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Tell me about yourself

Updated: Mar 17

"Tell me about yourself..." - MBA Interview Frenzy? Nah, It's Story Time!

Picture this: you're in the MBA interview hot seat, heart pounding like a bass drum solo. Then, the dreaded question drops: "Tell me about yourself." Cue the mental panic attack, right? Wrong! This, future leaders, is your chance to ditch the elevator pitch robot routine and spin a yarn so epic, the admissions committee will be begging for more.

Forget generic achievements and laundry lists of skills. This is about your unique story, the one that weaves your passions, experiences, and dreams into a tapestry so vibrant, it practically screams "future leader!" Think impactful moments, not just accolades. Did you lead a team to skyrocket sales? Did you launch a social impact project that made waves? Show, don't just tell, how you made a difference, using numbers, results, and stories that paint a picture of your leadership and problem-solving skills.

But here's the secret sauce: align your story with the program's DNA. Research their values, mission, and what makes them tick. Show how your experiences and aspirations resonate with their vision. This isn't just about proving you fit in; it's about demonstrating genuine excitement about being part of their community.

And don't get stuck in the past! Briefly touch on your current journey, then pivot to your future like a boss. How will the ISB MBA program equip you to achieve those ambitious goals? This is where you connect the dots and showcase your strategic thinking and, well, ambition.

Remember, practice makes perfect (and confident!). Craft a concise, impactful answer that flows naturally. Record yourself, get feedback, and refine your delivery until it shines. Because let's face it, confidence is the ultimate interview accessory.

Tell me about yourself
Tell me about yourself

Instead of: "I have excellent leadership skills."

Try: "Leading a team of diverse personalities through a complex project taught me the power of adaptive leadership. When communication breakdowns threatened our deadline, I implemented a weekly feedback loop and fostered a culture of open dialogue. The result? We not only delivered the project on time but exceeded expectations, all thanks to the collaborative spirit I ignited."

So, future MBAs, ditch the interview frenzy and embrace story time! Own your narrative, let your personality shine, and watch the ISB interview room transform into your stage. Now go forth and conquer, not just the question, but your dreams!

Tell me about yourself - Hacks for a Stellar Answer

But fear not, future leaders! I'm here to guide you through the "Tell me about yourself" frenzy and craft an answer that leaves the admissions committee saying, "Wow, impressive!"

1. Ditch the Generic Pitch: Forget the elevator pitch robot routine.

2. Quantify your impact with numbers, metrics, or tangible results that demonstrate your leadership and problem-solving prowess.

3. Align with the programme's DNA: Research the programme's values, mission, and focus areas. Show how your experiences and aspirations resonate with their vision. This demonstrates not just your fitness but also your genuine interest and excitement about being part of their community.

4. Paint a Future-Focused Picture: Don't just dwell on the past. Briefly touch on your current trajectory, but then pivot to your future goals. How will the MBA programme equip you to achieve them? This is where you connect your dots and showcase your ambition and strategic thinking.

5. Practice makes perfect; don't wing it! Prepare a concise, impactful answer that flows naturally. Time yourself, record yourself, and refine your delivery. Embrace constructive feedback, and remember, confidence is key.

Instead of: "I'm a team player with excellent communication skills."

Try: "My leadership style isn't about barking orders; it's about igniting collective genius. During a cross-functional project, I facilitated open communication and encouraged diverse perspectives. The result? We developed a groundbreaking marketing campaign that exceeded all targets, proving that collaboration is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Leave the interview panel wanting more! End by subtly showcasing a question you have about the programme, demonstrating your proactive nature and genuine interest.

Now go forth and conquer! If you want assistance with your specific stories, reach out to experts at GOALisB for comprehensive interview preparation. Write to us at or whatsapp at +917719497187.


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