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The road to One Year MBA in India admit

Embarking on the MBA Journey: A Success Story

In the world of petroleum engineering, I found my passion and purpose. As an Associate and Subject Matter Expert in Reservoir Engineering at JP Morgan Chase & Co., my career had been fulfilling, to say the least. However, life has a way of presenting new challenges, and mine came in the form of a compelling dream—an MBA.

With a demanding full-time job and less than a month before the application deadlines, I was faced with an uphill battle. The task of shortlisting colleges and crafting a compelling application story felt overwhelming, to say the least. It was during this time of uncertainty that GOALisB ISB admission consultants emerged as my guide.

My quest for guidance led me to Quora and Gmat club, where I sought answers to my pressing questions. It soon became evident that tackling all my applications alone would take well over a month—an unaffordable luxury given the impending deadlines. Moreover, discussions with senior professionals revealed the daunting nature of juggling application requirements and interview preparation alongside a demanding job.

Enter Shruti, my beacon of hope. From the moment I engaged in conversation with her, I sensed her positivity and honesty. Her calm and thoughtful approach to addressing my queries instilled confidence in me. She wasn't just a teacher; she became my trusted guide on this transformative journey with their MBA Admission counselling.

As I set my sights on Indian B-schools, I quickly realized that academic excellence was only part of the equation. Diverse experiences and the ability to thrive in challenging situations were equally vital. The admissions process, especially interviews, emphasized a candidate's communication skills, covering everything from guesstimates to current affairs to extempores. B-schools sought well-rounded individuals.

Shruti's mentorship proved invaluable. She encouraged me to reflect on my journey and craft my unique story. With her guidance, I delved deep into my strengths and presented them in the most compelling way. Additionally, Shruti prepared me meticulously for interviews, identifying my weaknesses and helping me address them comprehensively.

Prior to working with GOALisB MBA admission consultants, I was anxious about writing my essays and SOPs. The application requirements felt exhaustive and overwhelming. However, Shruti's calming presence and structured approach helped me regain my composure. Together, we meticulously crafted my story, ensuring it reflected my genuine self.

As I embarked on the MBA application journey, GOALisB MBA Admission counselling left me feeling completely sorted. Her experience in working with diverse candidates and her in-depth understanding of the interview preparation process were evident. Her unwavering support and accessibility were truly remarkable.

Being a working professional, it's easy to become overwhelmed when juggling work and extensive applications. The application is the crucial first step toward securing a spot in a B-school, requiring honesty and careful consideration. Shruti's continuous review and guidance kept me on track. She challenged me to think critically about my story and prepared me thoroughly for interviews. I finally got admits from IIMA PGPX, ISB PGP, and IIMC MBAEX.

Would I recommend Goalisb and Shruti? Absolutely. Their extensive experience with diverse candidates and their deep knowledge of the application and interview processes make them invaluable partners on your MBA journey. Shruti's unwavering support, coupled with her thorough understanding of the admissions process, made my MBA application journey not only manageable but also incredibly enriching.

Are you prepared to start your MBA adventure with a clear sense of direction and self-assurance? Reach out to Goalisb now!


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