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Can an Indian get a job in Canada after completing MBA from a university in Canada?

Updated: Mar 27

Discussing career options post MBA in Canada, how can one go ahead with job search as an International student and what are some ways to add competitiveness.

Getting admitted into the top schools in Canada like Rotman School of Management, Schulich School of Business, IVEY Business School does ensure good placements with top companies in Canada.

For consulting roles the MBB recruiters in Canada definitely look into the GMAT score for a competitive evaluation of the profiles.

Graduates must work hard on their profile, try to crack a good GMAT score which will facilitate a competitive position in the applicant pool and also maintain their academic scores among the top to secure a good placement opportunity during the MBA course.

How to Find MBA Jobs in Canada?

  1. Top Canadian universities offer internships in their MBA program. Further students can search for positions at the organisations where they followed internships.

  2. They can also connect with employers by way of alumni connections, career fairs, school placement programs.

  3. There are many online employment portals catering to job search needs of professionals. Some of these are:

  4. Robert Half: This is a leading Canadian job search portal offering up-to-the-minute job vacancies, insight hooked on place of work cultures, pay guides etc.

  5. Eluta: Eluta is a leading Canadian job search website in the midst of postings of more than 10,000 job vacancies from a range of Canadian employers. The viewer has the choice of signing up for the monthly newsletter to get the most up-to-date job postings.

  6. International students are advised to proactively engage on professional networking websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

  7. A major opportunity to reach out to potential employers is through business connect events and placement programs organised by the universities.

  8. A good number of the Canadian business schools have compulsory internship prerequisites for students following MBA. It lasts 1-6 months all through which students are placed underneath an employer to gain realistic acquaintance and experience.

  9. The Canadian Government allows worldwide students to apply in favour of a Post Graduate Work Permit (PWGP) within 180 days of university graduating. The PGWP allows overseas nationals to live in and with permission work in Canada intended for a maximum period of 3 years.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant ought to have a legitimate Canadian study permit and visa.

  2. The applicant ought to be graduating from a Canadian institution by way of a degree/diploma or certificate.

  3. The applicant ought to have been enrolled full time and extent of study should not be below 8 months.

Students should focus on building professional connections and gaining business experience in order to be eligible for better MBA jobs in Canada.

Reach out to our MBA admission consultant to discuss your profile and post MBA career options for a successful application.

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