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The Ultimate Guide to CAT Exam 2023: Tips and Strategies

Welcome to the ultimate guide that will unravel the mysteries of the CAT (Common Admission Test), a pivotal exam that opens the doors to CAT exam IIM and all other esteemed MBA programs across India. The significance of the CAT exam cannot be overstated; it is a key that unlocks the gates to renowned institutions like IIMs and other leading business schools. This comprehensive guide will delve into every facet of the CAT exam, equipping you with insights, strategies, and resources to conquer this formidable challenge and pave your way to a rewarding MBA journey.

What is the CAT Exam?

The CAT exam is a multidimensional assessment designed to gauge your aptitude for pursuing an MBA. The examination has three sections such as logical reasoning and data interpretation, verbal ability and comprehension reading, and your quantitative ability to evaluate your skills that is essential for the course. Each section plays a unique role in unravelling your analytical thinking, language proficiency, and quantitative prowess. The scores you achieve in these sections are not mere numbers; they carry the power to shape your academic destiny, determining your eligibility for prestigious institutions and competitive programs.

CAT Exam 2023 IIM Dates and Registration:

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to the CAT exam. We present you with a comprehensive list of upcoming CAT exam dates, allowing you to chart your course well in advance. However, these dates are just the beginning – successful registration is the crucial next step. Our bunch of information will help you understand the process easily. Remember, your timely registration secures your spot in this intense evaluation, allowing you to showcase your potential on the grand stage.

  • Registration starts on 02 August 2023 from 10:00 am and closes on 13 September 2023 at 5:00 pm.

  • You can download your Admit Card from 25 October 2023 to 26 November 2023.

  • The Test Date is 26 November 2023.

  • Results will be out in the Second Week on January 2024.

CAT 2023, an emblem of India's most rigorous MBA entrance exams, carries a profound significance for those vying for a seat in prestigious B-schools, including the esteemed IIMs. In this guide, we delve deep into the facets of CAT 2023, highlighting the need for meticulous preparation and staying attuned to timely notifications to seize this golden opportunity.

Final and pre final year students can also write the GMAT or the GRE Exam and submit these scores for admissions to programs like the ISB Young Leaders Program.

For those who are additionally writing the GMAT test or the GRE Test need to write MBA essays in addition to the test scores and can also apply Internationally for the Top Deferred MBA Programs.

CAT 2023: Overview

CAT 2023 centers around the quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, verbal ability, and logical reasoning. This holistic evaluation stands as a gateway to top MBA programs across India. The participating institutes paint a vivid canvas of opportunities, underlining CAT's vital role in shaping the destiny of MBA aspirants.

CAT 2023: Notification, Registration

The registration for IIM CAT has started on 2nd August and will close on 13th September 2023 at 5 pm.

  • You need to create your login credentials

  • Fill up all your academic details in the form of 2023

  • Pay the fees

The journey commences with staying vigilant about CAT 2023's crucial dates. Every date is a stepping stone from the initiation of registration to the much-anticipated result declaration. The importance of staying updated with CAT 2023 notifications cannot be overstated, as it ensures candidates are well informed and prepared for each process stage.

CAT 2023: Eligibility Criteria

The general students must score 50% and SC/ST/OBC students must score at least 45% in their graduation to apply for IIM CAT. The graduation either has to be pursued from a UGC acclaimed university or there should be an equivalent qualification under the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The candidates must have any one these :

Completed Bachelor’s degree with the required percentage of marks*.

b) Completed professional degree (CA/CS/ICWA/Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India

(FIAI)) with required percentage*.

c) Should be in the final year of Bachelor’s degree with required percentage*.

*SC/ST/PwD candidates should have a minimum 45%. For General, EWS and NC-OBC

candidates, the minimum is 50%.

Before setting sail, understanding the eligibility criteria is paramount. Delving into academic prerequisites, age thresholds, and specific category requirements, candidates must ensure their eligibility.

CAT 2023 Registration, Application:

Embarking on the CAT 2023 journey necessitates meticulous registration. The registration for IIM CAT has started on 2nd August and will close on 13th September 2023 at 5 pm.

  • You need to create your login credentials

  • Fill up all your academic details in the form of 2023

  • Pay the fees

Initiating the process by creating a dedicated account on the official website opens the gateway to the application form. From personal particulars to academic history, document uploads to fee payments, candidates are hand-held through each phase, ensuring a seamless registration process.

IIM Executive MBA however does not accept the CAT scores for the admission process.

CAT Application Form 2023

The distribution of the application form will be available till 13th September 2023 5 pm.

Filling out the CAT 2023 application form is akin to crafting a masterpiece. Selecting preferred exam cities and date slots necessitates careful consideration. Meticulously following instructions to avoid common errors is crucial to ensure the accuracy of information entered.

CAT 2023 Exam Fees

The general category students have to pay Rs 2,400 and the reserved candidates will pay Rs 1200.

Comprehending the intricacies of CAT 2023's application fee structure for various categories is pivotal. Navigating diverse payment methods and successfully executing payment transactions are integral to validating the application.

CAT Exam Admit Card 2023

The window to download admit card for CAT examination IIM opens on 25th October 2023 and closing on 26th November 2023. 26th November is the date of the CAT examination. Candidates can download their admit cards from IIMCAT website by using their usernames.

As the day approaches, securing the CAT 2023 admit card becomes paramount. Navigating the download process ensures a seamless entry to the examination hall. Adhering to guidelines for its safekeeping is vital for a stress-free experience on exam day.

There are separate instructions for How to apply to IIM Executive MBA .

CAT 2023: Points to know while attempting exam

Conquering CAT 2023 demands adherence to essential guidelines. Punctuality, carrying permissible items, and maintaining composure amid pressure are the crux of the exam. Effective time management and unwavering focus are the cornerstones of success.

  • Follow what your invigilator says

  • Start with the questions you know

  • Remember the time management of each section

  • Meticulously go for TITA questions

  • On-screen calculator might help

  • Stay focused

  • Leave the tricky questions for later

  • Quality matters over quantity

  • Check the answers twice/thrice

  • No need to panic

CAT 2023 Result:

That CAT result of this year will be announced in the second week of January 2024. The official CAT website adds that it can also be out by the this week of December 2023. The applicants can download the CAT scorecard from the IIMCAT website by logging in with their usernames. Each candidate’s name, photo, registration number, overall and sectional percentile, overall and sectional score will be mentioned in the scorecard.

With bated breath, candidates await the CAT 2023 result declaration. A comprehensive explanation of result-checking procedures aids candidates in seamlessly accessing their outcomes. Grasping the significance of CAT scorecards in the MBA admission process is pivotal for aspirants to make informed decisions.

The GMAT Exam on the other hand has a similar subject matter but different in terms of the test taking strategies. This exam however qualifies the applicants to apply to Masters in Management programs, Masters in Business Analytics, Masters in Finance and ISB YLP program. Get in touch with our MBA admission consultants for MBA essay and MBA interview preparation assistance.

CAT 2023 Strategy - How & Where To Prepare From

If you want to get through any of the IIMs in India, CAT score is very important. The basic strategy needs analyrical abilities, general aptitude, and problem-solving skills. If you can improve these three factors in you, the chances are wider for you. You also need to be patience in case of any competitive examinations.

The CAT exam is categorised into three sections. Each section has 40 minutes so the the total examination duration is 2 hours. The sections are

  • Verbal Ability and Comprehension Reading

  • Logical Reasoning and Interpretation of Data

  • Quantitative ability

The Verbal Ability and Comprehension reading has 24 questions, the logical reasoning and data interpretation has 20 questions, and the quantitative ability has 22 questions in each of the section. The total marks is 198 and the marking scheme is +3 for every right answer and -1 for every wrong answer.

Nurturing success in CAT 2023 requires more than knowledge; it demands strategic preparation. Valuable insights, recommended study materials, and mock tests are the tools of the trade. Exploring coaching classes and online test series can provide the competitive edge needed to excel.

In essence, CAT 2023 is an examination and a transformative journey towards excellence in management education. Prospective MBA candidates are urged to prepare early and follow this comprehensive guide meticulously. By diligently embracing the challenges of CAT 2023, candidates can unlock doors to a promising future, adorning business and management with their prowess.

CAT Preparation Tips: CAT exam IIM:

Preparing for the CAT exam requires a well-structured study plan that aligns with your test date. Your study plan is more than a schedule; it's your roadmap to success. Crafted with precision, it aids you in navigating through the extensive syllabus and myriad study materials. A critical aspect of CAT preparation is managing time effectively and strategically prioritizing topics. Your dedication to your study plan shapes the foundation of your triumph.

CAT Test Content and Sample Questions:

Let's dive deep into the content of the CAT exam. The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section assesses your command over language and comprehension skills. The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section challenges your ability to analyse information and draw logical conclusions. Lastly, the Quantitative Ability section tests your proficiency in solving numerical problems. To aid your preparation, we provide sample questions and detailed explanations. Practice is your ally in mastering these sections.

CAT exam IIM Official Website and Additional Resources:

The official IIM CAT website serves as a treasure trove of essential information. From exam details to registration guidelines, it's your one-stop shop for CAT. Amplify your preparation with recommended study materials harmonising with the exam's essence. The official resources act as mentors, guiding you through the labyrinth of CAT preparation with accuracy and precision.

Scope After CAT Exam for Experienced Professionals:

Apart from freshers, experienced professionals can also apply using the CAT scores to the following one year MBA in India:

CAT vs. Other MBA Entrance Exams:

In MBA entrance exams, the CAT exam shines as a unique entity. Distinct in its content and format, it offers a blend of challenges that set it apart. As you stand at the crossroads of exam choices, reflect on your strengths and aspirations, aligning them with the program that resonates with your goals.

Tips for CAT Test Day:

The day of the CAT exam arrives with a surge of emotions. Nervousness and excitement intermingle, but fear not – our practical tips are here to guide you. Managing test anxiety and maintaining unwavering focus are skills that can be honed through practice. Your test day experience can be a triumphant one with the right mindset and strategies.

CAT Score Improvement Strategies:

A strategic approach is paramount for those aiming to enhance their CAT scores. Our guide offers strategies beyond the surface, encouraging you to analyse your past test performances. Identifying areas of improvement is the first step towards progress, and we equip you with the tools to take that step confidently.

  • You need to strategies your study plan

  • Go through the exam pattern over and over again

  • You must know the fundamentals to focus on it

  • Solve Questions within the allotted times and practice regularly

  • Analyzing every mock tests help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Seek Guidance

  • Stay Relaxed

CAT Mock Tests and Practice Papers:

Mock tests and practice papers are not mere rehearsal tools but your simulation ground for the actual battle. These resources bring theory to life and offer invaluable insights into your preparation. We direct you to reputable sources offering an array of mock tests and practice papers, providing ample opportunities to refine your skills.

CAT Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities:

Diversity and inclusivity are pillars of the CAT exam. We delve into the process of requesting accommodations for test-takers with disabilities, shedding light on the available options that level the playing field. The CAT exam ensures that every aspirant's potential is measured without bias or hindrance.


What is CAT exam for IIM?

CAT, a common admission test, is a compulsory entrance exam for MBA admission in India. This rule applies to all the 20 IIMs, IIT Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay and all other top business schools in India.

What is a good CAT score for IIM?

Students should start preparing for MBA in IIM, aiming to score between 198-180 (above 90 percentile). This range is considered good in 2023.

Is CAT exam tough?

The Common Admission Test, or CAT, is a moderately difficult examination. However, it solely depends on the candidates and their preparation for the exam. They should keep in mind that this is a national-level test and the number of applicants is huge, so it is a tough competition Following the exam strategies and learning the subjects will help you to move a step forward.

Which IIM has the highest package?

According to the placement reports in 2023, IIM Indore recorded the highest salary package of Rs 1.14 crore annually. It was a 65 lakhs salary hike.

Can I join IIM without CAT?

There are some IIM branches like IIM Rohtak, IIM Jammu, and IIM Bodh Gaya where you can avail of programs that do not need a CAT result. Instead, they have to sit for a JIPMAT, IPMAT test conducted by National Testing Agency. After qualifying for the exam you can join the BBA-MBA combined program in IIMs named above.

When should I apply for CAT 2023?

The registration for CAT 2023 starts on 2nd August 2023 and ends on September 13 2023. It is available in the IIMCAT website.

In which month CAT will be held?

As per the official website, the CAT test date is 26th November 2023 (Last sunday of November).

Can I crack CAT in 6 months?

If you can master the trick of time management then you can crack CAT in 6 months. Remember that in CAT examination, quality matters over quantity. If you can put 6-7 hours with full concentration on your CAT preparation it becomes easier to crack.

As we conclude this comprehensive guide to the CAT exam, remember that this journey is not merely about acing an evaluation – it's about carving a path towards your MBA aspirations. The CAT exam is not a hurdle; it's a stepping stone. Armed with knowledge, strategies, and resources, you're ready to embark on this journey confidently. Start your preparation early, utilise the provided resources effectively, and set your sights on success in MBA education. Your future begins now.

For assistance with MBA essays and MBA interview preparation and mock interviews Contact us. You can also whatsapp at: +91 7719497187 or email at


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