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IIM Bangalore’s Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) is a one-year full-time residential program that is highly intensive and targeted at professionals who have impressive track records and five to twelve years of work experience spanning several industry sectors.

This programme leads to an MBA and provides the students with a good basis in the key management concepts, which is also true of a two-year MBA with similar electives, grading criteria, and rigor. The advantage of EPGP over such programs is that its courses build on the rich work experience of its students who thus bring practical insights into class.

The structure of IIMB EPGP course:

The design of EPGP in IIM Bangalore has been done carefully to provide a holistic understanding of management. An academic year has five terms: two terms for core courses, one term for International Immersion module and two terms mainly for electives. The program incorporates aspects from social sciences thereby encouraging critical management thinking.

Application Deadline for Class of 2025-26

7 August, 2024

9 October, 2024

2 December, 2024

Core Courses at IIMB EPGP

IIMB EPGP students are required to take core courses which offer them important knowledge and skills necessary for success as senior managers. Some of these courses are:

  1. Financial Reporting

  2. Strategy & Competition

  3. Organizational Design

  4. Decision Making Procedures

  5. Economics for Managers

  6. Entrepreneurial Management

After these foundational subjects, there is wide range choice of electives that stretch across different fields enabling learners to align themselves career wise or based on interest areas. Besides specifically programmed elective courses for EPGPs, they can take up designated electives from other IIM Bangalore programs like the two-year Post Graduate Program, PGPEM (Post Graduate Program in Enterprise Management) or PGPPM (Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management), each having specialized study topics.

Comprehensive Project at IIMB EPGP

A unique aspect about the EPGP course structure is the Comprehensive Project where real-world management problems or business opportunities form part of learning experience. Under direction from a faculty member this project addresses issues or themes facing a given company or industry which are presently relevant. The project is aimed at offering an integration of classroom learning and practical experience by applying concepts and methodologies to real-world challenges. This three-credit project can be done by two or three students jointly during the third term.

IIMB EPGP Elective Courses

IIM Bangalore offers the largest number of elective courses among Indian B-schools. Students have a wide choice of electives across streams which they select through a bidding process. These are some examples of electives offered in recent years:

Decision Sciences

Cross-Functional Excellence Analytics

Applied Multivariate Data Analysis

Natural Language Processing

Behavioral Economics

International Financial and Monetary Economics

Admission into the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore's Executive Post Graduate Program (IIMB EPGP) is a smart career move for any working professional who has aspirations of getting promotions in management. The admissions process can be overwhelming with strict entry requirements and a large number of applicants. However, aspiring candidates can increase their chances of success by learning the right strategies and gaining insights. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the invaluable tips shared by Mr. Parth Jain, who worked with GOALisB MBA Admission consultant to to secure admission at IIMB EPGP.

Comparing IIMB PGP with the IIMB EPGP

Here's a detailed comparison of the placements between the PGP (Post Graduate Program) and EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Program) at IIM Bangalore:

IIMB PGP vs EPGP Class Size and Offers:

  1. Class Size:

  • IIMB PGP: Ranges from around 409 to 530 students over the years.

  • IIMB EPGP: Consistently around 75 students.

  1. Number of Offers:

  • IIMB PGP: The number of offers generally exceeds the number of students, often significantly (e.g., 572 offers for 517 students in 2024).

  • IIMB EPGP: Typically, the number of offers is slightly less than or around the class size (e.g., 70 offers for 75 students in 2023-24).

IIMB PGP vs IIMB EPGP Sector-Wise Placement:

  1. IIMB PGP:

  • Consulting: Dominates with up to 43% in some years.

  • Finance/Banking/Investments: Up to 22%.

  • IT/Product Management: Around 9-20%.

  • e-Commerce: Ranges from 1% to 17%.

  • General Management: Consistently significant (up to 17% in 2021-23).


  • Consulting: Also a major sector but varies more, e.g., 47% in 2021-22, 36% in 2023-24.

  • IT: Significant, ranging from 20% to 31%.

  • Manufacturing: Around 3-11%.

  • e-Commerce: Consistently lower compared to PGP, around 1-7%.

Top Recruiters at IIM Bangalore:

  1. IIMB PGP:

  • Major consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain & Company, BCG, Accenture Strategy, and Kearney are consistently top recruiters.

  • Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are frequent recruiters.

  • Financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and American Express also feature prominently.


  • Accenture, Genpact, and Nucleus Software are among the top recruiters.

  • Significant presence of IT companies like Infosys Consulting, Persistent Systems, and Samsung.

  • Consulting firms such as Bain & Company and McKinsey also recruit from EPGP.

IIMB PGP vs EPGP Compensation:

  1. IIMB PGP:

  • Median Salary: Ranges from ₹23.00 lakhs (2017-19) to ₹33.00 lakhs (2021-23).

  • Average Salary: From ₹24.54 lakhs (2017-19) to ₹35.92 lakhs (2022-24).


  • Median Salary: Ranges from ₹25.00 lakhs (2018-19) to ₹33.00 lakhs (2023-24).

  • Average Salary: From ₹26.28 lakhs (2018-19) to ₹34.33 lakhs (2023-24).


  1. IIMB PGP Program:

  • Strong presence in management consulting, with consistent dominance over the years.

  • High involvement of tech and finance sectors.

  • Increasing average and median salaries over the years, reflecting strong industry demand and competitive offers.

  1. IIMB EPGP Program:

  • Consulting and IT are the major sectors.

  • Smaller class size compared to PGP, resulting in a more tailored placement approach.

  • Consistent improvement in average and median salaries, indicating strong placement performance and value for experienced professionals.

Both programs exhibit strong placement performance with IIMB PGP showing a broader sectoral diversity and a larger volume of offers, while EPGP, a one year MBA in India, with its smaller class size, focuses more on experienced professionals with a significant leaning towards consulting and IT sectors. The compensation packages for both programs have shown a positive trend over the years, highlighting IIM Bangalore's strong industry connections and the high employability of its graduates.

Pursuing an Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore

Mr. Jain emphasizes one important principle: the importance of early initiation in your preparation process. Starting early allows individuals to have enough time for comprehensive preparation work, whether preparing for the GMAT, developing strong essays, or honing interview techniques. For that reason, who are applying to the IIM Executive MBA should begin their preparations well in advance so that they can carefully plan them out, fill gaps, and perfect their applications.

Be Honest in Your IIMB EPGP Application:

Authenticity is one aspect that Mr. Jain points out while discussing application materials. Rather than fabricating stories or embellishing achievements, candidates are asked to present real experiences and aspirations. Admissions committees appreciate honesty and integrity from applicants; therefore, authentic narratives tend to resonate more powerfully with assessors. By providing a sincere account of their employment path, candidates can build rapport with those admitting. He also interviewed with IIMA PGPX and IIMC MBAEX.

Strategic Preparations for the GMAT for IIMB EPGP:

On succeeding in the GMAT exam, Mr. Jain takes students through his own journey during preparations for exams. He starts by suggesting a structured approach whereby one undertakes a diagnostic analysis to identify strengths as well as weaknesses. Using official guides in conjunction with practice tests will help people come up with personalized study plans for specific areas where they need improvement. According to Mr. Jain, it is important to master fundamentals while maintaining consistency before focusing solely on hard questions.

School Selection From the One Year MBA in India

Mr. Jain suggests that during the school selection process, candidates should adopt a strategic approach that is in line with their post-MBA goals. Other considerations include program offerings, geographical preferences, and admission statistics, which would help candidates narrow down the right institutions. It is critical to conduct extensive research on the schools of interest in order to determine their GMAT scores and eligibility.

Effective Application for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore - IIMB EPGP:

Persuasive applications depend mostly on effective storytelling, which captures the attention of the admissions committee. According to Jain, writing an essay has a definite structure with coherence and relevance as key elements. Candidates can make a strong case for themselves by connecting their personal stories to their career path and goals. Furthermore, Mr. Jain says that one should show genuine passion by being persuasive, since panels are looking for individuals who have knowledge about their own objectives.


Acing the IIM Bangalore Interview Process:

Prior to any interview session, Parth tells students that they must be ready for all kinds of questions and even “what ifs”. He advises, based on his experience in interviews, that answering questions about why one should join an MBA course requires proper rationale aligned to personal stories. A well-prepared interviewee will therefore not only talk about current issues but also demonstrate curiosity relating to subjects under discussion, amongst others. Mr. Jain clarifies doubts about how long interviews may take, pointing out that short, direct answers could leave lasting impressions on evaluators.


To secure admission into the IIMB EPGP, an applicant must implement a strategy that combines planning, hard work, and originality. This will ensure a higher chance of securing admission. Those aspiring to join this institution are given insight by Mr. Parth Jain on how they can go about these procedures with confidence and grace. To stand out as strong candidates for consideration by the admissions board, potential students must start early, engage in frank self-evaluation, and pay attention to all crucial details that will support their candidacy through their application packets.

Partner with GOALisB to craft a standout IIMB EPGP application. Schedule your free consultation now!


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