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Which Executive MBA is best in India?

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA Course Overview

What is ISB PGPPro Executive MBA meaning?

The ISB Executive MBA for working professionals is meant for Working Professionals (PGPpro Executive MBA) at ISB. It is an exclusive Weekend Executive MBA equivalent Program for Working Professionals having 5 - 12 years of work experience.

PGPpro Executive MBA combines methodical learning with the right format of alternating weekend classes. Intended for mid-career professionals, the program makes available the most important in Strategy and Leadership with a choice to either Finance or Marketing.

Fees, Duration and Program Features


The program office accepts only online applications. The form can be completed over a few sessions. The program fee is approximately INR 30, 41,000 in addition to GST, admission as well tuition fees ( tentative figures from school website):

Admission Fee: INR 3, 00,000

Tuition Fee: INR 26, 86,000

Alumni Fund INR 25,000

Recreation center and Library (Lifetime use): INR 10,000

Refundable Security Deposit: INR 20,000

Note: The admission fee is non-refundable and payable on approval of the offer. The tuition fee can be either paid as a single payment or in four equal installments.

Duration of ISB PGPPro Executive MBA in India

  • Duration – 18 months (Alternating Weekend Classes and Online Classes)

  • Courses Offered in Delhi (NCR)/ Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Mumbai

  • Campus visits at Mohali and Hyderabad separately (1-week classes) at both the campuses separately, as a part of the program)

  • International Week in an Asian country

Program Features

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA is one of the most favorable executive MBA programs intended for mid-career professionals having 5-12 years of experience. These courses help them in achieving deep management strategies, and ultimately, getting prepared for the leadership roles at some point. The ISB Executive MBA PGPpro program is delivered in both the online and classroom teaching format. The most excellent part is that you don’t have to leave your existing job, given that it’s intended in a weekend style.

MBA versus Executive MBA: Which is Better?

The main difference between an MBA and an Executive MBA is the level of engagement in the graduate school understanding and the customization of classes towards a more knowledgeable group of individuals.

Full-time MBA students have rigorous schedules (full-day), making it hard to keep up a job outside the program.

On the other hand, Executive MBA students maintain their permanent jobs and by and large attend classes on Fridays and the weekends; nevertheless, this can lead to less interaction on school grounds.

Does Executive MBA help in India?

There are lots of courses and educational disciplines which allow individuals to search out good job and salary subsequently. Later than getting good jobs, the working professionals want regular up gradation as regards innovative management principles. An executive MBA is premeditated in such a mode to facilitate working professionals gain a competitive edge over their opponents.

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA program is intended for mid-career professionals (5-12 years of work experience. Spread over a period of 18 months, a sum of 24 courses will be covered in 4 categories like foundation courses, advanced courses, electives, and specialization courses.

The 4 important elements incorporated are:

  • Strategy and Leadership skills

  • Decisive Thinking

  • Specialization – Finance/ Marketing

  • Moral principles

All these 4 elements are covered as:

  • It starts with the online modules taking account of study materials, case studies, etc.

  • Online assessments and classroom learning are a vital part of the program

  • Industry visits are organized at some stage in the program for the participants

  • Apart from the typical program, the participants will also have access to employment services and this will help them in their future job planning.

  • The one-week international immersion involves country experience, classroom teaching, cultural and industry visits, along with management interaction.

  • The program has the top faculty and a lot of famous professors of best schools around the world; as a result, this experience itself is inspiring.

Executive MBA in India with placements

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA program helps students in the identification of their job goals and also helps in their search for jobs. For company-supported candidates, no job search support is offered.

Salaries Offered

MBA candidates need to know that getting a job after MBA is not a hard task. Job opportunities after MBA in India are extensive, and it is the duty of the students to pick up the right job from the choices existing. Students may have a lot of questions in mind as regards the job opportunities later than MBA in India, such as job range, work nature, roles, skills necessary, and others. A number of students plan to pick a job that is interesting more willingly than choosing a job paying a little bit more, and vice-versa. It is always imperative to evaluate whether a meticulous job suits you or not.

ISB PGPPro Executive MBA programmes at top business schools are gaining ground amid recruiters, with placement numbers showing how businesses are all the time more keen to take on professionals with a good portion of work within their belt.

The average salary offered to graduates of executive MBA programmes has been more than INR 18 lakh per annum, with top salaries near to INR 90 lakh.

In case of big organisations, students are by and large recruited at the mid-management level at the same time as smaller organisations occasionally recruit students for senior roles.

The intensive ISB PGPpro programme has been created exclusively for professionals with strong track records and 5-12 years of work experience across an extensive range of industries.

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Course Overview

What is ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Meaning?

The ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Course (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives) from ISB is predestined for experienced working professionals. This powerful program aims at career development, better strategic vision, in addition to sharpening your management abilities and leadership skills.

A lot of qualified professionals are facing a mid-career crisis and have attained a point in their profession where they feel they’ve arrived at saturation in the existing role. At this moment, they recognize that they require a little superior business knowledge to deal with bigger responsibilities, get a hold of innovative perspectives to find solutions to accessible problems and manage more multifaceted situations in a methodical and well thought-out manner. A part-time program the ISB PGPMAX Executive goes well with their needs, at the same time as they can keep on working whilst following their MBA program.

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Curriculum

  1. Earlier than the program begins, you’d be anticipated to re-acquaint yourself with your fundamentals of Mathematics, MS Office, and Statistics.

  2. The online elementary modules help you revive your knowledge in finance, accounting and quantitative areas all the way through online procedure.

  3. Besides classroom lectures and simulations that make easy better understanding of a topic all the way through real-life business situations, there are guest lectures which engage interactions with industrialists and business leaders.

  4. Online assessments and pre-course projects also outline an ingredient of the standard program.​

  5. International immersion takes account of teaching at the best international business schools, such as Kellogg and Wharton.

  6. These visits facilitate students to dig up insights into international business and culture in the course of industry visits and also an opportunity to interact with the top executives at these global locations.

PGPMAX Executive MBA Fees

  • The initial batch started in 2010 in the company of 60 students and a fee of INR 27.5 lakhs. The curriculum fee which includes the boarding and lodging expenses for nearly all days along with the study material was INR 31 lakhs. On the other hand, in a major hike in the curriculum fees, the modified fee for 2019 was INR 35 lakhs.

  • At the same time as estimating the further expenses, students need to make an allowance for different other related costs like travelling expenses to ISB, international immersion costs, field-trip associated costs and maintain something like INR 3 - 6 lakhs for all such extra expenses.​

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Placements

  • Higher-ranking professionals who get enrolled for this course do not take a time off from work; in its place, they’re requisite to take get their company’s support for the break from work and also generate a letter concerning the same.

  • For this very reason, ISB does not make available placement support to the PGPMAX students, seeing that it would not represent the course in the right light. Students are anticipated to take advantage of their network to watch out for the jobs that they may be keen on.

Benefits of ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA

  • The program attracts higher-ranking professionals from varied industries; as a result, a lot of learning can take place all the way through interactions, giving out experiences and discussions along with peers. You may finish up with a strong association that you can pride yourself on that.

  • Those following an EMBA get an opportunity to bring to their place of work all the learning that ensues in the class. This benefits both the learner and their employers.

  • You don’t have to take a time off which denotes that you have a continuing income flow. Although the course fees are relatively high, you have your monthly salaries; so you may be in a position to look forward to a better salary package, just the once your program is finished.

Still not sure which program you should apply to? Get in touch with experts who can help.

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