Liberal Arts Colleges in India

What are Liberal Arts Courses?

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Liberal Arts Courses are about the cultivation of the whole person though interdisciplinary approach to face the complexity of the world, develop multi cultural sensitivity and advanced communication skills.

Liberal Arts colleges in India focus on active experiential learning inside and outside the classroom.  Liberal Arts courses students graduate with knowledge, a flexible range of skills, aptitudes and a life-long curiosity and love of learning.

A pioneer in the Liberal Arts Education in India is the Ashoka University with a sprawling campus situated in Sonipat, Haryana. What is special about Ashoka University? Click here to know more.

Which Universities offer Liberal Arts Courses In India?

The leading Universities offering Liberal Arts Courses in India are:

  1. Ashoka University

  2. Flame University

  3. Ahmedabad University

  4. OP Jindal Global University

  5. KREA University

Ashoka University

Ashoka University is an institute that has accreditation by the UGC. It is a private education institute providing Liberal Education Programs that is located in the city of Sonipat, Haryana. Every program available at the university includes a versatile range of specialisation providing holistic development in critical thinking and real-world applications of classroom concepts. Students can choose from subjects like Computer Science, Biology, Economics and many more. It is considered as one of the prestigious institutions to pursue research-based studies with industry experience. Read here for the Ashoka University admission process. Contact our Admission consultants for getting ready to apply for Ashoka University Admission.

What is the admissions process for Ashoka University?

Undergraduate programme:-

  • Admission Timeline:-Application Forms for Ashoka University's Undergraduate Programmes for the university session Starts in August 2021 are open. Use the APPLY tab to register yourself and start to fill in your application form.

  • Ashoka University Admission Process

Stage1- Ashoka University Application & Assessments-

Academic Scores, SAT/ACT Scores, personal Essays, Recommendation, Non- academic Engagements.The Ashoka Aptitude Assessment has been created for Ashoka University admissions purposes by Cambridge and is on the basis of  Thinking Skills Assessment to assess the thinking skills of the student.

Ashoka University Stage2- Shortlisted for Interview Interview with Panel (Compulsory) Interviewer will interact with shortlisted Students to get know and assess their ability for academics at Ashoka. Click here to read what happens in the Ashoka University interview.

Ashoka University Stage3- Decisions and Financial Aid-

Ashoka University Confirmed Offer- The candidate will need to pass their final Grade XII/Equivalent Examination.

Ashoka University Conditional Offer- The candidate will need to meet the conditions described by the Admissions Committee in their decision notification.

Ashoka University Waitlist(upon availability)- The Chance of the Offer of Admission at the end of the admissions process or earlier but to be decided by the Admissions Committee.

Deferral Decision- The Ashoka University Admissions Committee will need the students to submit their final Grade XII / Equivalent

Examination scores before taking a final decision on the student.

Denial of Admission- The Ashoka University Admissions Committee refuses admission to the student based on its ranking of their overall performance. Students will get a final Denial of Admission decision only after submission of their final Grade XII/  Equivalent Examination scores.

Annulment of Ashoka University Application- The Admissions Committee annuls an application if the student fails to participate in all the parts of the Interview Round or fails to give their final Grade XII/ Equivalent Examination scores.

Ashoka University Fee Structure:-Admissions Fee of INR 50,000 at the time of approval of the Offer of Admission. Refundable Security payment of INR 75,000 (Security Deposit of INR 50,000 and Meal Cost Deposit of INR 25,000) at the time of approval of an Offer of Admission. The Security payment will be refunded at the time of Ashoka University graduation or at the time of withdrawal of admission from the programme.

Flame University

Established in 2015, Flame University has gradually become a pioneer in the field of liberal education. Many of its undergraduate and postgraduate programs are considered to be best in the industry. The campus of this university is situated on the Pune - Bangalore highway covering 60 acres of property. It has 7 fulltime courses available in about 5 disparate streams of education. 


The features of liberal education reflected by the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Flame University include some of the following:

  • Support for interdisciplinary education and learning

  • Profound study in any field of choice 

  • Liberty to the mind of students to empower decision making

  • Importance of real-world application-oriented education in the curriculum.

  • Varied skillsets rendered to students with multi-disciplinary courses.

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Ahmedabad University

The Ahmedabad University was established back in 2009 with the intention to bring liberal education to the domain of career building. Ahmedabad University is a private institution that offers a wide range of opportunities to its students. The institute was set up by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) as a non-profit organisation.  Today it consists of four schools bringing the chance for interdisciplinary education with the help of four centres. 


Ahmedabad University - Undergraduate studies




Ahmedabad University is a private university set up by the Ahmedabad Education Society in 2009.  It is extended crosswise 250 acres. It includes 4 schools and 4 centers in the midst of opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship. Officially approved by the UGC, Ahmedabad University is a small coeducational Indian higher education establishment. Ahmedabad University offers a wide range of courses and programs leading to officially approved bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in a wide number of areas of study.

This Indian higher-education institution has a careful admission policy based on entrance tests and students' precedent educational record and grades. Worldwide applicants are entitled to apply for enrollment. Ahmedabad University also makes available a number of educational and non-academic services to students together with a library, accommodation, sports facilities, fiscal aids, study overseas and exchange programs, on top of administrative services.

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Curriculum – Under Graduate programs

The Undergraduate Programme at Ahmedabad University makes available skills, encourages citizenship, builds audacity, and instills accountability. It is aimed at making available wide-ranging and profound education that will outfit the student to find the way in the world in which he or she lives and turn into a representative of change in the betterment of his or her individual life and that of the civilization. The undergraduate education is based on the fact that it is wide as much as necessary for the student to find out his or her passion in life and get ready to follow the passion and yet build deep proficiency in the preferred field.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors):  Majors: Economics, History, Psychology, Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy, History and Languages.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors): Majors: Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, Finance and Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resource and Organizations, Operations Research and Statistics. 

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honors): Majors: Accounting

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Professional): Majors: Accounting

  • Bachelor of Science (Honors): Majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Physics

  • Bachelor of Technology: Majors: Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering|


Deadlines for Liberal Arts Colleges In India

Ashoka University Undergraduate Program Deadline: 11th January Click here for assistance

KREA University Undergraduate Program Deadline: 23rd January Click here for application and interview assistance.

Ahmedabad University Undergraduate Program Deadline: 31st December

Flame University Undergraduate Program Deadline: 6 December

Click here for undergraduate programs abroad.

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