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Masters of Finance in Top Business Schools in Canada in 2024

Are you aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of finance? Look no further than the Master's in Finance program at leading business schools in Canada. In this blog we are sharing the program highlights, admission requirements and deadlines for Rotman Mfin, Schulich Master of Finance and UBC Sauder Master in Finance degrees.

1. Masters in Finance - Rotman School of Business

  • Speed up your career in finance by earning your Rotman MFin.

  • Upcoming intake: September 2023.

  • This groundbreaking curriculum for 20 months involves highly trained faculty, cutting-edge curricula, and diverse Bay Street connections.

  • From conventional corporate finance to ending technological collapse, the Mfin helps you gain valuable knowledge and skills which will instantly impact your present position – shaping your future.

  • The program gives you financial know-how to influence your workplace directly.

  • Every Wednesday evening and every other Saturday, usually full days, are days for the regular classes for the program.

  • The Rotman Master of Finance is a leading financial program with a faculty who are world-class thinking leaders and a network of professionals with deep roots in the financial sector of Toronto.

  • Since the MFin program began in 2007, there have been many changes. The recent growth of computer education, Big Data, and Blockchain technology have created exciting new possibilities for financial and industry experts.

  • You can now learn about traditional areas of finance, as well as new developments at the intersection between technology and finances, in the Masters in Finance program.

To obtain a GMAT waiver for Rotman Master in Finance, you can be exempted if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Successfully passed the CFA Level II exam.

  2. Passed the three-day UFE for CPA, CA designation.

  3. Obtained a professional designation in Engineering (P.Eng) or Actuarial Science (ACIA or FCIA).

  4. Graduated from the University of Toronto with High Distinction.

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2. Master Of Science In Business Administration In Finance (MSCB) - UBC Sauder

  • The UBC MSc in Business Administration is a difficult and rigorous program intended for students interested in research who are preparing for a doctoral program and subsequent academic careers.

  • UBC Sauder offers the RBC Women in Finance Graduate Scholarships.

  • Annually a $25,000 grant is given to outstanding female graduate students in the M.Sc Finance Stream by the Royal Bank of Canada. in the UBC Sauder School of Business Administration program.

  • The application requires academic records,

  • GMAT scores (Graduate Management Admission Test) and GRE scores,

  • Essays and

  • Letters of recommendation for MBA in Banking an Finance.

  • The MSc program starts in September each year.

  • Candidates can also consider options for MBA in Canada.

3. Master of Finance (MF) at Schulich School of Business

2024 intake application Deadlines for Schulich Master of Finance:

  1. Round 1 - October 11, 2023

  2. Round 2 - January 17, 2024

  3. Round 3 - March 27, 2024

  4. Round 4 - June 12, 2024

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The Master of Finance (MF) in Schulich offers students the solid foundations of real life and research required for an enjoyable career in modern finance.

  • In this MSC in Finance course, students learn about corporate finance, risk management, private equity, compliance, etc.

  • Courses focus on applications and contexts in the real world. The MSC Finance program combines important subjects of governance, ethics, and the legal aspects of finance.

  • In addition, students attend financial research seminars and seminars with Ethics and Governance courses and options to focus on capital markets or financial risk management. The program will also include seminars on the financial markets.

  • The Schulich MF is a Program Member of CFA, the regional industry standard for finance professionals, and the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute. The MF curriculum covers a large part of the knowledge base of the CFA, enabling students to prepare for all of their MF levels. CFA services, scholarships, and industrial networking activities also support students.

  • The Schulich MF program will provide you with the knowledge of financing that leads to the complex business environment in today's world. Recruiters respect Schulich MF's graduates' technological, financial decision-making, and communication skills.

  • Connection to the Career Development Center (CDC) is also available during the MF program.

  • The CDC provides creative services, tools, and individualized coaching to help you start your career as the internal team of Schulich's accredited career coaches and consultants.

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Is Canada Good for Masters in Finance?

Canada has a diverse economy and is very welcoming. Also, Canada is home to some of the top MBA universities in the world. MBA colleges like Schulich, Rotman, UBC Sauder, and many more. For its diverse economy, Canada is the best place to pursue MBA for Indian Students.

Is Canada Good for MBA in Finance?

There are four universities in Canada offering MBA in Finance. However, according to the QS MBA Ranking, Rotman, UAlberta, and Smith come in the top 150 best business schools in the world.

Is GMAT Required for Masters in Finance in Canada?

There are a few universities where you must submit your GMAT score as they have no GMAT exemption ryle. But it is not a mandate for all universities. There are alternative rules for GMAT scores. When you are applying for Masters in Finance in Canada, carefully review your chosen university's admission requirements.

What GMAT Score is Accepted in Canada?

The average GMAT score to apply to MBA colleges in Canada ranges from around 500-600. However, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission, and many colleges only admit the best candidates with higher scores.

What is the Salary of a Masters in Finance in Canada?

The salary of a Masters in Finance in Canada depend upon the job profile. Financial Director- 56.18 Lakhs, Financial Controler- 54.92 Lakhs, Senior Business Analyst- 51.26 Lakhs, Senior Financial Analyst- 50.64 Lakhs annually.

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