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Practice Topic for WAT Executive MBA from IIM 2021-22

How can the Target Olympic Podium Scheme be implemented efficiently in India?

Launched in September 2014, TOPS is an initiative by the Government of India to boost the focus towards winning medals in the Olympics by Indian players.

Under the TOPS top sportspersons are identified by a TOPS Elite Athletes’ Identification Committee and a Mission Olympic Cell. They are provided access to training by world- class coaches and facilities, equipment, sports psychologists, mental trainers and physiotherapists.

A monthly incentive of ₹50,000 is provided to sportspersons under the categories like table tennis, tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, hockey, archery, athletics, badminton, boxing, shooting and para-sports.

Indian sports suffered from many problems like all sports except cricket, have been neglected and lack proper training facilities for the players. To top it sportspersons lacked facilities for sponsorship.

However, there are still some problems - some players like Ms. Aditi Ashoka realised that she qualified for the Olympic Games only 60 days before the scheduled date and could never avail the benefits of the scheme.

Apart from more autonomy to the decision makers at TOPS, it has been suggest that there could be newer games and disciplines which could be added to the list from a medal winning perspective. India spends 0.01 % of its GDP on sports. Can it be increased? TOPS is doing good work, but can it be extended to identifying sports talent in the nascent stage.

Practice Topic for WAT Executive MBA from IIM 2021-22

Use of coal and biomass must be stopped to control air pollution. Agree or disagree?

Highest air pollution in India happens because of burning of coal and lignite (1045 million tonnes yer year - 2019-20) followed by biomass like LPG, wood for cooking (500 million tonnes yer year 2019-20). These by far have the highest polluting potential.

Next, petroleum product contributed 240 million tonnes per year in 2019-20 followed by agricultural residues amounting to 100 million tonnes per year (2019-20).

The air quality of different cities is deteriorating with every passing day. PM 2.5 levels (particulate matter) has increased three fold over the last decade especially in cities like Delhi.

Therefore, to reduce air pollution the use of coal, biomass, landfills has to be reduced not only petroleum products.

Power production should be shifted to renewable resources. Stopping the use of coal and biomass is not easy. Millions of households have to eliminate use of biomass as cooking fuel.

Energy and land management practices and policies should be changed. Industries should be urged to shift from the use of coal. Farmers in India must stop burning of stubble to clear land. Most of the action plans address only 15% of the problem and they do not address 85% of the problem which is caused by coal, biomass and landfills. This can be achieved in only in phases in a graded manner.

Practice Topic for WAT Executive MBA from IIM 2021-22

Can India become self reliant in the defence manufacturing space?

Munition India Limited

Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited

Advanced Weapons and Equipments India Limited

Troop Comforts Limited

Yantra India Limited

India Optel Limited

Gliders India Limited, will function from 1st October 2021.

The Government of India has decided to convert the Ordnance Factory Board into the above mentioned seven new identities, each responsible for a special faction of the defence manufacturing space.

These will tackle the problems in India like overpriced purchase ( Ashoka Leyland trucks being purchased from Jabalpur Vehicle factory at a substantially higher price with no substantial additions), under quality purchase, long waiting periods for delivery, outdated technology.

Leadership of these companies is the key to success to optimally utilise the available resources at hand and find locally available solutions.

In addition to the Ordnance factory has its own set of problems - inefficient supply chains, lack of motivation to compete, lack of specialisation and too many products under a single wing.

In the US the defence manufacturing has grown by consolidation, similarly India would have to create a demand forecast to analyse the products and the requirements and get International partners on board. Given these are put in place substantial improvements can happen in this sector in India too.

Some more questions for WAT for Executive MBA from IIM 2021-22 interviews

  1. There would be many challenges if COVID persists. Should digital learning and e-learning continue going forward? What would be the challenges faced if it continues.

  2. Vaccination generally takes 10+ years to be developed. How was it developed in hardly six months during COVID?

  3. Should college rankings be stopped? Do you agree or disagree?

  4. When startups go for seed funding they lose a lot of control. Should they instead opt for bootstrapping?

  5. Does India need bullet trains?

  6. How can India utilise the current shift in the global supply chain to attract global investors?

  7. How to do nothing?

  8. The best tool for a good conversation is silence. Do you agree?

  9. Is the Electric vehicle transition sustainable for India economically and environmentally?

  10. So close, yet so far - Chandrayaan 2 has failed in it's objective but not as a mission. Comment?

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