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Which one year MBA program is suitable in India?

If you are looking at a full time residential one year MBA program in India there are options for you like the IIM executive MBA program and the ISB PGP program.

Get in touch with our MBA admission consultants at Goalisb to evaluate the right mix of schools and the strategy for you according to the GMAT and work experience you have.

Know more about the programs like

An Executive MBA gives working professionals an edge to change over careers even after some years of experience. Executive MBA in India has evolved over the last few years and there are numerous credible options available. 

Choose your destination for an Executive MBA in India evaluating the school strengths and what you would be able to achieve from the course. Looking at direct ROI does not add as much value for working professionals as does the opportunities that they would get access to.

Our team evaluates the best schools offering Executive MBA in India and brings together this blog to demystify the application process for IIMs and ISB. Here you will get the application process for IIMB, Executive MBA from IIMA, IIMC and comparisons about the Executive MBA programs in India.

Working professionals who are looking for a flexible program can consider the Executive MBA Program at ISB, the PGPpro. If you are looking at a 1 year MBA program in India there are options for you like the IIM executive MBA program and the ISB PGP program, get in touch with our MBA admission consultants at GoalISB to evaluate the right mix of schools and the strategy for you according to the GMAT and work experience you have. 1 year MBA programs are highly sought after today.

ISB also offers specific interest programs like the Post Graduate Programme in Management for Family Business, PGP MFAB for those who seek a general management education to further their family business.

Another range of programs at ISB are the Advanced Management Programmes ideal for professionals looking to build contemporary skills in Business Analytics, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Operations and Public Policy.  View the upcoming deadlines of various schools here. 

Contact Our ISB Admission Consultants for the application process and eligibility for:

ISB YLP - ISB young leaders program is a deferred entry program to the ISB PGP MBA. This is a stage wise process where the school evaluates the applicant pool for eligible candidates. Our ISB admission consultants have a comprehensive end to end process for the ISB YLP applicants.

ISB PGP MBA - ISB one year MBA is the flagship program which is conducted at it's two campuses i.e. ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. Differentiate your application with assistance from our experienced ISB admission consultants.

ISB EEO - ISB Early Entry Option is the admission process for ISB MBA for applicants who have passed out but possess less than 24 months of work experience.

Our ISB admission consultants assist with the application process for ISB EEO as the context of evaluation is slightly different for the ISB EEO.

ISB PGPPRO - Executive MBA from ISB, ISB PGPpro admits working professionals with 5-12 years of experience. Our ISB admission consultants help build you a s strong application covering all the areas that matter for your PGPpro application.

ISB PGP MFAB -  MBA in family business is a special course by ISB which is suited for aspirants who aim to transform their family businesses.

Contact our ISB admission consultants who are also experienced business professionals who mentor you through the application process.

ISB AMPBA - ISB CBA - ISB Certificate in business analytics is now ISB Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics. This is an advanced certification for those aspiring a career in data science. Our ISB admission consultants have advanced career knowledge in data science career track and equip you with a winning application.

ISB Interview Preparation - It is one task to get to the interview stage at ISB and second

milestone to get an admit. ISB interview preparation is a niche grooming and mentoring 

process which helps you introspect and build perspective to collate the interview responses. In addition to basic preparation with our ISB admission consultants we engage in mock interviews for the applicants to get a taste of the real deal.

Why ISB?

The Indian School of Business has two campuses across India, One is ISB Hyderabad and the other, ISB Mohali.  ISB has successfully created business leaders through its programs and a learning environment focused on delivering value to the customer. ISB is strongly focused on the emerging economy of India with research focused on the Indian business environment.

Contact our ISB admission consultants for a profile evaluation.

What is the ISB experience?

The Indian School of Business (ISB) ensures a truly International experience with its visiting faculty from Wharton, London Business School, Kellogg, Chicago, Cornell, UCLA and Duke  bringing the contemporary global outlook to the class.

What is the International student exchange program at ISB?

The International student exchange program at both ISB Mohali and ISB Hyderabad provide the students an opportunity to travel and study abroad. The programs at ISB are structured to provide a deep core knowledge of management basics with the students having a choice of numerous ahead of time electives.

What are the different MBA programs at ISB?​

ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali offer various modes of programs for applicants. The flagship program, the ISB PGP ( Post Graduate Programme in Management) is a one year action packed course to transform working professionals into business leaders.  ISB offers a deferred entry option for freshers to the flagship program, the ISB PGP through the ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP)

Share your profile for a detailed profile review from experienced MBA admission consultants.

What is the Executive MBA at ISB?

The weekend Executive MBA program from ISB is a flexible schedule program offered for working professionals. The Executive MBA program from ISB is the PGPpro program. 

What is the Family Business MBA at ISB?

If you are a Family business owner or a second generation member of a family business and have a vision to grow the business further, ISB has a specialised program designed to cover the specific needs of a family business environment with a cutting edge curriculum. with its ISB PGP MFAB Program. 

Additionally, ISB offers Advanced Management Programmes in Business Analytics ( AMPBA ) , Healthcare ( AMPH ) , Infrastructure ( AMPI ) , Manufacturing & Operations ( AMPMO) and Public Policy (AMPPP).


How can I apply to ISB?

Not sure, which program to apply for, get in touch with our ISB admission consultants for a profile evaluation.

In case you have received your ISB YLP 2020 results for stage 1 you can get started with stage 2 application preparation here.

ISB Admission Process

The ISB admission process is almost similar for the ISB PGP, Executive MBA from ISB, Advanced Management Programs or the YLP is basically same. Indian School of Business wants to check if you are the right fit for the program and that you can communicate it well in your application as well as in person. This is why the first step of application is a thorough profile evaluation by experienced ISB Admission consultants. Most of us wonder what lands an admit letter to an applicant's inbox. Many believe that the GMAT score or the GRE scores are the most important for ISB admission, some wonder if grades do the job and there are others who think that certificates of appreciation from stellar organisations give an extra edge. The best MBA admission consultants in India would suggest that it is you who matters! An MBA application consultant does as much to give you a clarity of the life you envision after ISB or any Ivy league school. It's not just about getting there it's more about what you want to do in life after ISB. ISB application essays change every year however the main theme of the ISB essays is related to leadership potential, lessons learnt from failures, quality and depth of experiences that the applicant has. Check with our ISB admission consultants if you have the right profile for ISB.

Writing the perfect ISB essays according to an applicant's profile takes around 5-8 edits with a specific focus on the question that is asked in the ISB application. When you start with your essays for ISB make sure that you have collated your work experience comprehensively and taken stock of your achievements and failures.

The best MBA admission consultants in India  have experienced that unless the right fit of the following is established it is almost impossible to get an MBA admission:

Having been involved in MBA admissions consulting in India, GoalISB ISB admissions consulting team is equipped to collate all the essentials into the ISB essays - Past Experiences - Leadership & Communication Capabilities - Post MBA Goals - The school really wants to know what you want to do with your life after ISB - A Vivid and Sincere Application - An Engaging MBA Interview - A Candid Discussion To Show The Applicant's Vision and Why ISB? - How Nothing Else But The ISB MBA & The Indian School of Business can Help Him Fulfil it. Post admission our team helps you with  insights into the life at ISB, and how you should prepare for it.

When should you start preparing the ISB MBA application?

It takes ample thought and time to write your ISB essays while you prepare an ISB application. While the applicants are busy preparing to achieve their highest GMAT score for ISB, work on the application should start simultaneously. The GMAT score or the GRE score is a data point for the applicant which portray the academic potential of the applicant.


In cases where the applicant does not devote ample thought to the ISB application process along with a focus on getting high GMAT score or the GRE score, they are drawing close to losing their competitive edge. Our ISB admission consultants advocate a sound strategy for the application process goes a long way to ensure success in the ISB admission process.

Leading ISB admissions consultants in India believe that there is no ideal GMAT score for ISB as it is not the only criteria to ensure a seat. The ISB essays play a very crucial role in communicating your credentials to the admissions team.

The ISB admissions process is largely profile based. One has to prove to the ISB admissions team that they have what takes to be there. The ISB application is the presentation that brings forward the personality of the applicant to the ISB Admissions committee with the main constituent being the essays you have submitted to ISB. So, according to us at GoalISB the right time to start working on the ISB essays is the exact moment that you decide to prepare for the ideal GMAT score. 

Profile Evaluation By ISB Admission Consultants

How does an ISB Admission Consultant review the profile of an applicant?

Let’s understand with respect to a sample profile applying to ISB PGP program how our MBA admissions consultants would respond.

Name: Aniruddha (fictional name and details)

Graduation: BTECH CSE

Grades: Class X - 78% , Class XII - 74%, Graduation - CGPA 7.8

GMAT : 690 Verbal 38 , Quant 47, AWA 4, IR 5

School : Non IIT

Grades Summary:

  • Above average grades, continues on the same grades

  • Quant grades are not strong

  • Non IIT undergrad institution

  • Standard IT education profile

Assessment by ISB admissions consultant:

The GMAT score is below the school average but within range. The grades and the GMAT foretell your academic potential. An MBA from ISB is a rigorous course, and that too heavy on quantitative skills. If your grades do not reflect so much on your academic potential, go a bit further to take special certifications or courses to portray your quantitative analysis skills. It could also help to retake the GMAT to attain a higher quantitative score.

Work Experience: 2 years IT

Career Goals: 

Short term - Program Manager

Long term - CEO

Assessment by our ISB admissions consultant: Quality of work experience adds more value to your candidature than just the number of years spent. This is what differentiates the applicants with the same education and industry background. 


Although the career goals in this case are a bit misplaced. Whatever growth a B School can offer, it does not replace the experience required to perform a certain function. A program manager being one who owns product from conception to release must have ample hands on experience in the market. This is the gap here.


The first requirement of a B school is that the applicant must have clear goals set out ahead of him. The goals however must incorporate realistic ambitions. This gives the admissions committee a level of confidence about your decision making capabilities and the success you would achieve post MBA.


College: Sports, debates, arts, event management

Internships: International internships, competed at a certain level to get there

Work: CSR leader, Sports club, Toastmasters

Assessment by our ISB admissions consultant: How you spend your leisure time is equally important to the admissions committee. However, the number of activities is not so important as is the impact. The impact you achieve shows the passion you have and how hard you try.  This is what translates into leadership. Specifically, a certificate from a high profile for the number of hours volunteered does not count as much as an impactful work of touching lives by fundraising in the community on a regular basis. 

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