Young India Fellowship

Key Features of the Young India Fellowship At Ashoka University:

One year Post Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies

Critical writing program

8 core courses and 12 elective courses over 8 terms

Who can apply to YIF 2021-22?

Anyone born on or after 1st August 1984 and an undergraduate degree. 

Young India Fellowship Application: Eligibility, fees, details

YIF Program

Round 1 Application Deadline - 15 December

Round 2 deadline - 15 March 

The class of Young India Fellowship 2020 has representation from 92 cities towns and villages in the cohort, 44% are undergraduate freshers, 13 percent are post graduates and 54% identify as female.

The Young India Fellowship 2020 class is composed of apart from engineers two or three authors who have published their books and some reputed filmmakers, actors, lawyers, biologists and mathematicians. This is the sort of diversity in the Young India Fellowship 2020.


The Young India Fellowship fees is INR 7.5 Lakhs for the program along with the residence fees, which is INR 1.95 lakhs so this brings total Young India Fellowship fees to INR 9.45 Lakhs.

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YIF Placements

For Young India Fellowship placements at Ashoka University and there is a dedicated Career Development Office. 

There is a placement committee  to both nurture and support your endeavours in your careers. The idea is to also provide students with enough exposure to the different industries and sectors to be able to understand where you would fit in rather than just going in for plain placements. Young India Fellowship placements organises workshops, career fairs and  fireside chats with industry leaders. 

Young India Fellowship FAQ

What is the critical writing program at the Young India Fellowship?

It is a 10 month-long program in very small units. Students write on three themes in the Young India Fellowship critical writing program like Internet culture, anthropological and settlements or education literacy and Justice. There's a final draft that is the journal. Students can also write a paper write a research paper which can even get published in the Ashoka university Journal.

What is Ashoka University?

The idea behind setting up Ashoka University was to have a multidisciplinary liberal arts institution in India to offer a quality of Education and the student experience the quality of research. The idea of Ashoka University germinated around 2005 - 2006 and started with the Young India Fellowship in 2011 with the undergraduate program in 2014.  2021 witnesses the 11th cohort of the Young India Fellowship.

What are some IVY League collaborations of Ashoka University?

Some of the institutional collaborations at Ashoka University include the ivy league institution such as Yale and some colleges on the west coast such as Berkeley and Stanford some colleges in the UK such as King's College London and then a few other institutions from the European region and from the United States.

Why should one opt for the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University after completing undergraduate degree?

Young India Fellowship offers postgraduate multidisciplinary education, which essentially compliments what you have already learned either through work or personal life experiences or academic experiences. The Young India Fellowship helps  to understand the world at large from multiple lenses to build a holistic sense of the world around and get an opportunity to you know, really expose yourself to perspectives.

What is special about the Young India Fellowship?

It's a one-year residential post graduate diploma and it focuses on a multidisciplinary program structure which gives you various perspectives towards looking at the same subject so multi-dimensional engagement and learning in some ways arises out of this multidisciplinary program structure. There's a focus on discussions, group work and academic writing with simulations, case studies.

Young India Fellowship is a one year residential postgraduate diploma program in liberal studies and the major focus then is to learn how to think rather than what to think.

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