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My ISB EEO MBA Application Journey

Saksham embarked on his ISB EEO MBA journey with a solid foundation—a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Co'21, followed by a year of experience in Operations at Amazon and another year as a Program Manager. His determination led him to secure admission to ISB EEO Co'25, an impressive achievement in itself.

ISB Admission Consultants
Ace your ISB Admission Strategy

However, like many ISB MBA aspirants, they faced challenges. Uncertainty loomed around their essay goals and the intricate application procedure. Enter Goalisb, the guiding light he needed.

Their journey began with initial experiences, including seeking advice on Quora and previous interactions with educational consultants. The turning point was his association with GOALisB, ISB Admission consultant, where he engaged in reviews, informative 1:1 sessions, and a comprehensive counselor profile analysis.

What sets Goalisb apart, as the best MBA admission consultant in India, is the frequent, to-the-point, and pertinent feedback provided, coupled with a highly structured approach. The guidance and insights they received led to a breakthrough—they successfully secured admission.

Thanks to Goalisb, our client gained clarity about their application's focus, timeline, and process, streamlining their efforts for success. Their experience with Goalisb was undoubtedly positive, leading them to wholeheartedly recommend it to future MBA applicants.

Saksham's MBA application journey was transformed with the support of GOALisB ISB Admission Consultants. They describe it as a "gamechanger" for MBA applications, thanks to the timely and tailored feedback, structured approach, and constant support.

Are you ready to embark on your own MBA application journey with confidence? Join hands with Goalisb today!

Saksham's Profile:

  • Background: B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering (Co'21)

  • Work Experience: 1 year in Operations at Amazon, 1 year as a Program Manager

  • MBA Admit: ISB EEO Co'25

  • Key Benefits of Working with GOALisB: Clarity, guidance, structured approach, success

ISB MBA Success Stories: Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Our track record of success is a testament to our commitment and expertise. Numerous aspirants, each with their unique backgrounds and dreams, have walked through our doors and emerged with triumphant ISB admits. These success stories, a blend of relentless perseverance and strategic guidance, underscore the transformative impact of partnering with GOALisB.

The path to ISB is demanding, but with GOALisB by your side, it's a journey you won't walk alone. Our holistic approach, covering every facet of the application process, ensures that your candidacy stands out, reflecting your true potential and vision.

Take the First Step Towards Your ISB Dream

If ISB is your goal, GOALisB is your bridge to achieving it. Our dedicated team of ISB admission consultants is ready to guide you through every step, turning your MBA aspirations into a tangible reality. Connect with us today to begin crafting your success story, and take the first step towards a transformative MBA experience at ISB.

Contact GOALisB to schedule your consultation and embark on a journey that transcends beyond just an MBA admit, setting the stage for a future replete with opportunities, growth, and success.


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