How to apply to ISB YLP?

ISB YLP Application process takes place in three stages. Let's see a step by step guide on how to apply to ISB YLP.

What is the admission procedure to apply to ISB YLP?

The Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is a foundation programme for final year and pre final year students to secure a seat at the Indian School of Business's Full-Time MBA programme. The YLP has been designed to provide a high quality, intensive, and immersive experience in leadership development. ISB YLP admits get a deferred entry to join the ISB PGP program when they complete 20 months of work experience.

The ISB YLP application process is divided into three stages:

  1. ISB YLP Stage 1 - Applicants submit one essay, online application form and ISB YLP application fee.

  2. ISB YLP Stage 2 - Shortlisted applicants need to submit GMAT/GRE scores, one more essay and one recommendation letter with the online application form.

  3. ISB YLP Stage 3 - Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview with the ISB alumni.

How can I get selected in ISB YLP ?

To get selected in ISB YLP following are the steps required to be fulfilled by the applicants.

Application form details for ISB YLP 2022 stage 1 application:

  1. Submit your academic details i.e. 10th 12th and graduation scores,

  2. Awards and achievements,

  3. Extracurriculars.

  4. One essay.

  5. Finally at the time of submitting the stage 1 application remit the application fee.

  6. The ISB YLP 2022 stage 1 application submission deadline : March 27 2022.

ISB YLP 2022 Stage 2 Application requirements:

  1. Only the applicants who have been shortlisted post stage 1 application submission can apply to the ISB YLP 2022 stage 2 application.

  2. There is no separate application portal for ISB YLP stage 2 application.

  3. Once the shortlists for stage 1 are announced the stage two application will appear on the same ISB YLP login.

  4. The deadline for ISB YLP stage 2 application is August 31, 2022.

  5. From the results declaration on 10 May 2022 till 31 August 2022 applicants have four months to submit the ISB YLP 2022 stage two application.

  6. ISB YLP stage 2 applicants will have to submit a GMAT or GRE score.

  7. The GMAT code for score submission for ISB YLP is : N2D-J5-99

  8. The GRE code for score submission ISB YLP is: 7891

  9. The TOEFL code for score submission is: 9047

  10. One more ISB essay needs to be submitted.

  11. This application also requires one letter of reference.

  12. For ISB YLP Stage 2 Application the required documents to be uploaded are mark sheets for 10th and 12th and transcripts for undergraduate education,

  13. Resume is an optional upload,

  14. Passport is a mandatory upload

  15. GMAT or GRE score report must be uploaded

Is GRE accepted for the ISB YLP application process?

Yes, GRE is accepted as a valid test score for applying to the ISB YLP. A good GRE score is something close to or higher than the school average i.s. 326/ 328. This have compiled more information on the ISB YLP.

Who can be the recommender for the ISB YLP application?

Applicants can choose to take the ISB YLP evaluation from a college professor or Dean, or from their reporting manager from their internship.

ISB YLP 2022 Stage 3:

  1. Another shortlisting process follows and ISB releases interview calls which is the stage three of the ISB YLP process.

  2. The information about the ISB interview is available on the same ISB YLP login as for stage 1 and stage 2.

  3. The ISB interview is conducted by the ISB alumni.

  4. After the ISB YLP interview the results will start to roll out.

How do I write the ISB YLP essay?

ISB YLP 2022 Essay Topic For Stage 1:

What is the ideal career which you always wanted to pursue? Do you still want to pursue the same or has it changed? How do you plan to make your ideal career a reality? (300 words max)

Approach this ISB essay topic pragmatically. For example consider the paragraph below:

I love the idea of being able to design and build things that make people's lives better. I would love to be able to work on cars, or build homes, or even just design and create furniture for people. I have always loved tinkering with things, from taking apart old electronics to building structures out of Legos. When I was younger, my parents had me take some classes in woodworking and metalworking at the local community college. I loved it so much that I even took a course in welding after high school before deciding what major to pursue at university. I would love the opportunity to be able to use my skills as an engineer.

Now the paragraph above does show your passion and engagement with your career choice.

After taking a woodworking course in high school, I developed an appreciation for the way wood could be shaped and used. I would love the opportunity to work in product design or architecture.

This is an engaging start and gives you an opportunity to build further and discuss the remaining part of the question for the ISB Essay.

The MBA essay is an important aspect of your ISB YLP application. It's the opportunity to share your story with the admissions committee and it's important that you tell it in a way that is compelling and relevant to the program you're applying for. You also have an opportunity to avail a review only or a a review and edit opportunity from an ISB Alumnus and a professional expert at GOALMBAESSAY.

The content of your MBA application essay should have some essential elements:

  1. Your personal story: what drives you, what motivates you, and why you want an MBA

  2. Why this specific program/ career: why do you want this degree from this school? What will it mean for your career? What will it mean for your life?

  3. How will your experiences at this school help you advance your career?

  4. What skills, talents, or attributes do you have that the program is looking for?

  5. What keeps driving you, motivating you, and why the MBA is important for your life?

Need more help with your ISB YLP 2022 application or ISB Essay? Get in touch with our ISB admission consultant or write to us at or call us at +91 7719497187.

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