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MS Applications

MS applications require a focussed attention on the profile and career goals. MS in finance, business analytics, Data sciences are the most sought after today. Submit your profile to our MBA admission consultant for school selection and the process ahead.

Master in Management Applications

Master in Management is a course designed for that interim push to your career to the main league of business roles. Most schools offer this program today. Connect with an MBA admission consultant for the perfect MiM essay.

MBA Applications

Applying to MBA abroad needs a lot of considerations - goals, education background, work experience, GMAT scores, all matter a lot. Connect with your profile for school selection and application assistance for leading business schools abroad.

As study abroad consultants Goalisb has expertise in assisting applicants with MiM, MS, undergraduate and MBA admissions.

Admission to International graduate and undergraduate programs requires understanding the applicant profile, matching it to what each school offers and then positioning the applicant appropriately for the application process.

We at Goalisb are trained MBA admission consultants, trained by AIRC, IECA and NAGAP and bring to our applicants the perspectives from the enrolment manager as well as a mentor in the application process. The scenario of studying abroad has changed largely after COVID.

Is this the right time to study abroad?

To answer this question needs a lot of self-reflection from the applicants. 2020 and 2021 have seen a lot of things  happening in terms of individual's personal lives, work scenario or the external world. The way to think about pursuing higher studies abroad requires due diligence. What are the most important things to you? Are you looking to make a career switch? Or are you looking to change functions or industries? Reflecting on these questions will definitely get the applicant to the right answers.

The next question is which course do you want to apply to? MS, Masters, MiM, MBA or an EMBA?

A sound strategy to approach this dilemma and to decide if you're looking to make the a career switch into a specific area reach out to professionals in that area. Research about what the schools have to offer and know that there are a variety of programs and what they may offer.

Some important questions to answer here are how do you want to learn the format that you want to learn? What is the model suited to you. Is it an Executive MBA model or a full-time immersion program or part time program?

Contact an MBA admission consultant at Goalisb to discuss your options.

Why taking the GMAT is important and how does the GMAT score help the application process?

A GMAT score is an important part of a holistic admissions process, and it's just one element that is evaluated in conjunction with your undergraduate record, your work experience and the admission essays, interviews etc. All these components add an element to understanding who you are as a candidate and your motivation for attending a program. However, one of the benefits of the GMAT score is that it does provide an objective measure to this evaluation.