ISB (Indian School of Business) is a world ranked institution offering a range of MBA programs for young to senior professionals. ISB MBA graduates achieve a close to 184% hike in the 3 year salary post MBA. ​According to the FT rankings 2021 ISB MBA ranks third in the world in salary growth.

Who doesn't picture themselves amongst a cohort like this!

And the school provides a wide range of options for professionals with different backgrounds and goals to gain the coveted management education at ISB.

The information here should help you decide which out of the whole range of programs which is suited to your profile.

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ISB MBA eligibility

ISB MBA has three entry points

ISB YLP 2023

ISB YLP 2023 Stage 1: 15 October 2022

Final year students & Pre Final year students can apply.

ISB YLP admits can join the ISB MBA after 20 months of work experience. 

ISB EEO 2023


ISB EEO 2023 Stage 1: 4 September 2022

Less than 24 months work experience can apply.

Start their ISB MBA after completing 24 months of work experience.

ISB PGP 2023


ISB PGP Round 2 Deadline: 4 December 2022

2 - 20 years work experience can apply.

ISB MBA is a world ranked program achieving new heights every year.

ISB Executive MBA

ISB PGPpro 2023

ISB PGPpro Application Deadline - 25 September 2022

ISB PGPpro is designed to catapult mid level professionals to senior management roles.


Doesn't require the submission of a GMAT score or a GRE score.

ISB PGPpro is an ISB Executive MBA with classes on the weekend on four locations across India - NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.


ISB PGPMAX Early Application Deadline: 18 September 2022

ISB Executive MBA for senior level executives with 10+ years of experience.


ISB PGPMAX is the ideal program if you seek a leadership role in the top echelons of the industry. 

Family Business MBA


Application deadline for ISB MFAB 2023: 13 November 2022

ISB MFAB is the ISB MBA for family business professionals.


The ISB MFAB helps you with the tools to execute your vision to grow your family business.


Though the ISB MFAB application does not require the submission of the GMAT or the GRE score the applicants have to write the ISB BAT test for applying to the ISB MFAB programme. 

ISB Advanced Management Programmes




ISB Admissions Consulting

Our ISB admission consultants have a proven process and a successful track record of assisting diverse profiles of professionals towards an ISB admit. 

  • Profile Evaluation

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  • Brainstorming Stories

  • Application Strategy

  • Essay drafts review and editing

  • Application review

  • Interview Preparation

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Does ISB provide MBA?

ISB provides a one year MBA equivalent program. This is a certificate program as independent institutions can not award a degree in India yet. According to industry acceptance the ISB MBA is considered a coveted program in India. The ISB MBAis  also accepted and ranked worldwide in the FT , the QS and other bodies. The ISB MBA is triple accredited by AASCB, EQUIS and AMBA.

How good is the ISB MBA?

The world rankings, the placement records and the industry recognition that ISB MBA graduates have achieved speaks volumes about how good it is. The decision is however always relative. 

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Does ISB have one year MBA?

Yes, the ISB MBA is a one year MBA program. The ISB MBA is conducted in 8 terms over 12 months. 

Why is ISB fees high?

ISB MBA offers a world ranked program with excellent infrastructure, International faculty and tie ups with leading institutions across the world like  Tufts University, MIT Sloan School of Business and London School of Business. 

Is ISB prestigious?

The leadership profile at ISB definitely makes it prestigious. Distinguished professionals from the education industry have chaired as Deans at the institution. Further,

  1. ISB Hyderabad has set the benchmark for institutions like the Ashoka University, Plaksha University and  KREA University to transform the education space in India. 

  2. ISB was the first Indian institution that was ranked globally, 

  3. ISB Hyderabad was the first to be accredited by the  AACSB,

  4. ISB Hyderabad was also the first institution in India to host a US President, and

  5. ISB Hyderabad is the first education institution ranked among leading research institutions globally. ISB has surely been a leader in education.

Is CAT score valid for ISB?

ISB admission process does not accept the CAT score. Only the GMAT score or the GRE scores can be submitted for the ISB admission process.

Is ISB and IBS same?

ISB refers to Indian School of Business with its campus located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad and Mohali. While IBS refers to ICFAI Business School which has campuses across India. These are not the same.

Is ISB better or IIM?

ISB and IIM are leading institutions of world repute. To argue whether ISB is better than IIM would be like comparing equals. However, there might be a very specific discussion with respect to individual profiles applying to the schools with respect to their backgrounds and goals to compare if they are suited to one cohort or the other. 

Is ISB Hyderabad better than IIM is a question that is quite frequently asked and the answer is that both the institutes are stalwarts in delivering World class MBA education in India. Beyond that what you make of the education is upto you. In terms of the course curriculum both the IIM and ISB deliver an internationally enriched curriculum, alumni network, and provide the MBA graduates a sea of opportunities. We have discussed ISB vs IIM in more detail.