MBA Admissions Singapore

Singapore offers opportunities for career growth  especially in the Technology and Finance sector. The MBA Program offered by universities such as  SMU, NTU, NUS incorporate leading World class curriculum combined with industry interaction and employment opportunities for students.

MBA Admission Consulting - Singapore

Apply to NUS, SMU, NTU for MBA and MS programs for 2019 admissions cycles. 

Essay Questions  for NUS MBA Admissions 2019:



 1 Tell us about your intermediate (3 years) post-MBA career goal, describing your industry, function and country of choice and a plan on how you would achieve this goal. (250 words) 


 2 Share a situation in your personal or professional life, where your value system was put to the test. How did you react, and what did you learn from it? (250 words) 


3 Describe the type of leader you are right now, and the qualities of a leader you aspire to be. How would The NUS MBA help you cultivate those qualities? (250 words) 


4 (ONLY applicable to re-applicants) Please provide an update on any new aspects of your professional, international, academic or personal profile that would not have been included in your previous application. Please also explain your motivation for re-applying to NUS. (Max. 300 words) 


5 The NUS MBA offers a highly transformative education experience. What kind of transformation are you working towards in your professional and personal self? (250 words)

NTU Application Essays for 2019 Admissions Cycle:

Social Responsibility

Briefly describe your involvement in any socially responsible or sustainable development activities. (maximum 150 words)

Essay 1

Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your near term (3 - 5 years) future career objectives and how pursuing an MBA will help you achieve them. (maximum 400 words)

Essay 2

Tell us about two achievements (one as a leader and one as a team member) that you are most proud of, and why you feel that to be so. (maximum 400 words)

Essay 3

Share with us a situation where you faced adversity. Describe how you resolved/managed it and what you learned from the experience. (maximum 400 words)

Masters Programs in Singapore

NUS Business School

MSc in Business Analytics

MSc in Finance

MSc in Management

MSc in Marketing Analytics and Insights

MSc in Supply Chain Management

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Nanyang Business School 

MSc Accountancy

MSc Business Analytics

MSc Financial Engineering

MSc Finance

MSc Marketing Science

Singapore Management University

Master of Professional Accounting

MSc in Accounting

MSc in CFO Leadership

Msc in Communication Management

MSc in Quantitative Finance

MSc in Management

MSc in Innovation

MSc in Wealth Management

MSc in Applied Finance

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