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MBA Programs For Fresher Graduates

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Professional work experience is not required, but there are key characteristics that admissions officers look for in an applicant. It's someone looking for a traditional, full-time, 2-year+ study experience, has a bachelor's degree, with a major in any area of study. You don't need to major in business to get an MBA. Schools often look for a variety of major backgrounds that build skills and experiential learning. They also look for applicants with quality experience leading or working within an organization. This experience can come from part-time work, volunteer activities, student clubs and organizations, or other experiential projects. Another requirement being exceptional academic credentials, including strong undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores. Accompanied with strong references from previous managers, supervisors or professors builds a perfect applicant profile.

Most Indian Master in Business candidates about to study in Master in Business schools abroad recognize why work expertise is important for Master in Business programs abroad.

But given the widespread quality of ancient Indian Master in Business programs that settle for students while not expertise, there’s sizeable chunk of freshers in Asian who target Master in Business universities abroad and in India.

MBA programs attempt to be numerous, selecting candidates from a spread of backgrounds to complement their experiential learning atmosphere. Classes thrive on case studies, and students herald their past experiences, combine them with new lessons.

Average Master in Business category profiles hover round the people of twenty eight years that clearly indicates a preference for a minimum of 3-5 years of post-Baccalaureate work expertise.

Though most Master in Business programs share that belief, some are happy to simply accept freshers into their Master in Business Administration lecture rooms. Here’s an inventory of some such programs.

Harvard Business School (HBS) 2+2 Prgrams

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Wharton MBA (University of Pennsylvania)

Sloan School of Management (MIT)

Chicago Booth School of Business (University of Chicago)

Columbia Business School (Columbia University)

Stern School of Business (New York University – NYU)

Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley)

Anderson School of Management (UCLA)

Yale School of Management

Deferred MBA Programs in USA

Harvard Business School Harvard 2+2

Eligibility: Final year undergraduates.

Stanford GSB Deferred Enrollment Program 2 years or more

Chicago Booth Booth Scholars Program Eligibility: 4th year undergraduates at University of Chicago with quality experience in internships/part-time jobs, entrepreneurial venture.

Columbia Business School Deferred Enrollment 2-5 years– Eligibility: undergraduate students.

MIT Sloan Early Admission at MIT Sloan 2-5 years– Eligibility: Those who are graduating or have graduated from an undergraduate degree program

Purdue University Krannert Purdue MBA Deferred Admission 2 years– Eligibility: current undergraduates, at Purdue University

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