Executive MBA from IIM Indore

The Executive MBA in IIM is a rigorous one-year program, full time, residential programs. IIM Indore one year Executive MBA in India is specifically intended to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for running and leading business organisations. On the whole, the program combines core skill building with the study of good management practices.


What is the IIMI 1 year Executive MBA in India eligibility?

The Executive MBA in IIM eligibility conditions and other prerequisites are as follows.

The Candidate needs to possess –

  • At least 50% in Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any course

  • A valid GMAT score - The GMAT score should be within five years from the application’s closing date

  • At least 5 years of management / entrepreneurial / professional experience after completing graduation is required for applying to this one year MBA in India.

The candidates seeking admission to this Executive MBA course in India should submit their application online and pay the application processing fee online (non-refundable).

The shortlisting of applicants for the purpose of interview will be done based on GMAT score and / or any other condition as decided by the admission board.

What is the IIMI one year MBA course in India fee structure (Indicative figures)?


  • Non-Refundable Commitment Fee (to be paid at the time of acceptance of conditional admission offer) INR 1,00,000 + Tax

  • Selected applicants shall be required to deposit a non-refundable commitment fee of INR 1, 00,000 + Tax. This fee has to be paid at the time of acceptance of the conditional admission offer by the selected applicant.



Executive MBA Program Fee (including the commitment fee)

  • For Indian Nationals INR 20,00,000/- + Tax

  • For foreign Nationals US $49,950 +Tax

The fee takes account of tuition, study material, library facilities, computer, boarding and lodging.

What are the details about the IIMI Executive MBA in India course structure?

The Executive MBA in IIM course is planned to get ready executives for transformational management positions. All through the strong one year MBA in India, the course progresses in the direction of helping the students in developing a deeper perspective of different facets of management and sharpen up their managerial skills.


The one year executive MBA in India is extended over five educational terms in IIM Indore campus and one International Immersion component at some of the best international universities. During the Executive MBA in IIM the primary three terms (by and large composed of core courses) focus on laying the establishment for the specialisation all the way through a package of electives offered. An international module makes available an opening to enlarge an understanding of the international business setting and an ability to function in a multicultural background. The last two terms are by and large electives and practical learning.


This one year executive MBA course in India consists of six segments – Orientation, Elective courses, Industry Consulting Module, International Immersion, Simulation based learning, and Advanced Analytics Workshop.

How are the IIMI Executive MBA course placements?

Professionals from non-management or leadership roles time and again realise their management potential after some years of working in a specialised field. Every so often, they also feel that their existing profile does not go well with their professional goals. A one year MBA in India is surely the gateway to move up the ladder on the professional path. An Executive MBA in IIM is also an outstanding idea for commercial enthusiasts who wish to begin their business enterprise with managing skills.


Last year, the one year MBA course in India placements began at the IIM Indore campus after a booming and inspirational international immersion at the McCombs School of Business, Texas (US). The graduates of the IIM Indore 1 year MBA in India were offered roles as Consultant, Associate Vice President, Analyst, Manager, Business Analyst, Associate Project Manager, Senior Associate, and many more.

The major recruiters from various sectors included Power, Consulting, Oyo, Elastic Run and Oaknorth Analytical, Construction, FMCG, Pharma, and many more

  • Average Salary yearly INR 20.65 Lakhs

  • Median Salary yearly INR 21 Lakhs

  • Maximum Salary yearly INR 31.68 Lakhs

  • Minimum Salary yearly INR.5 Lakhs

Does an Executive MBA from IIMI have the same value as a Regular MBA?

The two are totally different. An Executive MBA (keep in mind, this is not a part-time MBA) is for professionals with as a minimum 5 years of work experience, at the same time as the regular MBA is for individuals with as a minimum of work experience.


The Executive MBA in IIM graduates are hired for higher-ranking managerial roles; seeing that they are time and again sponsored by their employers (or family businesses in a few cases), and this may be perceived as a preparation of sorts for a bigger set of responsibilities. Their placement procedure is extended over a much longer period. Getting nearer to the salary offered, the Executive MBA graduates who get placed are by and large given higher-ranking managerial posts, and for this reason, they get larger offers in contrast to regular MBA graduates.

Benefits of IIMI Executive MBA Course

Later than getting to the mid-level of career, professionals time and again feel a lack of opportunities to achieve their professional goals. At this stage, professionals time and again consider going for an Executive MBA course in India.


Once you gain certain years of work experience in a role, there is barely any growth viewpoint in the business or in the function. In such a condition, going for an Executive MBA in IIM can provide you with the much essential uplift in the profession and facilitate you move up the business ladder.


The Executive MBA classrooms include a varied pool of students; to a certain extent professionals from gigantic profiles, functions and sectors. This offers a huge opportunity of networking, communication and knowledge. Furthermore, in view of the fact that the guest faculty members are from the business and from the corporate line, the students get the prospect to develop their contacts which can hem them in seeking suggestions and developing their business.


At IIM Admit mentors Goalisb MBA admission consultants work with you to set career goals and help you to achieve the growth path with an Executive MBA from IIM. Share your resume and GMAT scores with us to get started on this exciting journey of professional growth.

Two year MBA from IIM Indore is the PGP in Management. It is a full-time residential two year MBA which capacitates the students to take sound business decisions in a complex environment.


IIM Indore through its two year MBA - the PGP aims to aid the students to hone their critical and creative decision making skills to gain social awareness and apply superior communication skills.


Over two years of rigorous curriculum the students at IIM Indore engage in eight weeks of a summer project and various skills development workshops for communication, leadership, operations modelling, entrepreneurship, design thinking and sustainability.


In addition to a contemporary course structure and the case study method, IIM Indore brings together industry professionals as faculty and share their experiences. The rural immersion programme, Himalaya outbound program, industry visits are unique opportunities for students of the two year MBA at IIM Indore to understand theory in action at the grassroots level.

The professors at IIM Indore actively engage in case writing projects. Soon, IIM Indore will offer a consulting practicum to the second year students of the MBA course. The two year MBA at IIM Indore witnesses the students participating in a range of extra curricular activities like the IRIS (The Annual Management & Cultural Festival) and Utsaha (Rural Marketing Fair). They also receive an International Exposure through the student exchange programs offered by IIM Indore.

One year MBA from IIM Indore

Executive MBA from IIM Indore is the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP). Specially designed to meet the needs of mid level and senior level managers to perform in leadership roles in the top management the one year MBA from IIM Indore is a one year MBA.

The one year MBA from IIM Indore offers a range of specialisations like Analytics, BFSI, e-Commerce, Operations & Strategy.


The Executive MBA from IIM Indore incorporates a course on Advanced Analytics and offers the students an International Immersion Program to experience business decisions globally.

The course is ideally suited for professionals who want to develop analytical skills, work in diverse teams, hone their communication skills and understand business strategy on a global level.


The students receive a full-time degree in Master of Business Administration.


One year MBA from IIM Indore Eligibility & Selection:

The one year MBA from IIM Indore can be applied to upon submitting a valid GMAT score. The applicant must have a minimum of 5 years of work experience after obtaining a Bachelors degree to apply for the one year MBA.

The next process involves a Personal Interview (PI) which is conducted by IIM Indore at Bengaluru, New Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai or through Skype.

Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) by IIM Indore

The five-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) by IIM Indore is a unique program which admits students who have passed XII standard. The program grooms the students in the first three years for a higher management education in the next two years. The first three years sets the stage for the students by imparting basic management education, critical decision making skills, quantitative skills and communication skills. The students of the IIM Indore IPM complete a social internship and a business internship during the MBA course.


Graduates of the IPM by IIM Indore are awarded with Bachelor of Arts (Foundations of Management) and Master of Business Administration (under the Dual Degree Programme).


IPM by IIM Indore Eligibility & Selection Process

Admission to IPM by IIM Indore starts with an online application form detailing the academics and co-curricular activities of the applicant. The next step is an entrance examination which includes questions on applicant's aptitude, reasoning capability and language ability.

The third step is a Written Ability Test (WAT) & Personal Interview (PI). IPM by IIM Indore admits 150 applicants each year.

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