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Saïd Business School ( Summary for Applicants)

Updated: Feb 21

Saïd Business School has a global programme designed for grooming successful business leaders who are passionate about world-scale issues. This article is one of a series which we have compiled to summarize the school for future applicants. The reference information source is the school website.

The school programme blends innovative curriculum and ground-breaking research that equips graduates to lead transformation. It is a truly a world-class business school with an enthralling campus. The school offers two programs:

1. 1+1 MBA : This allows a combination of a master's degree with a one-year MBA

2. MBA : This is the one-year flagship MBA programme which ranks 19 in the World as per 2019 FT Rankings


Applying in November results in an earlier decision than January applicants, while application in March results in a later decision. Oxford scholarships are available for applicants in the January deadline, but not for March applicants. Additionally, applying in January intake is most preferable for a Student Visa application.


Magic Numbers: 690 - Median GMAT

What does the college look for:

International exposure/ work experienceExceptional leadershipCapable of contributing valuable experience to the classAcademic excellence


Undergraduate degree or equivalentWritten work consisting of two essaysEither a GMAT or GRE scoreProfessional experience with a minimum of two years work experienceAn understanding of career goalsEnglish capabilityTwo References, either professional or academicOne page CV


Stage 1 : 7 September 

Stage 2 : 2 November

Stage 3 : 11 January

Stage 4 : 5 April

Stage deadlines for the 2020-21 class intake will be announced shortly. 


Stage 1 : 21 September 

Stage 2 : 16 November

Stage 3 : 1 February 

Stage 4 : 26 April


Stage 1 : 19 October

Stage 2 : 14 December

Stage 3 : 22 March

Stage 4 : 7 June


The most recent employment report shows the 91% of our students were employed within 3 months of graduating and 57% of the class securing employment in Europe. Graduates went on to work at organisations in 34 countries around the world.


Scholarships are available on the degree programmes and diplomas, funded by a variety of sources. Some have fixed application deadlines and some require an additional action of candidates in order to be considered.  

Following are the additional options for scholarship available to applicants.

  1. Alumni Annual Fund Scholarships

  2. Bosch Graduate Scholarship for 1+1 MBA with MSt in Modern Languages

  3. Dean’s Africa Scholarship

  4. Forté Foundation Fellowships for Women

  5. Global Leadership Council (GLC) Scholarships for Women

  6. Jacobs Foundation Scholarships (additional application required)

  7. Linbury Scholarships (additional application required)

  8. Oxford-Adara Foundation Scholarships

  9. Oxford-Grace Lake Scholarship

  10. Oxford Leo Tong Chen Scholarships

  11. Oxford-Ideality Scholarships

  12. Oxford Pershing Square Scholarships (additional application required)

  13. Oxford Saïd Giving Day Scholarship

  14. Oxford Saïd-HEC Montréal Scholarship

  15. Saïd Business School Foundation Bursaries

  16. Saïd Business School Foundation Scholarships

  17. Saïd Business School Foundation Africa Scholarships

  18. Saïd Business School Foundation Middle East Scholarships

  19. The Skoll Scholarship (additional application required)

  20. Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme (additional application required)

  21. University scholarships are advertised through the University. It includes both full and partial scholarships, where the award is worth over £1000. Oxford scholarships are open to applicants who apply to programmes with September or October start dates. The vast majority are awarded to applicants who submit their course application by the January admissions deadline. 


Alongside programme and living costs, there are additional costs to plan for:

Additional expenses may include:

set-up coststravel to and from Oxfordsocial events, such as the MBA Tournament or college balls (various costs)international electives (travel and accommodation)career treks (various locations and costs)

Likely living costs for 12 months - £20,000 (Approximately)


The organization excels in all subject areas in the field of innovative world class research. Recent updates from the research at Oxford are as below:

  1. ACCOUNTING: World's leading accounting, finance and management journals, such as Accounting, Organizations and SocietyThe Accounting ReviewAccounting and Business ResearchEuropean Accounting Review; and Review of Accounting Studies are published by researchers.

  2. FINANCE: The school has launched a unique Algorithmic trading system as it is gaining importance as funds to be able to predict market efficiencies and improve the performance of investments. It's the first of it's kind in the world.

  3. HEALTHCARE: Research in healthcare includes consulting the public sector, NHS and related institutions, to the private and not-for-profit sector.

  4. MARKETING: The school's research broadly covers new technologies and AI techniques which would affect the future of marketing thinking and practice. The group is led by Professor Andrew Stephen and is closely linked with the activities of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, a collaboration between Oxford academics and leading practitioners who wish to shape the future of marketing through evidence-based research and ideas. 

  5. STRATEGY:  The research group at Oxford, publish research in leading academic journals, undertake consultancy, and serve in leadership positions for professional associations, including the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society.

  6. TECHNOLOGY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: The research members in this group undertake field work in the US, Europe, and Asia, exploring different industries and sectors. The group’s research has won a number of awards, including the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award; best paper and most cited awards at the Journal of Operations Management and the International Journal of Operations and Production Management; and an Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Fellowship.


Our centres and initiatives provide an infrastructure to help facilitate research and impact activities in focused areas such as business taxation, digital marketing, and responsible business.

  1. Entrepreneurship Centre

  2. Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative

  3. Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative

  4. Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Research

  5. Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

  6. Private Equity Institute

  7. Responsible Business Initiatives

  8. Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

This by far summarizes the school for applicants who wish to join a legacy of a global diverse group of business leadership. An intense curriculum of a one year programme empowering students to think logically and laterally, awaits the students at Oxford MBA.

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