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Applying abroad is much more than submitting GMAT scores and writing great essays. As an international applicant one must understand the diversity perspective of schools, the parity of official records, the competitive pool that you are applying to, the nitty gritty of financial aid etc. Effective MBA admission consulting requires reading between the lines to understand what " test optional " and " test flexible " and looking at what would help the applicant stand out. Goalisb MBA admission consulting is driven by extensive networking and interaction by our MBA admission consultant amongst peers from the IECA and the NAGAP. 

We at Goalisb collate the best MBA admission consultants work to compile the school programs and details from the best college for MBA in world from the perspective of the International student. Some programs that have been covered from best college for MBA in world are:

1. Top Deferred MBA programs from top MBA colleges of the world

2. Top EMBA programs from top MBA colleges of the world

3. Stanford School of Business - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

4. Wharton School of Business - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

5. CEIBS - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

6. INSEAD - undoubtedly one of the top MBA colleges of the world

7. MIT Sloan - one of the top MBA colleges of the world

8.Top Universities for Masters and MBA in the US


9. Top Universities for Masters and MBA in Canada

10. Top Schools for Masters and MBA in Singapore

11. MiM Programs from top MBA colleges of the world

MBA in Canada


Many business schools in Canada offer the MBA program. The main schools offering MBA in Canada are

  1. Rotman School of Business,

  2. Ivey Business School,

  3. Schulich School of Business,

  4. DeGroote School of Business,

  5. UBC Sauder

  6. Ted Rogers.

A thorough profile evaluation is required to suggest the ideal school for the applicant to pursue an MBA in Canada.

Some preferred programs for MBA in Canada for Indian students are as below:

Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto

Located in Toronto, the Rotman School of Business offers a wide range of programs for MBA in Canada for Indian students. Every applicant to the Rotman School must show a clear fit to the program. The programs offered by the Rotman School of Business have specific requirements. Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, offers multitude of programs for higher education in Canada.

The MBA program at Rotman School of Business helps international students to bridge the gap in their skills and network to forge a career in the North American market. Know more about the latest in the program requirements for leading masters programs in the Rotman School of Business.Accenture, Amazon, ATKearney, Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Ericsson, Ernst and Young, Esso, Fidelity Investments, Google, HSBC, IBM, Imperial Oil, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, KPMG, McKinsey, Microsoft, Scotiabank and Shell, have been some of the recruiters from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto. Contact our MBA Admission Consultants for a profile review for the programs at Rotman School of Business.Financing your education at the Rotman School of Business is facilitated by the school. The school offers many options for scholarship. Additionally, there are many options of loans from leading Indian institutions for the admits to the Rotman School of Business.MBA from the Rotman School of Business offers a unique advantage over other one year programs.  Graduates are eligible for a three year work permit in Canada as compared to other one year programs in Canada.

Schulich MBA

Equipped with state of the art campuses in Canada and the Schulich MBA in India, the Schulich School of Business offers number of Master Programs. Universities in Canada offer many innovative programs. At Goalisb, our team focused on the latest in the offering by top schools in Canada. Schulich MBA in India is optional for applicants to choose from. 

While you are applying to the Schulich MBA you can select if you are interested in the Schulich MBA in India. The application will be processed by the school accordingly.

Ivey School of Business, Schulich School of Business, Rotman School of Business, Degroote School of Business, UBC Sauder in Canada deliver programs sought after for MBA in Canada for Indian students ranging from MBA, Masters in Management, Masters in Business Analytics, MSc and PHD programs in management. If any applicant is looking at a global career Canada is a land of opportunities for career options.

A GMAT score is not mandatory for all the Masters and MBA programs in Canada. However, IELTS score is mandatory. Having a GMAT score adds value to the application credentials and gives the applicant a benchmarked stand vis a vis other applicants. As a part of the COVID respite, Schulich MBA application does not require a GMAT score as a mandatory requirement to apply.

Schulich MBA application requires the KIRA interview as a part of their application process. From day 1 of the application assistance process our applicants assist the applicants with thorough preparation on the KIRA platform requirements. Contact us here to start you application for pursuing a Schulich MBA application.

Mcmaster University MBA - DeGroote School of Business

McMaster University MBA offers its business courses through the DeGroote School of Business. The School aims to become a top ranked business school in Canada through its research oriented and community focussed business programs.

Apart from the McMaster University MBA and the EMBA, DeGroote School of Business delivers specialised graduate programs - Master of Finance, MSc in eHealth, MSc in Global Health, Master of Health Management and Graduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy.

PHD programs offered by DeGroote School of Business are PhD program in Business Administration and Health Policy PhD Program.

The application for MBA at DeGroote School of Business requires the submission of a GMAT or a GRE score ( A GMAT score of or above 600 is recommended) , the IELTS score ( minimum of 7 bands in IELTS) or the TOEFL score ( A minimum of 100 as a TOEFL score) , two recommendations, application essays, KIRA video interview and a professional resume. 

Get assistance from MBA admission consultants for the components of a successful application to the DeGroote School of Business in Canada - the McMaster University MBA and the Degroote Coop program.

UBC Sauder MBA and the UBC Sauder MBAN

Shaping future business leaders UBC Sauder MBA offers world class programs with the advantage of a closely knit community environment to students.

Apart from offering a regular MBA program, UBC Sauder MBA delivers a range of programs for business education aspirants.


Apart from the UBC Sauder MBA, the school offers a nine month Master of Management Program for graduates with non business under graduate education. The first round deadlines for the MM Program at UBC Sauder School of Business are usually in November every year while those for the regular MBA program are usually in the end of October.

Submit your profile with us for a profile evaluation to for a fit with the relevant program for you whether it is the UBC Sauder MBA or the UBC Sauder MBAN.

UBC Sauder MBAN - Master of Business Analytics is a 12 month program designed for professionals .

The admission to the  UBC Sauder MBAN program is on a rolling basis however it is recommended that the

International applicants should apply by the first round deadline, usually in the month of October. 

Apart from the UBC Sauder MBAN, the UBC MSc in Business Administration is a step towards a PhD in management. The program starting in September every year requires the applicants to submit their GMAT/GRE and the IELTS/TOEFL scores with their application. 

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Ted Rogers School Of Management, RYERSON UNIVERSITY offers four graduate programs  - MBA, Master of Science in Management, Professional Master Diploma in Accounting and Master of Health Administration. Apart from the regular mainstream MBA program the University also offers a unique program called the MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation.


Some highly innovative programs for MBA in Canada for Indian students by Ted Rogers School are as below:

The MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation offered by the University is focussed on preparing MBA graduates for the technology and innovation industry.


The new MBA Sport Business Focus at Ted Roger School of Management is an innovative program catering to sport marketing, strategy, media and analytics.  The graduates of the MBA in Sport Business Focus at Ted Roger School of Management are connected to the Future of Sport Lab, a leader in North American sport business education to hone their sport business acumen.


The Master of Science in Management is a full time program structured to gear up graduates for the PhD program and a career in academia. Submission of the GMAT/ GRE score is not mandatory but it will strengthen the application.

Ivey Business School

One year MBA program at Ivey Business School combines the essential courses in operations, management skills, economics and leadership courses with continuous interaction with alumni and capstone projects.


The Ivey Field Project partners with industries to learn from real world issues in business.


Submit your profile to our MBA admissions consultants in India to analyze your fit for the IVEY Business School. 

Ivey offers a 2+2 program, the HBA program. The AEO option at Ivey provides the high school students in the final year to apply for a conditional admission to the HBA program. The selected students begin their undergraduate program at IVEY and graduate after 4 years. The HBA Program at IVEY further offers the opportunity to complete two programs at IVEY.

 Masters in Management ( MiM )


Masters in Management programs are offered by the best college for MBA in world for aspirants who have lesser work experience. The MiM program offers the graduates a strong base of management concepts and prepares them to pursue management careers on completion. If you are a young aspirant looking at a cutting edge program which prepares you for the business world from a lead ranking school you can choose the best college for MBA in world for reaching your aspirations.

Master in Management ( MiM ) Programs in Europe

INSEAD Master in Management ( MiM) :

INSEAD is by far the best college for MBA in world  and it offers a Master in Management ( MiM ) program with a duration of 14-16 months, for professionals with 0-2 years of work experience, average age of 22 at multiple campuses - Fontainebleau and Singapore (with optional study trips to Abu Dhabi, China and the USA)

HEC Master in Management ( MiM ) :

HEC is the best college for MBA in world  from the point of view popularity and it offers the HEC Master in Management /Grande Ecole Program ( MiM ) for high potential applicants with little or no work experience. The HEC Master in Management ( MiM ) program allows an optional gap year for graduates to add professional work experience.

​IE Master in Management ( MiM ) :

IE offers the Master in Management ( MiM ) program at its campus in Madrid for a duration of 10 months offering 5 different tracks and more than 50 free electives.

London Business School Master in Management ( MiM ) :

London Business School also falls under the top ranked best college for MBA in world. It offers the Master in Management ( MiM )  which is  a 12-16 month program at its campus in London for applicants with 0-2 years of experience.

Some Master in Management ( MiM Programs ) in the US best college for MBA in world

Duke Fuqua Master in Management ( MiM ):

​Duke Fuqua Offers a 10 month Master of Management Studies - Foundations of Business program which also qualifies under the STEM designation giving international students who meet certain requirements 2 years longer to work in the US.


Duke Fuqua offers two Master of Management Studies degrees—MMS: Foundations of Business and MMS: Duke Kunshan University.

​Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University:

Another in the list of the best college for MBA in world  - ​MMM at Kellogg School of Management is a dual degree program. MMM graduates receive an MBA from Kellogg and an M.S. in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

​University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Master in Management ( MiM :

One more from the top ranked best college for MBA in world - Michigan Ross Master of Management program is a 10-month intensive degree program for recent college graduates with 0-2 years work experience.​

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