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Prepare for The ISB Interview

Updated: Mar 17

An ISB interview is different from a job interview. There is an increasing trend towards conducting behavioural interviews to know more about the applicants. Be very clear about why you want to pursue an ISB MBA and how will your life change after an ISB MBA. The behavioural interview is designed to establish patterns of behaviour for the interviewee through past actions he has taken.

Past action governs how we would behave in the future. To accurately predict these personality skills and abilities a behavioural interviewer suggests that one addresses the questions through incidents that he has faced in his professional capacity. A repetitive emergence of a pattern qualifies a certain skill possessed by the applicant.

There is another trend that the shortlisting schools hardly give a week's time to present for the interview, especially the ISB interview. This gives the applicant very less time for the so called "Interview Preparation" which becomes more of a farce process. The paucity of time adds to the stress element in interviews. So actually no applicant is these days subjected to a stress interview but the uncertain business environment is simulated through the real time announcement.

Next comes the actual ISB interview. What is an ISB interview like?

  1. Expect very less of "Walk me through your resume" in the ISB interview questions.

  2. ISB interview questions are designed to explore certain situations of teamwork, leadership, communication.

  3. Most of the ISB interview questions focus on challenges as well as successes for the applicant.

  4. What is important in addressing an ISB interview question is candidly expressing what was the situation and what steps that you took to address the situation.

  5. You will have a lot of opportunity to interact with the alumni interview panel, the interview even goes on till 45 minutes.

  6. The ISB interview will be largely conversational. There is no sequence of questions that you can predict for the ISB interview.

The ISB interview preparation is actually possible in 3-5 days only if you have prepared your application with the right homework. The ISB MBA applicant must spend some time daily to collate his work experience and other notable incidents and categorise successes and failures. For success in an ISB interview practice - practice - practice. Have enough mock interviews to practice how to put your stories across relevantly to the listener. The story should be connected - no digression - succinct to be able to grasp the interviewer's attention.

Listening skills are an equally important part of an ISB interview. In an obvious stress situation of an ISB interview can the applicant be focussed enough to listen to the questions asked and respond in the right perspective. Trust me it becomes a challenge to do so.

ISB Interview calls 2021

ISB interview dates are not fixed. Once the online application is submitted the applicants receive a confirmation of application completion followed by the application verification email. After this stage the ISB interview dates are scheduled by the admissions team according to the availability and the schedules of the alumni comprising the ISB interview panel.

ISB interview calls 2021 for the first time were entirely scheduled for online interviews, Zoom being the preferred mode of ISB interviews for the entire cycle.

What was very different in the ISB interview calls 2021 is the fact that the Zoom interviews are devoid of the regular body language or the vibes perception, putting the onus of showing the self through just the facial interaction of the interviewee.

ISB interview dates ranged from within 5 days till the actual interview date giving the interviewees an even shorter time span to get their act together for the final ISB interview.

The most appreciable were the ISB alumni who were making themselves available for the ISB interview calls 2021 and inspite of the Zoom fatigue that they would already have had from back at work. Such is the commitment that the alumni bear towards the school. Once you have the ISB interview dates it's time to start preparation with your friends, team mates and if you want to book an ISB interview preparation assistance contact us.

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