Liberal Arts Education in India

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What is Liberal Arts Education?

Liberal Arts is about the cultivation of the whole person though interdisciplinary approach to face the complexity of the world, develop multi cultural sensitivity and advanced communication skills.


Liberal Arts education focusses on active experiential learning inside and outside the classroom.  Liberal Arts students graduate with knowledge, a flexible range of skills, aptitudes and a life-long curiosity and love of learning.

A pioneer in the Liberal Arts Education in India is the Ashoka University with a sprawling campus situated in Sonipat, Haryana.

Which Universities offer Liberal Arts Education In India?

The leading Universities offering Liberal Arts Education in India are


  1. Ashoka University

  2. Flame University

  3. Ahmedabad University

  4. OP Jindal Global University

  5. SP Jain University

Ashoka University is an institute that has accreditation by the UGC. It is a private education institute providing Liberal Education Programs that is located in the city of Sonipat, Haryana. Every program available at the university includes a versatile range of specialisation providing holistic development in critical thinking and real-world applications of classroom concepts. Students can choose from subjects like Computer Science, Biology, Economics and many more. It is considered as one of the prestigious institutions to pursue research-based studies with industry experience. Read here for the Ashoka University admission process. Contact our Admission consultants for getting ready to apply for Ashoka University Admission.

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Established in 2015, Flame University has gradually become a pioneer in the field of liberal education. Many of its undergraduate and postgraduate programs are considered to be best in the industry. The campus of this university is situated on the Pune - Bangalore highway covering 60 acres of property. It has 7 fulltime courses available in about 5 disparate streams of education. 


The features of liberal education reflected by the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Flame University include some of the following:

  • Support for interdisciplinary education and learning

  • Profound study in any field of choice 

  • Liberty to the mind of students to empower decision making

  • Importance of real-world application-oriented education in the curriculum.

  • Varied skillsets rendered to students with multi-disciplinary courses.

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The Ahmedabad University was established back in 2009 with the intention to bring liberal education to the domain of career building. Ahmedabad University is a private institution that offers a wide range of opportunities to its students. The institute was set up by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) as a non-profit organization.  Today it consists of four schools bringing the chance for interdisciplinary education with the help of four centers.

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