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The Online GMAT Test 2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

The applicants for the MBA admission cycle for 2020 have been slogging for months now. The GMAT score is a very important part of the MBA application. Due to the recent COVID pandemic GMAC had to suspend testing in locations across the world. The uncertainty still prevails, however, the GMAT exam has been restructured to address the current situation. An interim announcement from GMAC for an online GMAT test has offered a respite of sorts. The online GMAT has been announced with some tweaks to the original system.

Following are some changes that we have noted in the home based online GMAT exam:

1. The appointment dates for the home based GMAT are available from 20th Apr'20 to 15th June'20.

2. GMAC has revised the exam fee for the online exam at USD 200.

3. The new online GMAT test will not have an AWA section. However, the rest of the sections shall remain the same.

4. The order of the test taking sections is fixed for now. The online GMAT test will have Quant, Verbal, IR in the same sequence for all test takers.

5. In the new GMAT test, test takers can opt for only one optional 5 minute break and that too before IR section.

6. Every test taker is allowed 15 minutes before the exam to check the online proctored system in the online GMAT exam.

7. Previously the test takers could view the unofficial GMAT scores immediately after the test. However, in the new exam you will not receive the unofficial GMAT score promptly. The unofficial GMAT score would be sent after 7 days.

8. In the new GMAT test the test taker can cancel the test but he won't be able to see the score, if it's cancelled.

9. The new GMAT online test can be taken only once by one test taker.

10. Unlike the prevalent GMAT exam, the scratch pad/whiteboard will be virtual and on the screen. No actual/physical scratch paper would be allowed.

11. The cancellation fee for the online GMAT exam is USD 100

12. The online GMAT exam can be rescheduled by paying a fee of USD 25.

13. The online GMAT test is an online proctored examination.

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