to achieve my professional aspirations and embark on a career in technology.

MBA Essay Sample on Most Significant Life Achievements:

Throughout my life, I've achieved several significant milestones, yet one stands out prominently: completing my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.

Earning an engineering degree is a substantial accomplishment that demands abundant hard work, unwavering determination, and personal sacrifices. The delicate juggling of managing a rigorous coursework schedule alongside a full-time job and other responsibilities was indeed challenging. There were moments when the weight of it all left me feeling overwhelmed, causing me to doubt my capacity to endure.

However, I remained steadfast in my pursuit and, eventually, graduated with honours, proudly holding my degree in electrical engineering. This accomplishment is a testament to my unwavering dedication and determination, reinforcing my belief that any goal can be realised with grit and persistence.

This accomplishment has unlocked many opportunities, enriching my professional and personal life. Furthermore, the program's extensive network of accomplished alumni and strategic partnerships with industry leaders will open doors to valuable connections, potential employers, and hands-on experience.

MBA Essay Sample:

Leadership and ethics are inextricably linked in the business realm, and my career has provided me with ample opportunities to navigate these intricacies.

One notable situation unfolded during my tenure as a team leader at a prominent technology company. I was entrusted with overseeing a team of software engineers, and within this team, one member consistently delivered subpar work. This recurring issue led to delays and created challenges for the entire team.

Addressing this situation was imperative, yet it posed a daunting dilemma. I hesitated to confront the underperforming team member directly, fearing it might strain our working relationship and hurt their feelings.

I emphasised that their work fell short of the expected standard and delineated precise steps they could take to improve. Though the conversation was challenging, it was an imperative one. While the team member initially expressed discontent, they eventually acknowledged their shortcomings and committed to rectifying them. Over the subsequent weeks, their performance exhibited remarkable improvement, culminating in our team completing the project on schedule and within the stipulated budget.

This experience imparted invaluable lessons about leadership and ethics in the business domain. It underscored the significance of addressing difficult issues head-on, even when discomfort looms.

In sum, this encounter left an indelible mark on my leadership style, endowing me with enhanced confidence and a steadfast commitment to ethical principles when navigating challenging circumstances in the professional arena.

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MBA Essay Sample on a completely different lifestyle from the current one:

If asked to live a different life, I'd wholeheartedly pursue my passion for music, transforming into a professional musician. Music has been an enduring and unwavering companion throughout my existence, with the guitar and my vocals serving as loyal partners since my earliest memories.

In this alternate reality, every day would revolve around the art of crafting and delivering music.

I'd embark on global tours, taking my musical talents to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Collaborating with other gifted musicians, we'd create enchanting and inspirational melodies.

Furthermore, I'd use my musical platform to advocate for significant causes, including environmental conservation and social justice. Through my music, I seek to motivate and empower others, striving to impact the world positively.

This alternate life would be a realised dream, allowing me to pursue my passion for music while contributing to meaningful change. It would undoubtedly depart from my life, offering profound fulfilment and rewards.

Essay 4: Choose Either One of the topics from below:

HEC Paris MBA Essay topic about What landmark or location would you recommend to a newcomer exploring your nation or city for the first time, and what makes it a must-visit destination?

As a proud resident of the United States, I enthusiastically recommend that first-time visitors to our nation embark on an exploration of the awe-inspiring wonder known as the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking natural marvels globally, leaving all who witness it in amazement.

This colossal canyon has been meticulously carved by the meandering Colorado River over countless millennia, stretching an impressive 277 miles with depths plunging to an astonishing 6,000 feet. Its vastness and stunning beauty make it an absolute must-visit for anyone touring the United States.

An array of hiking trails and scenic lookout points beckon exploration, providing numerous opportunities to immerse oneself in the canyon's captivating vistas. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, thrilling river rafting expeditions and other adrenaline-pumping activities are readily available, promising a unique and exhilarating encounter with this natural wonder.

HEC MBA Essay Topic about Evaluate a specific book, film, or play that has achieved global acclaim, in your opinion, without merit. Analyze the chosen example.

In my belief, one novel called Fifty Shades of Grey got a little more attention than it actually deserves. The writer is E.L. James, and I found his writing poor and the characters very shallow. The book has some unhealthy portrayals of relationships as well.

Anastasia Steele is the novel's main character, and the story centres around her involvement in a BDSM relationship with a rich businessman, Christian Grey. Many critics have stated that the novel lacks literary merit and the writing is flat with extremely uninteresting characters.

Furthermore, the novel has faced substantial criticism for its portrayal of relationships. Arguments suggest that it glamorises abusive behaviour and perpetuates damaging stereotypes about women. The widespread popularity of the novel has triggered strong opposition from advocacy groups, which have voiced concerns regarding its potential influence on young readers.

In conclusion, the international success of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is unjustified due to its poor quality and content that could be harmful. While it may have garnered popularity, it is not a work that merits celebration or widespread readership.

HEC Paris MBA Essay topic about Whom do you hold in the highest regard, and what is the reason behind your admiration? Your choice can be from any domain, including the arts, literature, politics, business, etc.

My most inspirational figure is Mahatma Gandhi. He is well known as a spiritual and political leader of India. We all are aware of his works and struggle towards independent India. I admire his great leadership, uncompromising commitment to peace and how he moved thousands of people to stick to their beliefs and roots. Gandhi was a true master of nonviolent resistance, employing peaceful strategies such as boycotts and civil disobedience to challenge the oppressive British rule in India.

Beyond his political activism, Gandhi possessed a deep spiritual essence, firmly believing in the inherent goodness of all people and their entitlement to respect and dignity. He preached messages of love and compassion, profoundly inspiring countless individuals worldwide who sought to follow his remarkable example.

I deeply admire Gandhi for his extraordinary ability to lead and inspire others, as well as for his unwavering commitment to the principles of peace and justice. He is a genuine role model and a source of inspiration for people throughout the globe.

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