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FAQ MBA in Canada Top Universities

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

If I completed my MBA in UK so after that how can I move Canada I mean student visa or what? If you want to move to Canada on a student VISA you would have to opt for a higher education course like a PHD , a diploma from a Canadian University or an MBA in Canada. You can check the specific requirements for the courses offered and the associated PR related rules on the college / University websites.

Will part time MBA from Somaiya be considered for Canada PR ship? Yes, part time and full time MBA courses are considered for Canada PR ship. WES will check the completion of the course as an essential criteria.

Does any MBA University abroad like Canada accept application of a student completed his graduation from distance education in India? Some do, you need to check with the college or the University directly. Before you even begin the application process, the universities have an initial process where you can submit your resume and transcripts for preliminary evaluation. It is suggested by MBA admission consultants at Goalisb to submit your profile and doubts directly to them before you take things forward.

How much salary I get in Canada if I have MBA and LLB degree with 18 years experience? It quite well depends on the profile and the work that you are engaged in. As per industry standards the salaries for MBA graduates are good in Canada and if you are working consistently in an area of expertise you can expect a good hike over the years.

Data trends discussing job placements of international students after an MBA in Canada? The best source for these data trends for international students after an MBA in Canada are the college or the University websites. They publish employment and placement statistics or recent graduates which would give you a good insight into this data.

How can I start my career in countries like Canada and Singapore just after completing my MBA in marketing from India? One of the ways is to secure a job through the network or through the government published schemes. You can also pursue a diploma course to get well versed with the culture and the industry standards and build a network to secure a job. It will help you to build a credibility to your skill sets.

Can I settle in Australia or Canada or Europe countries after completion of my MBA programme or else I should return to my home country?

Whether you would settle after an MBA in Canada or return depends on your aspirations as an individual and how you perceive your future career growth. If you secure a long term advantage and see your goals being fulfilled with a career in Australia or Canada, you can file for the permanent residency and according to the VISA norms of the respective country you can plan the years ahead.

Which course can I do in Canada after MBA from London? You can consider courses like PHD, Diploma or specialised maters after an MBA from London. Canada offers a great career in the academia for such specialised individuals. You can also pursue a data science specialisation from Canada.

If you've done your Masters in Health Administration from Canada then in which other countries can you work or in which countries is your MBA degree valid?

The norms for this validity change year on year. It is best to consult the specific consulate at that particular point in time to check the validity. Due to the pandemic things are even more volatile so you must write to the specific consulate with detailed credentials to check the validity of the degree.

Many people or international students in Canada are sharing that they don t have job opportunities after MBA is it the current situation or what are requirements they are expecting from MBA degree holder?

It might be a bit of both the current situation and the requirements of the industry. Due to COVID every industry is undergoing a rapid change. Sometimes the skill requirements change abruptly. Most companies these days except for the academic credentials require skills like networking, communication, adaptability and resilience.

I have done my MBA in India and I want to do PG diploma in Canada will I get VISA?

Yes, if you have a clear admit from an accredited University for the diploma that you want to pursue the VISA should not be a major problem. However, the VISA availability is constrained due to the COVID pandemic.

If we have done Btech from India and we have done MBA from Canada can we get straight to the MBA job or do we have to work at a lower level first for some time?

It depends on your career goals. Most schools prefer individuals with prior work experience. If you have already graduated from an MBA course you should have received job opportunities which would be in line with your skill sets.

Btech in dairy technology M Tech in dairy engineering and MBA from FMCG can get job in Australia Canada? Yes, if you have transferable skills and experience for the relevant industries it should not be a problem to get a job in Canada. A basic requirement is that your education should be verifiable from accredited universities which would suffice the primary requirements of employers and the consulates.

MBA two years degree from Amity University Lucknow is recognised in Canada? It is best to submit the papers to WES for the purpose of PR or the relevant university for the purpose of and evaluation as per their criteria. The Universities in Canada have a facility to pre check your credentials as per the criteria specified.

MBA in sports management degree from UCAM Spain valid in USA and Canada? It is a valid degree worldwide, but to be very sure you should check with the WES with the transcripts and verify. Else there might be a requirement of an equivalence certificate.

Can I apply for Canada further studies after doing MBA from UPES? Yes, you can apply for Diploma, PHD or a specialised masters for the purpose of pursuing a higher education in Canada..

Is there any delay in classes of MBA at UCW,Canada due to lockdown? Yes, classes had been put on hold and resumed online till the pandemic subsides.

Can I get Telangana overseas scholarship for PG diploma courses in Canada as I have already finished my MBA in India?

Yes, you would have to submit the application as per the criteria of the scholarship and present a competitive profile to be awarded the scholarship.

MBA Agri scope in Canada?

Agritech and agri machinery sector is well established in Canada. These are some sectors where your MBA agri should add value.

I am trying for Canadian migration will my modular executive management programme certificate be counted for any migration points I have done MBA from one of the top institute in India?

It is best to get this checked by submitting your transcripts to WES services to check the equivalence and the continuing education units you can avail.

Value of MBA degree in Canada for express entry?

Yes, it is valuable for express entry in Canada.

BBA + MBA dual degree program in Canada?

Many universities offer dual degree programs in Canada. The IVEY University offers a leading program offering BBA - MBA equivalent degree in Canada.

MBA in Symbiosis Nagpur or PG in Canada which is better?

It depends on your career goals. If you plan to pursue a long term career in India it would be better to pursue higher education from here. However if your long term goal is to settle in Canada, a degree from Canada would be better.

An MBA with 15 year work experience in India should opt for what course in Canada to get maximum work permit?

A one year course would allow you a work permit of 2 years, a two year course would allow you a work permit of three years. You can apply for the relevant courses accordingly.

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