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Transforming IIM Executive MBA Aspirations

Meet Shubhankar, an accomplished IT Professional with over 5 years of diverse experience in business analytics, project management, and business intelligence. Currently employed as a Senior Business Analyst at Quantiphi, they've been in a client-facing role since March 2019, handling End-to-End Project Delivery, Account Management, and Business Growth for a Fortune 500 Pharma client. With a GMAT score of 710 (Q49, V38) achieved in August 2020, his credentials were already impressive. Impressive, right?

In the competitive landscape of higher education, pursuing an MBA, especially in a one-year format, can be a game-changer for professionals seeking career advancement. To shed light on this journey, we sat down with Shubhankar, a seasoned IIM Executive MBA applicant with extensive experience and successful admissions to top institutions like IIM Ahmedabad and Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta. Join us as we delve into his insights and experiences navigating the one-year MBA landscape in India.

Exploring the Benefits of a One Year MBA in India:

GOALisB ISB Admission Consultant: Let's start with the basics. What motivated you to pursue a one-year MBA in India?

Shubhankar: The decision to pursue a one-year MBA stemmed from my desire to enhance my career trajectory without committing to a lengthy program. The accelerated nature of a one-year MBA allows professionals like myself to acquire essential skills and knowledge while minimizing time away from the workforce.

GOALisB ISB Admission Consultant: And why did you specifically choose the one year MBA over traditional two year MBA programs?

Shubhankar: For me, the one year MBA in India format offered a compelling proposition. It condenses the MBA experience into a shorter duration, allowing for a quicker return on investment. Additionally, it attracts seasoned professionals who value efficiency and are eager to apply their learnings immediately in the workplace.

Insights into IIM Executive MBA Programs:

MBA Admission Consultant: You've been interviewed by all ISB, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta. Can you share your thoughts on these prestigious institutions and their Executive MBA programs?

Shubhankar: Certainly. Both IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta are renowned for their Executive MBA offerings, catering to experienced professionals seeking to elevate their leadership skills. IIM Ahmedabad's Executive MBA program is known for its rigorous curriculum and emphasis on experiential learning, while IIM Calcutta's program stands out for its focus on holistic development and global perspectives.

MBA Admission Consultant: What factors influenced your decision to choose between these two institutions?

Shubhankar: Ultimately, it came down to fit and personal preferences. IIM Ahmedabad's reputation for academic excellence and its strong alumni network appealed to me, while IIM Calcutta's emphasis on diversity and its unique interview process resonated with my career aspirations. In the end, I chose IIM Calcutta for its alignment with my professional goals and cultural fit.

Navigating the Interview Process at IIM Calcutta MBAEX:

MBA Admission Consultant: Your experience with the interview process at IIM Calcutta sounds intriguing. Can you walk us through it?

Shubhankar: Certainly. The interview at IIM Calcutta was unlike any other I've experienced. It was highly interactive and focused more on assessing my personal attributes rather than dissecting my application. The panel delved into current affairs, challenging me to think on my feet and articulate my views confidently. It was a stimulating experience that highlighted the importance of staying informed and adaptable.

Tips for Aspiring MBA Applicants: MBA Admission Consultant: Based on your journey, what advice would you give to aspiring MBA applicants?

Shubhankar: I would emphasize the importance of introspection and personal branding. Take the time to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations. Build a compelling narrative that showcases your unique value proposition to admissions committees. Additionally, don't underestimate the power of networking and seeking mentorship from professionals who have gone through similar experiences. Lastly, remain open-minded and adaptable throughout the application process, as opportunities may arise unexpectedly.

Embarking on the one-year MBA journey in India is a transformative experience that requires careful consideration and preparation. As Shubhankar has demonstrated, navigating the admissions process at esteemed institutions like IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta requires a blend of academic prowess, personal insight, and adaptability. By following his insights and tips, aspiring MBA applicants can embark on their own journey with confidence and clarity.

However, beneath the surface, our client faced a series of challenges that needed addressing:


  • Professional Experience: A strong background in IT, business analytics, and project management.

  • Client-Facing Role: Experience in handling Fortune 500 clients, End-to-End Project Delivery, and Account Management.


  • Lack of Clarity: Uncertainty regarding post-MBA goals and the reasons behind pursuing an MBA.

  • Generic Essays: Essays lacked depth and a personal touch.

  • Career Transition: Attempting to make a transition from engineering and IT to a different field.

  • Interview Prep: Felt unprepared for MBA interviews.

Their journey with Goalisb began with a clear focus on India's top B-schools, particularly IIM ABC and ISB. Seeking expert guidance, they connected with our seasoned MBA admission consultant, Shruti P, who provided unwavering support at every step of the application process.

The personalized attention and daily interactions with our ISB admission consultant were instrumental in crafting a compelling and unique MBA application. The process helped our client gain profound insights into their aspirations and motivations.

The turning point came when our client decided to shift their focus to CEO office roles in startups, aligning their short-term ambition with their true passion. This pivotal shift in goals provided clarity and direction for their MBA journey.

What sets GOALisB apart, according to our client, is the emphasis on understanding the "why MBA" aspect thoroughly before diving into the application process. Shruti's expertise and guidance helped them create an application that resonated with their motivations and aspirations.

Shubhankar's journey with GOALisB led to transformative insights, well-crafted applications, and successful MBA interviews. He is now better equipped to pursue their dream of a career transition with confidence.

If you're ready to embark on your MBA journey with clarity and conviction, connect with Goalisb today!


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