Application Insights by ISB PGP Admit CO'21

Q 1. Please discuss your profile briefly?

Over 9 years of experience in retail and new product development process consulting to international retailers.

Q 2. How did  you shortlist the schools to apply to? What were the key points that you were looking for? What resources did you refer to while making the decision?

- average GMAT score 

- average candidate age 

- student profile 

- companies visiting campus 

- geographic location

Q 3. What do you think was the most important decision you took during your application process? And Why?

Which consultant’s services to use. It was a monetary and time investment which had an effect on my future as well. So going with the right consultant was important. 

MBA admission consultants were wary to take me on as a client as they were not sure about my chances of getting into a top program due to my age and years of experience.

Q 4. What was the most challenging part of submitting your application to different schools? Please discuss how you handled these? Any pointers for future applicants?

The most challenging part was to try and stand out amongst the crowd. Being an Indian male with an average GMAT score for an Indian candidate, my focus was to emphasise on my career and my leadership experience. And getting the story right for every school was important. I did it by working on several drafts with all my stories and tweaking them multiple times to ensure my story stands out.

Q 5. What was the interview experience like? Did you feel you were well prepared at the time of the interview? What all resources did you access to prepare for the interview? Which of these provided the most valuable inputs?

My interview experience was good. It was a 20 or so min long interview with questions on making a GTM strategy, my leadership experience, and also about why I wish to do an MBA. I managed to answer them by understanding each word of my essay, the program website and reading up in general. The most valuable resources are candidate’s resume and essays since most of the questions are derived from there.

Q 6. What are some myths that every applicant must leave behind before they start the application process?

That you only need a certain score to get a call for an interview. While a higher score certainly helps, your profile matters equally.

Q 7. Any suggestions for future applicants as a person who has been there, done that successfully!

Be honest about your goals, your profile and your mistakes. You can always word things differently but it pays if you are honest about these things.

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