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How I made it to my dream MBA program?

Updated: Oct 2

Ashwin has a Bachelors in technology with a background in Media and entertainment industry. He has been working in business operations for a media company for the past five years and has been successful in growing the company's presence and increasing revenue. However, he is interested in pursuing a career in marketing management and believes that an MBA program would provide him with the skills and knowledge he needs to achieve his goals. Ashwin wrote the GMAT but scored a 680 which he was wary of as being a competitive score for a male GEM applicant.

Ashwin is unsure of which MBA program to apply to, so he hires an MBA admission consultant from GOALisB to help him with the process. The consultant reviews his background and experience and suggests that he apply to several top MBA programs, including the IIM Executive MBA programs and the ISB PGP.

Ashwin was unsure of his chances of being accepted to these highly competitive programs, but the consultant assures him that he is a strong candidate with a strong background in marketing and a proven track record of success. The consultant helps Ashwin craft a compelling personal statement that highlights his skills and experiences, and provides guidance on choosing recommenders who can provide strong letters of reference.

After applying to several programs, Ashwin interviewed at the IIM Calcutta MBAEX, IIM Bangalore one year EPGP program, Indian School of Business (ISB PGP), Schulich MBA, DeGroote MBA, IIM Indore EPGP, IIM Kozhikode PGP-BL was accepted to both the IIM Calcutta MBAEX and the IIM Kozikode and IIM Indore one year MBA in India. He was thrilled with the news and decides to attend the Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta MBAeX, where he will have the opportunity to study under some of the top marketing professors in the world and gain valuable hands-on experience through internships and consulting projects.

Ashwin was thrilled with his decision to pursue an MBA and is grateful for the support and guidance provided by his admission consultant throughout the application process. He is now well on his way to achieving his career goals in marketing management.


Mr. Simrandeep had been working in the business world for a few years, but felt stuck in his current position and was unsure about how to take the next step in their career. After some initial hesitation, he decides to work with the MBA admissions consultant from GOALisB to help him navigate the application process and create a compelling case for admission to his target school i.e. Schulich MBA, York University.

Throughout the process, the consultant helped Mr. Simrandeep identify his unique strengths and experiences, and developed a personalized strategy for his application. The consultant also provides guidance on essay writing, resume building, and interviewing, helping the client to present themselves in the best possible light.

Finally, Mr. Simrandeep was able to submit a strong application that stands out among the competition. As a result, he was accepted to their top choice business school and begins the Schulich MBA program with confidence and excitement.


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