What program at ISB should I apply for?


ISB YLP Program is the deferred entry option for potential leaders who have proven their acumen. With a limited number of seats the ISB YLP is a competitive program that opens the doors to a global business career.

0-2 years experience

ISB EEO helps you bridge the gap as a deferred entry program to set a career path to business leadership. Again with a limited number of seats in the ISB MBA pool, this program is highly competitive. We encourage applicants to start early.

2 - 20 years experience

ISB MBA is a world ranked program achieving new heights every year. A cutting edge program with a huge applicant pool the ISB MBA has an application process designed to select nothing but the best.

5 years+ work experience

Get the ISB MBA with the flexibility of your schedule. The executive MBA from ISB, ISB PGPpro is designed to catapult mid level professionals to senior management roles. The selection process currently doesn't require a GMAT score submission.

15 years+ work experience

The ISB MBA format designed for business leaders, the ISB PGPMAX is the program if you seek a leadership role in the top echelons of the industry. ISB PGPMAX caters to senior level professionals already leading business decision making.

Family Business Experience

Focussed on bringing up your family business to global heights, ISB MFAB is the ISB MBA for family business professionals. The ISB MFAB helps you with the tools to execute your vision to grow your family business.

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