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Stand Out From The Crowd with an ISB MBA

Updated: Mar 17

How does ISB Hyderabad allocate campus what is the criteria for that?

Applicants have the option of choosing your preference for the campus. The campus is allotted on a random basis so that the same kind of diversity is maintained across both the campuses.

ISB Hyderabad doesn't differentiate between the two campuses. Both the campuses have the same admissions team, placements for both the campuses happen together. Students from the Mohali campus are flown to the Hyderabad campus where placements take place together. ISB Hyderabad maintains a similar diversity across both the campuses for example percentage composition of engineers, doctors, army personnel etc.

How much does the ISB MBA cost?

The ISB Hyderabad fees are approximately INR 36 lakhs for students opting for a shared accommodation on campus. For those opting for studio accommodation on the campus the ISB Hyderabad fees is approximately 37.5 lakhs. These are the ISB Hyderabad fees for the admission year 2021. In addition to the above mentioned ISB Hyderabad fees there are additional costs for books, laptop and meal plans which amounts to approximately INR 1.5 lakhs depending on the options the students choose.

How long is ISB MBA?

The duration of the ISB MBA is 12 months. Post COVID, the new format of the program has a duration of 52 weeks which includes a 10 week Digital Headstart Module.

What is the last date for submitting the letter of recommendation for the ISB MBA application?

For submitting the letters of recommendation the recommender usually gets 5 additional days after the deadline.

Does ISB offer MBA?

The ISB MBA is a certificate awarded to the graduates. In India only accredited universities can offer degrees, so ISB MBA does not qualify as a degree.

Is ISB good for MBA?

ISB Hyderabad world ranking is definitely a symbol of whether ISB is good for MBA. Over the last few year ISB Hyderabad world ranking has only risen. ISB MBA has received an integrated ranking of #16 worldwide across FT, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and the Economist in 2021. ISB MBA is the 100th and the youngest in the world to have received the Triple Crown accreditations from AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB. This definitely speaks volumes about the program and answers is ISB good for MBA?

What is ISB MBA?

ISB Hyderabad MBA is a 12 month/ 52 week long management program with a diverse applicant pool from various industries and professional backgrounds. ISB Hyderabad offers courses which revolve around general management skills. The ISB MBA prepares the students to specialise in different management orientations like marketing, finance, strategy, leadership and operations. A lot of professionals graduate from an ISB MBA with a career in product management, supply chain management, consulting careers or data analytics.

Is the ISB MBA for working professionals?

The ISB Hyderabad MBA full time program is for individuals with work experience. For working professionals ISB offers the ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX programs. These are weekend and flexible schedule programs which are offered to professionals who can continue with their jobs while they pursue an ISB MBA. Compare the ISB PGPpro with the rest of the programs for MBA.

Is the ISB MBA for freshers?

ISB MBA is designed for professionals with work experience. A fresher graduate has the option to join the ISB MBA through the ISB YLP program which is a deferred entry option. The freshers can then join the ISB MBA after they have acquired the requisite work experience.

Is the ISB MBA for experienced professionals?

Yes the ISB MBA is designed for experienced professionals. The program intake at ISB has a class profile with work experience ranging from 2 to 20 years of work experience. Is ISB better than IIM is a question which can be addressed well by a detailed evaluation of your profile.

Is ISB MBA for CA?

Professionals especially chartered accountants can definitely go for the ISB MBA. Given that the chartered accountant experience provides them corporate accounting and auditing work experience, these professionals gain the general management skills from an ISB MBA.

What is the ISB MBA in business analytics?

There is no specific ISB MBA in business analytics. However ISB does offer an Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics, the ISB AMPBA which suitably addresses the needs of the professionals in this field. The ISB MBA program incorporate a lot of courses like the " Marketing Research" , " Marketing Analytics", "Pricing and revenue analytics", "Data Analytics in Finance" in each of the respective electives offering the essential management toolkit in the field.

What is the ISB MBA in Finance?

Finance is a niche area of study at ISB Hyderabad MBA. The ISB MBA in Finance covers subject matter like quantitative modelling, pricing simple to complex securities, designing investment strategies and risk management.

The ISB MBA in Finance covers concepts like financial analysis, understanding insights from financial statements, understanding the financial regulatory environment in economies.

An ISB MBA in Finance equips the graduates to follow the career tracks like Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Private Equity, Commercial Banking or Wealth Management apart from the regular paths like Consulting and Fintech careers.

What is the ISB MBA in family business?

The ISB MBA in family business is the ISB MFAB Program. The ISB MBA in family business is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the upcoming businesses in India. The ISB MBA in family business is delivered in a hybrid mode with a mix of offline and online learning with a scheduled visit to the campus for the program.

How to get into ISB MBA?

This is the quintessential question - How to get into ISB? Well you have come to the right place. We have a huge resource pool to aid you with how to get into ISB, look around our website for these. Still need help? Get your questions answered by an ISB admission consultant at Goalisb.

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