What GMAT score is good?

What score is a good GMAT score?

Every business school possesses different expectations of GMAT score from the MBA aspirant. There is no one particular score that fix the admission in MBA. When it comes to GMAT, the major thing which one should remember is that a good score is the key to open the threshold of your business school. Submit your scores to us to check what schools you should apply to.

What is the minimum GMAT score for getting admitted to any of the Ivy League universities?

The students of Harvard Business School have an average GMAT score of 727 whereas for the students of Stanford Business School it is 732 GMAT score. The University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business has an approximate average criteria of 723 in the GMAT exam for MBA admissions. Some business schools have given the exact number while others have given the score range of GMAT for the students. Ideally, the best B-schools consider 715 GMAT score out of 800. Still, in these top-notch schools also, there are some who accept lower than 715 GMAT score.

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There is a difference between the GMAT scores in EMBA and a full-time MBA program. Some business schools such as New York University, Stern Business School, do not focus on the GMAT score for admissions of MBA. In US the average GMAT score demanded for EMBA is around 640-650.

On the contrary the European countries have a lower score than US business schools. The London business school requires GMAT score of 698, 680 is for IE Business School, and the University of Oxford asks for 698. The demand is there in case of full-time MBA program whereas the EMBA programs do not necessarily required a GMAT especially in Europe and UK. The lowest score one can have is 600. Score of 650 is an average score as it gives you a ranking spot of 75%.

What GMAT score is good?

The Stanford Graduate School of Business accepts 737 GMAT score;

University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business accepts 717 GMAT score,

Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business accepts 717 GMAT score,

Yale school of Management accepts 730 as the GMAT score.

Apart from these the business school like University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign College of Business accept 656, George Washington University School of Business accepts 643, Brigham young University Marriott School of Management accepts 670, University of Maryland, College Park Smith accepts 660 as their GMAT score.

Additionally, there are some universities which are offering online business schools known as EMBA. The University of Massachusetts Amherst: Isenberg School of Management (online and part-time options) accepts 570 as the GMAT score, Georgetown University; McDonough School of Business is accepting 666 as the GMAT score.

Around the world the top preferred place for MBA is USA. It has many top-notch business schools that are making the young aspirants into the future business leaders. If you give a bird eye view to the Universities and their GMAT scores we can see that the Harvard University accepts 732, Massachusetts Institute of Technology accepts 722 GMAT score, University of Pennsylvania accepts 730 GMAT score, University of California Berkeley 717 GMAT score, Northwestern University 732, Columbia University 724, University of California Los Angeles 719 GMAT score, University of Chicago 730 GMAT score, New York University 714 GMAT score, University of Michigan 716 GMAT score, Cornell University 700 as the GMAT score. We can clearly see that the high ranked universities demand a high GMAT score from the students.

In Canada the University of British Columbia that accepts 650 GMAT score, University of Toronto 665 GMAT score, Queen’s university at Kingston 650 GMAT score University of Alberta 619 GMAT score Concord University 550+GMAT score , McMaster University 616 GMAT score and Simon Fraser University 615 GMAT score.

Many Asian business schools the GMAT score acceptance in the past has been around 600 and the GMAT score for the top business schools in Asian universities like National University of Singapore the GMAT score is 662, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 670 GMAT score, and Peking University 640 GMAT score.

Europe is also home to the finest business schools. The London Business School asks for 708 GMAT score, University of Cambridge accepts 690 GMAT score, Bocconi University 650 GMAT score, The University of Manchester 600+ GMAT score and Imperial College London accepts 600+ GMAT scores.

Why GMAT Exam is required?

So the student should remember that an important criteria for admission in a good business school is the high GMAT score. If the score will be high there are several of opportunities available for you to choose. Thus, the basic step in GMAT preparation is setting your own target score that is going to decide where you will be heading. Submit your scores with us for suggestions on what schools you should apply to.

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