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ISB YLP Application Stage 1 - 2019

Updated: Apr 9

What more will you like ISB to know about your candidature?

This is an open ended essay which gives you an opportunity to showcase goals, personal, accomplishments, failure, leadership aspects to the admissions committee.

This is more like asking why you are THE ISB YLP applicant that ISB should admit. It could have been more specific about any of the above aspects, however, considering the vagueness in the question makes it an interesting questions. So, it's time to show what sets you apart and show the spark that lies within you in your ISB YLP application.

It's a good place to weave the logic of how the past, present, and future vision lines up to build your personality. Any personal achievements or failures overcoming which can demonstrate your analytical and leadership skills can be highlighted in your ISB YLP essay. Including some personal examples would make the communication effective.

Finally, the ISB YLP essay should create the groundwork for the school to believe that they want the applicant at their business school. It could be a straight forward essay, or a strong personal experience or an ambitious representation of career goals, the success of the essay depends on how enigmatically it creates the magic that the ISB YLP applicant is.

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