Most of the times we just need to ask the right questions!


Our MBA admission consultants bring you the set of resources to address questions at every stage of your MBA application:

STEP 1: Before you start your MBA prep.

What do you need to do before you start your MBA preparation?

What is your career strategy?

How will the MBA help in career growth?

Which MBA course is relevant for you?

How should you choose which MBA school or course makes sense for your career profile?

STEP 2: Write an MBA application essay

What stories will connect with my audience?

How much do I actually write?

What does the MBA application essay actually ask?

Should I use a sample essay?

How many edits are enough for an essay?

How do I fit my thoughts in the application essay length?

STEP 3: Focus on the goals essay

What are your goals post MBA?

Are your goals real?

Have you done your research?

Are you looking at a career shift through an MBA?

Have you prepared for the role shift or the industry switch post MBA?

STEP 4: Your digital footprint matters

What do you post on social media?

How do you engage with your industry?

Are you updated on the latest in the industry?

Are you networking online?

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

STEP 5: Let's cover some dont's

What should not be written in your essay?

How much of detail is enough?

What does your essay speak of your persona?

Does your essay project your real self?

Are you communicating your values?

Reapplicants need a new strategy

How has your profile changed?

Whats different now?

Why should the school take you now?

Have you only changed the essays or changed something else in the application as well?

Have you evaluated your previous application and application experience for improvements?