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NYU Stern MBA Essays

As the MBA application cycle picks up pace, here's an analysis of the essay topics for the NYU Stern MBA application 2023 along with a few samples to guide you on the way.

Short Answer Question: Professional Aspirations

This is a straightforward short MBA essay question aimed at understanding your immediate career goals. You are asked to briefly outline your short-term career aspirations.

Essay Analysis:

  • Keep it concise and focused.

  • Clearly state your short-term career goals.

  • Discuss the importance of these goals for you.

  • Discuss how the NYU Stern MBA program can help you achieve them.

MBA Essay 1: Using NYU Stern’s brand

This essay prompt asks you to discuss how you perceive and embrace change, especially in the context of NYU Stern's values.

Essay Analysis:

  • Highlight your adaptability and openness to change.

  • Discuss your experiences that showcase your innovative thinking.

  • Explain why change and innovation are important in the business world.

  • Connect your response to NYU Stern's focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

MBA Essay 2: Personal Expression

This MBA essay is unique as it asks you to select six images that represent different aspects of your identity. You'll need to provide a caption for each image and briefly explain its significance.

Essay Analysis:

  • Select images that truly reflect your diverse interests and experiences.

  • Write captivating captions that provide insights into your passions, values, and experiences.

  • The images and captions should present a well-rounded picture of who you are.

  • Showcase your personality.

These essay topics aim to understand your career aspirations, your adaptability to change, and your personal identity. Craft your responses thoughtfully, and make sure they align with your overall application narrative and NYU Stern's values.

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New York University: Stern MBA Essays

Sample MBA Essay for Short Answer Question: Professional Aspirations

In the short term, my career objective is to attain a leadership position within the industry. My professional background is strongly rooted in financial services. My accumulated skills and experience make me an ideal leadership role candidate.

In this capacity, I aim to harness my skill set and experience to effect positive change and create a meaningful impact within my industry. I am interested in finance as a career and perceive opportunities to contribute valuable insights and innovative ideas to this domain.

To realise this goal, my strategy entails capitalising on the knowledge and competencies I'll acquire through the NYU Stern MBA. I intend to use this education to fortify my leadership capabilities and expand my comprehension of the industry. Moreover, I am dedicated to cultivating strong connections with my colleagues and mentors, recognising the invaluable guidance and insights they can provide as I progress in my career.

In conclusion, I believe in the attainability of my short-term career objective. This conviction is rooted in my belief that the NYU Stern MBA will be an indispensable asset, equipping me with the essential tools and support required to excel in a leadership role within the industry.

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NYU Stern MBA Essay 1

Sample MBA Essay: Change: Innovate It

This concept deeply resonates because I embody a forward-thinking and creative spirit, seeking novel and enhanced approaches to confront and conquer challenges. Innovation is the linchpin for propelling advancement and forging value in the business realm. I am genuinely passionate about unearthing innovative solutions to intricate problems.

As a prospective student at NYU Stern, I wholeheartedly embrace my mantra, "Transformation: Pioneering Progress." Throughout my journey here, I am committed to proactively pursuing avenues that foster innovation and ignite positive change. Furthermore, I plan to actively seek internships and other hands-on experiences that will empower me to apply my innovative mindset in real-world scenarios.

In summation, "Change: Innovate It" is more than just a tagline; it's a creed that guides my aspirations. My fervour for innovation and commitment to this mindset will be unwavering during my time at NYU Stern. I am exhilarated by this programme's myriad opportunities, enabling me to evolve into a formidable innovator and leader.

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MBA Sample Essay: Change: Embrace It

This single word deeply resonates with me because it encapsulates my steadfast belief that change is an inherent and inescapable facet of life. I firmly subscribe to the notion that embracing change necessitates a willingness to adapt, take calculated risks, and foster a constructive and forward-thinking mindset.

Throughout my journey at Stern, I wholeheartedly intend to live out my mantra, "Embrace it." I will maintain an unwavering openness to novel ideas and diverse perspectives. My embrace of change extends to my career development, where I will proactively seek fresh challenges and avenues for professional growth.

I regard embracing change as an indispensable skill in the contemporary global business arena. My time at Stern promises to be transformative, leveraging the programme's emphasis on innovation and collaboration to equip me with the requisite tools and resources. These will empower me to embrace change and thrive in an ever-evolving and dynamic business landscape.

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Essay 2: Personal Expression

Sample MBA Essay

My selection of the "Pick Six" images offers a multifaceted glimpse into my identity, reflecting my diverse interests and the profound experiences that have moulded me into the individual I am today.

Image 1: An image capturing me while playing the guitar at a vibrant music festival. Caption: Music is enduring in my heart, and the sheer joy of performing on stage is an indescribable passion.

Image 2: A snapshot of me wholeheartedly volunteering at a local food bank. Caption: My commitment to community service is unwavering, and through volunteering, I find a meaningful avenue to effect positive change.

Image 3: A captivating photo of my exploration in a foreign land. Caption: My insatiable curiosity leads me to explore diverse cultures and revel in novel experiences, making travel one of my most cherished pursuits.

Image 4: An image taken at a dynamic business conference, where I am keenly involved. Caption: My professional ambitions are intrinsically tied to the business world, and I perpetually seek fresh opportunities for learning and advancement.

Image 5: A serene portrayal of my yoga practice. Caption: Yoga is my compass, guiding me towards equilibrium and inner tranquilly, constituting an indispensable facet of my holistic well-being regimen.

Image 6: This heartwarming image portrays me together with my cherished family. Caption: My family embodies an unwavering source of love and support, forming the indispensable bedrock upon which the foundation of my life firmly rests. These images are a testament to the passions, values, and experiences that have played a pivotal role in shaping the person I am today. I eagerly anticipate sharing these facets of my life with my prospective peers at NYU Stern MBA.

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