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Crack the code for MBA admissions

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

It’s a well known fact that an application for MBA abroad or at ISB requires a planned approach. But what’s lesser known is that it’s a realistic window to the Self that shows what you’re made of. A well groomed personality with awareness on all accounts and a balanced inner core empathetic towards the world is what makes a great ISB graduate.

Thats what the ISB admissions committee needs to see in the application submitted. A strong core becomes visible only when we strive and achieve. Failure and how we deal with failure is of great value. The energy to fight back a situation and find solutions is what an ISB MBA is and does. The business environment is ever changing and needs the inner resilience to outshine in spite of all odds.

Sportsmanship is equally essential to build the core. Experience of the world builds an empathy and an attitude of gratitude. To be able to have the vision to grow and build an organisation and make a difference to the society. Our team at ISB admission consulting has observed that these skills add a lot of value to an ISB application. There are times when incidences out of work add more perspective to the ISB admission essay than a plain record of achievements at work.

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