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MBA in Canada ​Upcoming Deadlines

  1. Rotman School of Management Full time MBA Round 3 - March 8, 2021

  2. IVEY MBA Program March 2022 entry - April 12, 2021

  3. Schulich School of Business York University Full time MBA Round 3 - March 10, 2021

  4. Mc Gill Full time MBA Round 3 - March 15, 2021

  5. Ted Rogers Non business undergraduate degree applicants May 2021 entry - February 22, 2021

  6. Ted Rogers Business undergraduate degree applicants September 2021 entry - April 26, 2021

  7. Alberta full time MBA - April 15, 2021

  8. UBC Sauder full time MBA - April 6, 2021

  9. UBC Sauder MBAN Masters in Business Analytics - March 16, 2021

  10. Degroote full time MBA Round 3 - March 31, 2021

  11. DeGroote Co op MBA Round 2 - March 15, 2021

  12. Concordia MBA September Entry - March 1, 2021

  13. Concordia MBA January entry - June 1, 2021

Is MBA in Canada worth it?

Post the current pandemic, the higher education realm will witness a shift in the way courses are delivered. At the same time the ROI of higher education and the perception of value addition will also change.


The first aspect to change is the shift in the nature of career opportunities available in the world at large.  Since we are looking at careers post MBA here, we are not discussing fresher jobs. We are evaluating career changes within the existing sector that one in. For example, Marketing.  Marketing is considered an easily available career option! But, now it is easy only for those who have the right skills.

The new job descriptions read " ANALYTICAL SKILLS " , especially in positions like: Marketing specialist - Commercial marketing; Marketing manager - Performance marketing; Manager - Customer lifecycle marketing. Such are the niche areas that an aspirant for a "fast paced global career "should look at. 

This is just one of the examples in one career option.  So, the question here is - Are you ready for this shift?

  1. Unless you upscale you cannot lead in the business world now.

  2. The second obvious revelation is that you must specialise.

Still, this doesn't completely answer the question - Why an MBA in Canada?

When you apply to a higher education program, a glaring fact that one must realise is that you should choose the location where you would be working in the future. The best thing that an MBA offers is the network.


Building a network in the US and then shifting to Canada for work? You would loose half the ROI of your MBA investent.

The best destinations to gear up for a global career are Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia.

This is why an MBA in Canada makes sense. The MBA in Canada fees can be justified only if the future work options are taken up there.

College for MBA in Canada have remained abreast with the industry trends and offer Masters courses with unique specialisations and MBA courses with upgradation opportunities.

Multiple internships, Co-op opportunities, Projects with local industries, Work Visa rules all prepare the MBA graduate for the road ahead.

What are the main colleges for MBA in Canada?


The main programs that colleges in Canada offer are MBA, Master of Management, Master in Finance and Master in Business Analytics.


Some well known colleges for MBA in Canada are:

  1. Rotman School of Management
  2. Ivey Business School
  3. Schulich School of Business
  4. DeGroote School of Business
  5. UBC Sauder
  6. Ted Rogers

What does Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto Offer?

An MBA degree has become one of the most sought after post-graduation courses for students all over the world. One of the leading B-Schools among these top MBA colleges is the Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto. It is by far the best college for MBA in Canada.

The origin of Rotman School of Management was established in 1901 with the inauguration of a diploma program in Commerce. The program started under the faculty of arts. With its outset, it flourished to become one of the best college for MBA in Canada. The school provides a number of graduate and undergraduate programs apart from its MBA courses. There are various doctorate level programs also available for the students. Rotman School has expanded with various new facilities worth almost $91.8 million. This has made possible to accommodate a lot of extra space for the students. The new infrastructural development is environmentally friendly with a number of classrooms, conference rooms, and more.

The MBA program at Rotman School of Management helps international students to bridge the gap in their skills and network to forge a career in the North American market.

Leading MBA and Masters programs in the Rotman School of Management attract recruiters like: 

  • Accenture,

  • Amazon,

  • ATKearney,

  • Bain & Company,

  • The Boston Consulting Group,

  • Deloitte,

  • Ernst and Young,

  • Google,

  • HSBC,

  • KPMG,

  • McKinsey & Company,

  • Microsoft Corporation,

  • Scotiabank and

  • Shell, have been some of the recruiters from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

What are the available MBA Programs At Rotman School Of Management?

Just like some of the best colleges in Canada, Rotman School of Management provides a variety of MBA program options for the students. Depending on the eligibility criteria and qualifications MBA aspirants can choose and apply for any of these available courses at this best college for MBA in Canada.

  • Full-time MBA: The full-time MBA course is the basic 2-year long program that provides exposure to students in excelling with various MBA courses.

  • The best college for MBA in Canada provides a number of pre-courses for the students which are optional. Students can choose one of these to improve the skills necessary for the course.​

  • Click here to read further about MBA admission requirements and other Master courses offered by Rotman School Management.

Which MBA in Canada has a campus in India?

Equipped with state of the art campuses in India and Canada, the Schulich School of Business, offers the MBA and a  number of Master Programs. 

While you are applying to the Schulich School of Business you can select if you are interested in the Schulich MBA in India. The application will be processed by the school accordingly.


Which University in Canada offers the Co-op program?

Mcmaster University MBA - DeGroote School of Business offers the Co-op program. The Co-op program offers the option to pursue two internships during the course of the MBA program.

McMaster University MBA offers its business courses through the DeGroote School of Business. The School aims to become a top ranked business school in Canada through its research oriented and community focussed business programs.

Apart from the McMaster University MBA, the Coop MBA and the EMBA, DeGroote School of Business delivers specialised graduate programs - Master of Finance, MSc in eHealth, MSc in Global Health, Master of Health Management and Graduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy.

PHD programs offered by DeGroote School of Business are PhD program in Business Administration and Health Policy PhD Program.

The application for MBA at DeGroote School of Business requires the submission of a GMAT or a GRE score ( A GMAT score of or above 600 is recommended) , the IELTS score ( minimum of 7 bands in IELTS) or the TOEFL score ( A minimum of 100 as a TOEFL score) , two recommendations, application essays, KIRA video interview and a professional resume. 

Get assistance from MBA admission consultants for the components of a successful application to the DeGroote School of Business in Canada - the McMaster University MBA and the Degroote Coop program.

Ivey Business School

One year MBA program at Ivey Business School combines the essential courses in operations, management skills, economics and leadership courses with continuous interaction with alumni and capstone projects.


The Ivey Field Project partners with industries to learn from real world issues in business.


Submit your profile to our MBA admissions consultants in India to analyze your fit for the IVEY Business School. 

Ivey offers a 2+2 program, the HBA program. The AEO option at Ivey provides the high school students in the final year to apply for a conditional admission to the HBA program. The selected students begin their undergraduate program at IVEY and graduate after 4 years. The HBA Program at IVEY further offers the opportunity to complete two programs at IVEY.

UBC Sauder MBA and the UBC Sauder MBAN

Shaping future business leaders UBC Sauder MBA offers world class programs with the advantage of a closely knit community environment to students. Click here to read about Master in Data Science programs offered across Canada.

Apart from offering a regular MBA program, UBC Sauder MBA delivers a range of programs for business education aspirants.


Apart from the UBC Sauder MBA, the school offers a nine month Master of Management Program for graduates with non business under graduate education. The first round deadlines for the MM Program at UBC Sauder School of Business are usually in November every year while those for the regular MBA program are usually in the end of October.

Submit your profile with us for a profile evaluation to for a fit with the relevant program for you whether it is the UBC Sauder MBA or the UBC Sauder MBAN.

UBC Sauder MBAN - Master of Business Analytics is a 12 month program designed for professionals .

The admission to the  UBC Sauder MBAN program is on a rolling basis however it is recommended that the

International applicants should apply by the first round deadline, usually in the month of October. 

Apart from the UBC Sauder MBAN, the UBC MSc in Business Administration is a step towards a PhD in management. The program starting in September every year requires the applicants to submit their GMAT/GRE and the IELTS/TOEFL scores with their application.  Click here for more details on MBA and Master Programs offered by UBC Sauder, Canada.

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Ted Rogers School Of Management, RYERSON UNIVERSITY offers four graduate programs  - MBA, Master of Science in Management, Professional Master Diploma in Accounting and Master of Health Administration. Apart from the regular mainstream MBA program the University also offers a unique program called the MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation.

Some highly innovative programs for MBA in Canada for Indian students by Ted Rogers School are as below:

The MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation offered by the University is focussed on preparing MBA graduates for the technology and innovation industry.


The new MBA Sport Business Focus at Ted Roger School of Management is an innovative program catering to sport marketing, strategy, media and analytics.  The graduates of the MBA in Sport Business Focus at Ted Roger School of Management are connected to the Future of Sport Lab, a leader in North American sport business education to hone their sport business acumen.


The Master of Science in Management is a full time program structured to gear up graduates for the PhD program and a career in academia. Submission of the GMAT/ GRE score is not mandatory but it will strengthen the application.

We at Goalisb collate the best MBA admission consultants work to compile the school programs and details from the best college for MBA in world from the perspective of the International student. Some programs that have been covered from best college for MBA in world are:

1. Top Deferred MBA programs from top MBA colleges of the world

2. Top EMBA programs from top MBA colleges of the world

3. Stanford School of Business - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

4. Wharton School of Business - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

5. CEIBS - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

6. INSEAD - undoubtedly one of the top MBA colleges of the world

7. MIT Sloan - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

8.Top Universities for Masters and MBA in the US


9. Top Universities for Masters and MBA in Canada

10. Top Schools for Masters and MBA in Singapore

11. MiM Programs from top MBA colleges of the world

Need help evaluating locations and programs connect with us to discuss the prospects. 

Click here to check approaching deadlines for major programs to plan your application journey.

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