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Liberal Arts Colleges In India Ashoka University Undergraduate Studies

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Located in Sonipat (Haryana, India), Ashoka University is a private university offering education in a wide range of disciplines, together with Biology, Computer Science, and Economics. Students can follow their education at the UG, PG, and Doctorate levels. This university has received official approval from UGC and has created well-built ties with lots of leading worldwide universities such as Aizu University, Duke University, and Victoria University. This university has teamed up with the state government to manage the CMGGA Programme. This programme trains and helps men &women to work in the midst of the State Machinery.

Ashoka University focuses on top of liberal arts. The 25-acre lush green campus of the university y is in the Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonepat. The campus has been planned by American design firm. The University makes available quite a lot of lucrative placement opportunities to its students. Students are recruited at different positions in the fields of Management, Business Development, Employee Engagement, Finance, Marketing, etc.

The University also makes available a Summer Abroad Programme, underneath which the students can follow a course taught at associate and other worldwide institutions. Some of the major destinations meant for this programme are the University of California, and King's College London.

Students serious in their educational pursuits should register for undergraduate programmes at Ashoka University which is one of the most prominent universities in India. The Liberal Arts programme at Ashoka University focuses on inter-disciplinary education by way of an approach to furnish students with a skill set to do extremely well in multi-cultural and a multi-lingual place of work. At Ashoka University, the educational programmes are intended in a manner that fosters academic curiosity and decisive thinking. The precise educational programmes encourage progressiveness and motivate students to have a problem-solving approach, thus making them tough and broadminded. Students study a wide range of subjects that facilitates them to develop logical bent of mind; by this means, improving their sensibilities towards the general public.

Ashoka University UG Programmes

Foundation Courses: Literature and the World, Principles of Science, Indian Civilizations, Intro to Mathematical Thinking, Great Books, Social and Political Formations, Foundations of Economic Reasoning, Mind and Behavior, Trends in History, and Introduction to Critical Thinking.

Majors (Pure and Interdisciplinary): Economics, English, Mathematics, Computer Science, History and International Relations, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Politics and Society, English and Journalism, Computer Science & Mathematics, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, Economics and Finance, Politics and Philosophy.


The campus life at Ashoka has without doubt draw closer a long way. The students at Ashoka have magnificently shaped an ingeniously vibrant and full of life campus culture. The origin undergraduate batch was given the demanding task of molding academics, co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports, events and other activities.

In the midst of an something like 50% increase in the number of student clubs at this moment, resent, it has without a doubt been overwhelming to make out the campus culture develop so fabulously.

In the midst of 32 registered clubs at this moment in time, all are burning the candle at equal ends to spread their canvases with their ingenious talents. Music Society has performed in good health on a number of occasions on campus, hosted open events which have been a hit with the bigger student society.

From weekly film screenings which began as a way to end a week jam-packed of assignments, tests, projects and classes, the Film Society has developed into a more interactive grouping. Using film as

Key Faculty

· Aniket Aga - Associate Professor of Environmental Studies,

· Meghna Agarwala - Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies,

· Manu Awasthi - Associate Professor of Computer Science

· Pulapre Balakrishnan - Professor of Economics,

· Piyali Banerjee - Assistant Professor of Economics

· Biswajit Banerjee - Professor of Economics

· Mitul Baruah - Assistant Professor of Sociology

· Amita Baviskar - Head of the Department of Environmental Studies

· Matthew H. Baxter - Assistant Professor of Political Science

· Abir Bazaz - Assistant Professor of English

· Avantika Bhatia - Assistant Professor of Psychology,

· Rajendra Bhatia - Head of the Department, Mathematics

· Alok Bhattacharya - Head of the Department, Biology

· Johannes Burgers - Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities,

· Rita Kothari - Professor of English


Ashoka University’s Undergraduate students are outfitted with an international standpoint, management skills, communication skills and keenness to make a change. These strengths are being acknowledged by top companies and universities; by way of 14 students admitted to global universities for higher education and 81 students placed with well-known business organizations. Some students have also been accepted hooked on fully-funded PhD programmes - The Ohio State University, Brown University, Emory University, University of Connecticut, etc.

The first batch of 4-year Undergraduate students have been offered job at McKinsey & Company, RBL Bank, India Info line, Deloitte, Star TV, and more.

Many other departing students, across majors, have received admissions offers designed for higher studies at a few of the world’s best educational institutions. These take account of Oxford University, Cambridge University, Columbia University, the London School of Economics, University of Chicago, the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London, etc.

On the whole, Ashoka University has presented a great case in point of its campus placement process. Around 14 students got admission in a number of well-known international institutions for granting higher education. About 81 students got placement in quite a lot of major business institutions. Several students have got placement in top Ph.D. programs at a number of high-status universities.

Earlier than the beginning of recruitment activities, placement cell present in the University works on top of preparing the students in support of the interview. They plan to make the students of Ashoka dig up their placement in their preferred companies on the basis of their sincere work and presentation. Students of Ashoka University have been offered by way of direct placement in the top and most important companies like Toshiba Corporation, Microsoft, Deloitte, American Express, and more. The placement cell keeps on in contact by way of different reputed firms to ensure that the students find job in top companies.

In the year 2020 Students of Ashoka University, Sonepat got at once campus placements in top companies. Perhaps one of the most excellent colleges in India, Ashoka University is one of the foremost colleges in India to proffer a liberal arts education.

Admission Process & Fees

Ashoka University follows a holistic admission process, which has four diverse stages. The stage one consists of assessing the student's educational scores, individual essays, letter of recommendation, SAT score and extracurricular activities. In stage two, the applicants necessitate to clear the Ashoka Aptitude Test, on-spot essay writing as well as personal interview round. All through stage three, the students will make out the rank of their application. In case the students are admitted en route for the university, then the fourth round of the admission procedure will embark on, and they can subsequently apply for fiscal support from the university.


· In the initial step of selection process to Ashoka University’s undergraduate programme, students have to put forward educational scores of class 10th and 12th. The test scores of SAT/ACT are taken into account along in the midst of a personal essay, letter of recommendation and evidence of other extra- curricular activities.

· The second step in the admission process comprises Ashoka Aptitude Test followed next to an essay and to end with - the personal interview round.

· As a final point, the selected students for the UG programmes are sent a provisional offer letter or a confirmation offer letter.

Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT)

In Ashoka Aptitude Test, students necessitate to attempt 40 MCQ’s. The specified questions in the AAT test out a student’s analytical skills, computation skills and way of thinking skills. Questions cover areas associated with numerical and spatial reasoning and a few questions could be based on decisive reasoning area. Out of 40 questions, 20 are analytical questions, and 20 are decisive thinking questions. Time Management is very important in the entrance test. Students should be expert in understanding the complexity level of the questions and attempting them in the fixed time.

One-time Payments

· Admissions Fee of near about INR 50,000 at the time of receiving the Offer of Admission.

· Refundable Security Deposit of INR 75,000) at the time of receiving of an Offer of Admission.

Ashoka University is a pioneer in its spotlight on making available a liberal education at the same level with the greatest in the world. The plan at Ashoka is to aid students become well-formed individuals who can think decisively about issues from several perspectives, speak effectively and turn into leaders with an assurance to public service. An Ashoka education carries a well-built prominence on introductory knowledge, careful educational research based on thorough pedagogy, and practical familiarity with real-world challenges. It prepares students to be principled leaders in a varied and multifaceted world, the type envisioned by Emperor Ashoka in the earlier period.

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