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Quality Education At CEIBS To Excel In The Business World

China Europe International Business School is a private institution of higher education and research. It offers coursework that includes courses that are designed to help students develop practical skills like negotiation, finance, marketing, management, and international business strategy. The school is also known for its work on corporate responsibility, which includes its efforts towards sustainable development.

CEIBS Established Year: 1994

College Type: Private Business School

Weighted Package: US$ 178558

Current Package: US$ 172316

CEIBS MBA Tuition Fees: US$ 115,000

CEIBS Global MBA FT Rank: 7

CEIBS MBA FT Research Rank: 58

CEIBS MBA Scholarships: CEIBS Air Liquide Scholarship and merit-based scholarships are available.

Qualifying Test: GMAT or GRE

CEIBS MBA Application Rounds: 3

CEIBS MBA Application Deadlines:

1st Round: 13th November 2nd Round: 15th January 3rd Round: 25th March

Overall Satisfaction according to Financial Times: 8.91

Rank for Value of Money according to Financial Times: 51

Getting an MBA degree is one of the most strived for aspirations of young graduates and executives in modern times. Students from all across the globe work hard to create a profile so they can land admissions in the top universities and business schools.

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CEIBS or the China Europe International Business School is one such coveted institution. This B-school is considered as one of the top business educators in the world. For all those who aspire to become a part of this institution, this post provides an outline about their MBA programs and admissions process.

The Vision Of CEIBS As A Major Business Educator

The China Europe International Business School is one of a kind business school that offers unparalleled educational opportunities to students from all over the world. This institution is the result of a joint venture between the European Union (EU) and the Chinese Government.

This collaboration is based on the motto to further the school’s vision to achieve “China depth, Global breadth”. The institute has two executive partners, namely Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the EFMD, representing the level of cooperation between China and the European Union. The institute has a target to become a liaison between the education and research prospects of the East and the West.

The Cultural Exposure At CEIBS Campuses

CEIBS is true to the essence of international education with transcending global exposure for its students. The main cogs in its international standards of business education are the five institute campuses located in the following locations:

  1. Shanghai

  2. Beijing

  3. Shenzhen

  4. Accra, Ghana

  5. Zurich, Switzerland

All five campuses house the best infrastructure and education facilities available in the world. Their world-class technologies used for the dissemination of business concepts through modern education tools are the reason for their distinctive status as an international business school. The faculty and research initiatives are impressive and ensure a progressive approach to rendering business education.

Getting An MBA Degree At CEIBS

CEIBS offers a variety of MBA programs that cater to the versatile needs of business enthusiasts at different levels of professional experience. Every MBA course that CEIBS offers have a thoroughly planned curriculum that aims at holistic development of business acumen among the students.


The full-time MBA course at the institute is an 18 months long degree program. The language of instruction for the full-time MBA program is English. This program aims to inculcate a problem-solving caliber in the students to surmount complex business problems of the real world.

The students can choose from the following MBA specializations for their course:

  1. Finance and Accounting

  2. Marketing

  3. Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

  4. Strategy and Entrepreneurship

  5. Economics

  6. Decision Science

In addition to these specializations, students can also choose thoroughly planned elective subjects for their course. The MBA course at CEIBS understands the steep demands that the business world requires from managerial executives. Therefore, the course curriculum is crafted in a way to promote the complete development of students in every aspect of these requirements. The eligibility requirement of the program requires the applicant to have a minimum of 2 years of professional work experience in any field relevant to their graduation degree. As the program is taught in English, non-native English speakers need to provide scores of English proficiency tests along with GRE/GMAT scores.

Finance MBA

With their Finance MBA program CEIBS aims to create a financially enlightened team of business thinkers. The program is nearly 2 years long and the language of instruction of the course is Chinese. The vision of the program is analogous with the vision of the institute. With this course, the institute aims to achieve financial depth, managerial breadth.

The class profile looks for rising stars in the field of finance. Students should have the potential to further the business world with unprecedented financial acumen. For getting admission in the program an applicant must have at least 5 years of total work experience out of which they must have served a minimum of 2 years in a managerial position.

Executive MBA: Global Executive MBA Or Hospitality Executive MBA

CEIBS provides the opportunity for senior executives to enhance their understanding of business and management with the executive MBA programs. There are two EMBA programs available at the institute.

The Global Executive MBA is a part-time MBA program with a duration of about 20 months. This program is specially designed for individuals who have prior professional experience as an executive or entrepreneur. With this program, such individuals can gain a profound understanding of business fundamentals and apply these concepts in their professional life at the same time. To be eligible for this course an applicant needs to have at least 10 years of work experience with a minimum 7 years of experience in a managerial position.

The Hospitality Executive MBA is an 18-month long program with Chinese as the language of instruction. Students can also take the course in English with simultaneous interpretation. The program is taught by two business schools in collaboration, namely the CEIBS and EHL. The work experience requirement for the HEMBA is same as the GEMBA program. The applicant needs to have a minimum 10 years of professional experience out of which at least 7 years of experience must be in a managerial role.

The International Exchange Program For MBA Students:

The full-time MBA program offers the opportunity for students to experience global education with the Partnership in International Management (PIM) network of business schools. This international network of B-schools comprises of about 40 partner schools welcoming students to take part in an international exchange program. The program tends to be a very rewarding experience for the students as it lets them interact with students and faculty members of some of the best business schools in the world.

Executive Education Programs:

The executive education opportunities at CEIBS offers several Open Enrollment and Company Specific programs. These programs use world-class teaching methods with classroom instruction, in-depth case studies and core concepts of business and management. The Open Enrollment courses address a wide range of topics or areas like:

  1. General Management

  2. Leadership

  3. Finance

  4. Marketing and Innovation, and more.

The Company Specific programs and courses aim at creating an environment for executives and professionals to enhance their talents and skills through development courses. They aim at building leadership, management, innovation and development skills in the middle-and-top level company professionals.

Creating Business Leaders With The Global CEO Program

The Global CEO program is the result of a powerful collaboration between the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), IESE Business School, and Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. These renowned institutions work in alliance to bring the most immersive and intensive business education program to create and empower future CEOs and leaders of the business world.

The faculty and instructors of the course aim to create an active learning approach with hands-on experience to the global market trends and changing economies. They maintain a dynamic framework to promote interactions and group discussions to exploit collaborative learning abilities of the enrolled professionals. This program has revolutionized the way leadership skills and business awareness are imparted in any business course.

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp

CEIBS administration understands that the most impactful aspect of any national or global economy is the local entrepreneurs. Keeping this ideology in mind, CEIBS began the entrepreneur leadership camp in 2012. This program targets local entrepreneurs who possess resilience and diligence to distend their business prospects and aim at the global markets.

Start-up founders and CEOs who have the drive to excel in their business and meet the basic eligibility criteria of the program can enroll in the entrepreneurial leadership camp. CEIBS also offers a Venture Capitalists Camp to guide investors of the modern era understand the concepts and strategies to make lucrative investments in promising businesses.

A Brief Insight Into Research Provisions

CEIBS is counted among the most prestigious business schools in the world and their research facilities share a part in this achievement. They have an intensive research regime with many renowned publication authors working as a part of their faculty team. The students at CEIBS can interact with their faculty and professors to take part in ongoing research investigations that aim to devise pragmatic solutions for global economic issues.

Some of the research centers at CEIBS include the following:

  1. Case Development Center

  2. Center of Chinese Private Enterprises

  3. CEIBS Center for Digital Economy and Smart Enterprises, to name a few.

The Application Deadlines For MBA Programs

The application process at CEIBS for enrolment into MBA programs require the applicant to fill a comprehensive application form. In the application, the applicant must provide complete and accurate information about their previous educational qualifications, work experience and scores of required entrance exams like GRE/GMAT. The applications for the MBA program are accepted in three rounds with the following application deadlines.

Freuently Asked Questions About MBA Courses At CEIBS

If the applicant has any inquiries related to the program eligibility criteria, application deadline, deferral policies, and more they can visit the university website. Some of the most common questions that one might come across are answered below.

  1. Who can provide a letter of recommendation for an applicant?

The application process of CEIBS requires the applicant to provide at least two references for letters of recommendation. The reference must be a supervisor who has worked closely with the applicant and can provide a clear idea of his or her aptitude, and caliber to contribute to the institution.

  1. How can one start their application process?

The applicant needs to visit the university website and understand all the requirements for being eligible to apply to a program. The application process is entirely paperless and the applicant needs to fill an online form available on the university website along with paying the application fees.

  1. How are the interviews scheduled?

The admissions committee sets up an interview appointment through e-mail. These interviews are conducted on invitation only.

  1. Which English Proficiency Tests are accepted by CEIBS?

CEIBS only accepts TOEFL scores for admissions application.

  1. Is GRE/GMAT mandatory?

Yes, the applicant needs to provide a valid GRE/GMAT score. The score must not be more than five years old. The minimum GMAT score requirement is 720. However, no minimum GRE score requirements are provided on the school website.


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