Got an MBA video essay to submit? 

The MBA Video essay is a separate, difficult academic challenge that will leave you exhausted. Be prepared with mock Interviews from experts and exhaustive preparation to beat the deadlines of Schulich, Kellogg and other top MBA programs.

A Results-Driven Training Method

So you're applying to an MBA program and now they want you in front of a camera with some questions that could determine your future. You know for sure YOU'VE got this covered because of all the mock interviews you've prepped for - but are you confident enough to consider yourself absolutely ready?


A Plan You Can Stick To

Goalisb teaches you how to provide the most compelling answers with video interviews using a vast and extensive library of MBA questions for more practice, as well as mock interviews to help you improve your performance. We have all the strategies you need to take on these challenging MBA video essay questions and provide in-depth study materials that will prepare you for an interview like never before. Start practicing now!

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Getting into a top MBA program is the dream of many students. The application process can be grueling and requires high levels of preparation. MBA programs are increasingly using video essays as a tool to evaluate candidates. 

The MBA video essay is a new format for admissions, and it's getting popular. The video essay is a new and exciting way to showcase your personality, but many students struggle with how to put together their best presentation.

Applying to an MBA program involves creating a video essay, which is like a personal statement but in video format. This means that you have to create something that showcases your personality and skills, while also helping admissions officers get to know you better as a person. It's not easy! Most applicants are clueless about how to write the perfect video essay, and hence end up making mistakes that can cost them their dream school.

The process of preparing your MBA video essay can be intimidating and the stakes are high. A good video essay is all about making your personality shine through, but it's hard to show off your true self in front of the camera.


We understand that your time is precious and you want the most out of this opportunity. Our team has years of experience in helping students prepare for MBA interviews and we can help make sure you don't waste an opportunity by putting together a poor video essay.

We offer professional assistance with crafting your MBA video essays for business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton etc., including training on how to use the camera effectively. Our coaches help you figure out what makes you unique and how best to convey this in front of the camera lens so that it helps make them understand who YOU really are!

Our unique approach will have you ready to take on any challenge within 10 days. You'll be prepared for questions as well as know what schools are looking for from each candidate. In addition, our coaches will work with you one on one so there's no waiting around or worrying about being left behind while everyone else moves ahead!

Our coaches will teach you how to overcome these fears and put together an effective presentation that will make admissions officers take notice of you! We'll help you with everything from selecting the right topic, putting together the research, getting mocks if needed, presenting the final version and submitting it on time for maximum impact. Our services include one on one coaching sessions, mock interview practice sessions as well as comprehensive course material covering everything from structuring your story to avoiding common pitfalls.