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GMAT Sentence Correction - Gerunds & Participles

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

  • Verb acting as a noun = Gerund

  • Verb acting as an adjective = Participle

  • GMAT often uses gerunds to create incorrect answer options.

  • Present participle is often used to join clauses precisely. Usually the correct answer.

Sometimes the use is not incorrect but the sentence is incorrect just because it’s wordy.

In some cases, replace a gerund with its idiomatically correct noun form.

  • Conjunction + Gerund = Wrong

  • “That + Subject & Verb REPLACE WITH Of + Gerund’


  • Being that/ because of (her/his) being/ despite(her/his) being/ inspite of (his/her) being / for the purpose of going


  • Because/ As// Because as he/he was // Although she/he was // (in order) to go

When is Gerund OK?

  • Idiomatic use requires a gerund.

  • To preserve parallel structure.

  • To indicate method.

Present Participles Are Used in the following main ways:

  • Placed before a noun

  • To begin a participial phrase.

  • Remove passive construction.

  • Form a progressive tense

  • Only ING word can be used to set off a modifying clause.

  • Always check for what usage is idiomatically correct.

Idioms with ING

  • Accused of being /

  • Accustomed to being/

  • admired for being/

  • admit to being/ after being/

  • aimed at being/ deny being/

  • enjoy being/ goal of being/

  • capable of being/ avoid being/

  • imagine being/ postpone being/

  • insist on being/

  • in charge of being/

  • praised for being/

  • report being/

  • mind being/

  • stop being/

  • risk being/

  • used to being/

  • without being/

  • likelihood of being/

  • describe being/

  • consider being/

  • prevent from being

Idioms with TO

  • Agree to be/

  • allow to be/

  • appear to be/

  • claim to be/

  • choose to be/

  • attempt to be/

  • arrange to be/

  • strive to be/

  • fail to be/

  • encourage to be/

  • deserve to be/

  • make an effort to be/

  • deserve to be/

  • inclined to be/

  • inspire to be/

  • intend to be/

  • make an effort to be/

  • seek to be/

  • prepare to be/

  • refuse to be/

  • seem to be/

  • try to be/

  • threaten to be/

  • want to be/

  • wish to be/

  • reluctant to be/

  • neglect to be/

  • desire to be/

  • manage to be/

  • seem to be/

  • tend to be

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