ISB Essay

ISB essay is an important part of your application. Before writing an ISB essay think about a strong application strategy.

What are the components of a good ISB Essay?

A good ISB essay is one which has the following features:

  1. Answers the question asked.

  2. Discusses the incidents or examples as the essay prompt demands.

  3. A good ISB essay connects with the readers.

  4. Uses simple flow and language. Gone are the days when a good essay was one which used heavy vocabulary.

  5. Tells your story vividly.

  6. Connects with the rest of the application.

  7. Gives a unique perspective about the applicant to the admissions committee.

  8. Uses the word limits provided efficiently.

  9. Relates to the ISB values.

  10. Personalises the ISB essay with relevant details.

Some things that should not be done when you are writing your ISB essay:

  1. Check for careless errors in grammar and language.

  2. Use humour at your own risk. 

  3. Avoid using general statements like "I have learnt many leadership skills at work".

  4. Always check the sound of your essay - is it humorous, negative, passing the buck?

  5. Have you put too much information into the essay.

  6. Check if the essay is a reproduction of your resume.

  7. Check the essay for long winded writing, generalisations and world statements.

  8.  While writing your ISB essay you must review for redundant information. Every line and every word is valuable, repetitive information creates a block for the reader.

  9. Is the first and the last sentence of your ISB essay equally enriching as the rest of the essay?

  10. Be careful of the number of times you edit the ISB essay. 

Frequently asked questions About ISB Essay

What are the Essay Topics For The ISB Admission Process 2021?

The applicants to ISB admission process 2021 have to write two ISB essays as follows: ​​ ISB essay 1: Describe with examples what is the most important personal quality that you possess that significantly enhances your prospects of being successful as a leader? (400 words max) ​​ ISB essay 2: What are your short term and long term career goals? How will the Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals? (400 words max) ​​ Re-applicant ISB Essay Topic: Please use this space to explain significant improvements in your profile since your last application to the ISB PGP. ​​

What's Different in the ISB Admission Process 2021?

ISB admission process 2020 had three rounds of application. The ISB essays for the ISB admission process 2020 were as follows: ​​ ISB essay 1: There will be 900 students in the class of 2021. Why should you be one of them? ​​ ISB essay 2 : What will you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP programme help you to achieve these goals? ​

Where Can I Get An ISB Essay Sample?

ISB essays sample can be found with ISB admission consultants who assist professionals in their ISB application process. We do not recommend that you should refer to ISB essay samples to write your own ISB essays. There are some very important reasons for this: Why you should not refer any ISB essay sample - REASON 1 The essays for ISB are designed to get insights into your candidature as an ISB applicant. Your story professionally and personally might not be the same even with your siblings, leave alone any applicant per se. Why an ISB essays sample will not be of any use to you - REASON 2 Your writing style cannot be the same as any other individual, even if you refer and ISB essays sample, it will not add much value. It is difficult to write ISB essays as a template. Any ISB essays sample cannot really fill you in with any details that plausibly will assist you a lot. ​​ Why refer to an ISB essay sample - REASON 3 The ISB essays come with very constrained limits of word limits. Unless you are sure what you want to convey through your ISB essay, it is impossible that you can really use any ISB essay sample. How most applicants write their ISB essay is hardly something you can add to your story and still write within the word limit for essays for ISB. The word limits that the essays for ISB come with these days are 400-500 words which is quite less. You just don't have any space to be flamboyant with words here and use any ISB essay sample. Why ISB sample essays would really not help you much - REASON 4 Why we assert that referring to ISB sample essays would not really be useful is because when you write an ISB essay you are actually introspecting for stories. If you use ISB sample essays you would miss the inputs for your interview preparation. ISB sample essays would rather divert your attention to adapting your stories to fit the template rather than investing on writing essays for ISB. Still not convinced! One last reason why not ISB essay samples - REASON 5 MBA schools are questioning the quality of applicants on paper and those whom they interview for real. Using ISB essay samples means that you have not used your own voice to address the ISB essay questions. ISB essay samples will definitely not be helpful in coming across as a unique honest applicant to ISB.

If you will not use an ISB essay sample then how will an ISB admission consultant help me at all?

ISB admission consultants at Goalisb are members of IECA and the NAGAP. The guidelines provided by these bodies are more inclined towards transparency and a mentoring process. Goalisb ISB admission consultants do not write your ISB essays. An ISB admission consultant is like a sounding boards to brainstorm ideas, work with you to assist you as you write your essays for ISB. This is mostly why we are successful at interview invites for almost all our applicants. We work with a very limited group of applicants so that we can bring out the uniqueness in your application and ISB essays.